Many things to tell..!

May 23 [Mon], 2011, 23:17
For many days I do not update, and a lot of things has happened! But I will go in parts and I will try to talk about one or 2 things each day

Classes have finally finished .. and begin the final career testing! Thankfully, being the final year, I have few subjects of which I have to test, and the first test that I have to do on 26 is the most difficult of all (T____T) I will endeavor to leave no subject July!

Before starting the stress sublime, I finally received a small order I did and because I could sell the black Jsk ETC Present Box ^ ^

Pretty red shoes from Blanco coming phenomenal for summer!

Sax ETC socks <3

And Jsk ETC Present Box in the color I wanted! I think light colors and pastels sticks more with me or encourage me more than the black, but at heart I have my heavy-metalheads dark side who feel cool with a black shirt of SOAD, I'm sure many of you girls happen the same! xD

And I could not avoid trying on clothing at the time, hihi!

After a nice purchase, I've definitely hooked on Emily. I have realized that one thing is to talk about how much you love Emily .. and quite another is feeling to have Emily dresses! This is worse than crack! xD and I'll be right back up to have little money saved for a ETC jsk that I took the eye the other day, while waiting to see if it goes on sale another jsk cheaper but just as pretty minimal (> 3 <) (Yes, is like this how I will pass the course xD)

This has made that I rethink to sell more sweet dresses, so I can buy more ETC clothes or accessories orstuff that I know I will use more than the clothes I will sell .. replica of Happy Garden is one example, the firstCoordinate I did with this dress I fell in love, but now when I think seriously that kind of clothing, as much as Ilike, I only wear them sometimes when I go out with my friends, and final only get to use 6 times at year..

However, ETC manufactures casual clothing for everyday wear, though it isn't a Lolita brand as such, most of their dresses are looking lolita, plus his style still has the feminine, and many times that sweet and childish part look which made ​​AP were my #1 brand so far.
What has happened to you something like that, regardless of brand?

Sorry about photos, but I can't control yaplog yet!

Thanks for reading and have nice day!!
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I am a spanish lolita who finished the Turism career and loves kawaii fashion, lolita fashion and nature, feminine and cute stuff!
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