true love according to mom in NH 

October 07 [Thu], 2010, 10:04
One of the people who I respect in my life gave me those words.
It is about "TRUE LOVE".

"True love wants what is the best for the person you love, not wat seems best for you. Maybe you can use your feeling for the person to be reallu kind and thoughtful. and wait to see if the person you love God intends for you. It is easier than just wishing for something happen. It gives you a way to channel your feelings into somethings constructive."

When I got those words I was just impressed.
I can't say that I always remember such a great idea above but I've been trying to keep the idea in my mind as long as I can.

"TRUE LOVE".......such a huge topic.....

Beeing love is not always fun and joyful and now I know that beeing love makes people often selfish and fighting for each ego.
If you hear this, it might sound like just sucks but it also good, I mean educational somehow.

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