Winter in Osaka 

2005年12月22日(木) 3時32分
I came back to Osaka on the 2nd of Dec. What I thought when first coming back is too cold here.
We had snow today. The trees, houses and roads are covered by beautiful white snow, which I fascinated. I actually do not like cold weather, however when it is cold, the food and drink( especially SHOSHU and SAKE) are very beautiful. I like it.


2005年09月27日(火) 15時33分
My childhoot friend came to see me from Japan. I had not met her about 2years. She used to live in Okinawa because she was fascinated by beautiful sea there. Although she gets used to sea, I took her to the place called 'Morton Island'. It seemed to have been in wonderful dream. A splendid view unfolded before our eyes. I guess I should go there again.

Winter in Brisbane 

2005年06月27日(月) 21時35分
It is getting colder day by day in Brisbane, which must be completely the opposite in Japan. Because I hate cold weather I am missing summer and autumn. However actually winter in Brisbane is not as cold as Japan. It probaly can be expressed ' CHILLY'. The minimum temperature would be approximately 5-10.
Because I get used to cold weather in Japan, I could survive in winter. However my friends from quite warm countries such as Indonesia and Thailand have been freezing recently. I am looking forward to spring

Happy Wedding 

2005年06月22日(水) 21時52分
A friend of mine who met in Brisbane got married last Sunday. Because he did not say to me anything about his marriage, I got amazed and shocked. According to him, the reason he decided to marry suddenly is that he is going to go to USA to work this autumn.
If he left his country, it would be hard for us to catch up. But anyway his happiness would be my happiness. So I would love to cerabrate from the bottom of my heart ' Congratulation '

My close friend 

2005年04月16日(土) 19時07分
A friend of mine has gone back to Japan. I want to talk about her on this webpage today.
We met in a previous english school a year ago. Whenever I felt lonely, sad and alone, she always listened to my story without being unwilling. Since I came here I have had many uncountable problems .This is not too much to say that if it had not been for her help, I could not have overcome every problems. I really appriciate her. Thanks to her, I could get over from the worst situation in last June,. She had been standing by me for ages. Thank you so much. I hope she will be successful in the future and have a nice boyfriend
Don't neglect to go on a diet!!!


2005年04月15日(金) 23時20分
I went to Sydney to meet my friend 2 weeks ago, which rally amazed me. What I moved was that everything in Sydney is modernized. However it is completey different from Asia which is also modern country such as Japan and China. Anyway it is better to show the pictures to explain about it. These are Opera House and Harvour Bridge.

Southbank Markets 

2005年03月27日(日) 22時01分
I took my new friend from Indonesia to markets in South bank. Because she has been here for just one week, she wants to know what is Brisbane like. There were many things imported from Indnesia in the markets, But acccording to her, she can buy same things in less than half price in Indonesia, which amazed me , After walking around the markets, we took a ferry called city cats, The view from her was wonderful and the weather was pretty pleasant as well. I have thought I dont want to go back to Japan.....

Day Trip 

2005年03月26日(土) 21時40分
I am on Easter Holiday now, so I hired a car to go to National Park called Springbrook Glow Worms Research Centre in Gold Coast. We were supposed to see many lighting creatures which are HOTARU. However unfortunately, because we had heavy rain today, we could not see them. Our day trip was supposed to be impressive memory..... such a pity happening

My Australian Friend 

2005年03月25日(金) 16時41分
Today, I saw one Australian friend, who used to have Japanese girl friend, However they have broken up. Because his ex girlfriend does not want to talk to him anymore, he tried to tell his feeling to her by letter. So I helped him to translate from English to Japanese. I think he is very nice boy, but unfortunately, his ex-japanese girl friend is a so modern girl. In my opinion, she has already been tired of him. He should have realised it before breaking up.I hope he can be happy soon.

Easter Holiday 

2005年03月25日(金) 16時11分
We have four days work off. It is a Easter Holiday today, which is the festival to cerebrate the revival of Christ. However i am not christian. so I just simply happy to get long holiday and chocolates as well. Because there are so many easter chocolates during Easter Holiday anywhere in Australia. The shape of these chocolates is eggs and bunnies which are so pretty, so I am going to send it to my nephews in Japan. This is the second biggest festival in Australia. Of course No1 is Christmas Day. Anyway, Happy Easter!!!
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