March 18 [Fri], 2005, 4:31

I'm still looking for my date ....
I asked somebody....
he said "I don't know."
I got hurt

I will go to California
March 19~26
for a week during spring break
I am excited

sorry, I have no enagy now...bye-bye


March 10 [Thu], 2005, 10:21
Sorry~....I forgot to write this diary for a while
because I was busy
actually, not really.....Whatever

I'm still looking for my date for prom...
because I so picky girl
I didn't know I am such a picky girl...

Already some guys asked me or something...
but I always cannot make up my mind and say
".....thank you but.....barabarabarabara"
I'm really like this.

One guy who is in my American History class
asked me many times but I don't like him.
My friend told me that he seriously likes me but I cannot like him.
coz he is a freaking bastard

I like sophmores who are in my English class
They are so cute, nice to me and all
Especially, both two hocky players are so cute
Why can't they ask prom!? that's sucks
I don't have brave enough to ask them to go to prom with...

I already have date for just in case so I'm OK

I have a funny freshman who always talks to me.
He is sooo funny
kind a dirty....
almost thing he asks me are kind a sexial questions
But I like him because he always talks to me

I'll go to California on March 19th〜26th
I am sooo excited

I moved 

February 22 [Tue], 2005, 4:33
I changed my host family
and moved on Feb 19th.
My new host family are so nice

Last friday, I went to party
I played Ping Pong
I Love it!!
and I was so happy
because the guy who I like came the party
and we played Ping Pong together
I beat him

sorry everyone...
I drank a little bit
Fortunetaly, the party wasn't basted
I'm still in U.S.

well...at the party,my friend(Emily)said to me
the guy who asked me to go to the party
seems to like me

I was kind a drunk and...
I was weird I don't know why...
Why did I lean on him!?
I think I was really drunk

And...when I went back home (0:00am),
he kissed on my cheek hugging

That's American!!!!

It was really fun

big news!!! 

February 17 [Thu], 2005, 3:45

I can change my host family!!!
It is not sure but close
I am sooooooo happy now

I go to Cassie's house
and I will introduce myself to them.

and if everything is OK, I can move tomorrow

today, at the lunch time
one guy asked me this question many times.
"Do you think he is cute?"

....I answered "Yes, he is soooo cute" to every guy.

I'm really seriously thinking about my partner for prom...
I have to find someone~~~~

Happy Valentine's day 

February 15 [Tue], 2005, 3:48
......I hurt Stephen.
Because when Stephen asked me to go to prom with,
I refused it...
I thought he is not serious but Kristy said to me
"he was serious"
......Even if he was serious,
I don't wanna go to prom with him Tell my truth.

I don't know why....but I'm sure I don't wanna...
I can but I just don't wanna.

I like Ryan.
.....He is cool,,,kind a hot?
but he is seeing me
as an exchange student
from Japan.


someone~ please see me as a special girl

Well...I tryed to give a chocolate to Mad who is in my English class but I couldn't.
I am chicken too...
I guess Asians are shy


February 10 [Thu], 2005, 4:32

the guy(Stephen) in my history class asked me
to go to prom with him...Seriously
He was like
"Yuki, do you want to go to prom with me?"
I don't know because Prom is April 30th...
I have still much time
so I said
"No thank you "
.....sorry Stephen. I'm sooooo sorry...

Anyway, guys aound me is not cool at all.
I don't have any guys I want to go prom with...
That's a problem
Even if I ask someone, I cannot choose who should I ask
and finally, ....I cannot go to prom with any guys...

It's happened but I will ask my friend for help

Don't worry everyone!!!!
I will go to prom with guy
Although, I don't know what kind of guys I will go with
I just hope............................hahahaha
NO comment

guys are kidding me 

February 03 [Thu], 2005, 3:48
I have a class with Kris from Norway.
Stephen and Mike
They are also in the American History class
Today, they said to me
..........NO thanks I said so.
Why do I go to prom with Kris !? WHY?????
I will NEVER go with Kris.
I swear
I will be home rather than I go with Kris

after they said so, they asked me to go prom with Stephen or Mike.
I know...
Both you guys have girlfriends!! don't you????
so I said No thanks again...

they are always kidding me
I hope someone aske me to go to prom with me, seriously
Don't kid me about the prom.
I will be sad


January 27 [Thu], 2005, 10:46
You're my angel

I may be able to change my host family
Tell my truth, I really hate this Goddam host family
There are some reasons....
I hate my host sister so much
They make me clean up kitchin alone though
she never cleans up kitchin or anything.
I am cry baby

Cassie is one of my friends and I talked about it to her
and today, she said to me
"Yuki, You can live with us my parents said OK about it"

I really hope I can move from here
So I will tell about it to my IEC

Art class is a my favorite class
because we don't have any tests
Today, Kristy said to me "Cobie?(I don't know how to spell his name)wants to go to prom with you"

......I was like
I was thinking he likes Kristy and now I am still thinking it.
I am pretty sure~ he likes Kristy

have to find other guy who wants to go to prom with me

my feeling 

January 22 [Sat], 2005, 4:38
I always say I want boyfriend.
why do I want boyfriend?
I have no reason...
I just want guys who like me.

I have never given choice that I can choose guy.

Every time, I always like one guy seriously.
He likes me so I like him.
when he approach me, I always feel narvous.
As a result,,,,I refuse him.

After that, he likes other girl
I notice that I like him so much.
I know it is too late
I get hurt.....

I think if someone likes me more than friend
and he is really nice to me,
I can like him.

Even if he likes just my face,,,I can like him.

But my English is poor so I will be very narvous.
If I could speak English very well, I would have boyfriend......

I do not need it!! 

January 21 [Fri], 2005, 4:35
.....Do I really want boyfriends?
I don't know any more......
I think I am afraid of having boyfriend
Because my English is still poor
I don't have confidence to keep the relationship
and I don't want to get hurt !

today, many guys talked to me
He asked me some Japanese slangs.
and the bastard asked me
"Do you know how to say
"My cunt is big!".
Can you say it in Japanese? "

They cannot understand Japanese, though...
I never say it....
American guys are all stupid

I do not need such guys

In American Histry class,
I had a lot of weird thing today.
Stephen asked me
"Are you Virgin?"
he is so damn
I didn't say anything and I went to somewhere
After that, ......
Stephen said to me
"Hey, YUKIGo to
Itarian restaurant with Mike
this friday Night"


I will not because I guess Mike looks like...Player or something ....


When can I get boyfriend?
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