March 23 [Thu], 2006, 1:50
today i went to T.G.I.Friday with Shizu.
i like her, so i could have a good time with her.
We both loved American foods at there.

Now we are puberty now....
we are thinking about many things.
we have to do it because our life is for oueselves.
not only to my family but for me.

i do not know what happen to me in the future,
but i have to do a things what i want.
Nobody know what happen in the future.

And also we talked about my love life.
i had broken up with hide about a week ago.
i still love hime and can't forget about him.
but i have to get over him....
mmmm hide!!!!

anyway. i would like to inprove my english skill.
and i have to get a licence to be a nanny...

Am i ready for OL?? 

March 21 [Tue], 2006, 1:20
today, i went to shopping with my mother.
i drove my car!!! i still feel nervous though.....
i really wanna be a good driver!! and someday i will be....

I was bought some stuffs from my parents.
stuffs which might be needed as a new OL.
new suits, shoes, and bag!
those was not cheap but i liked all of them.
With this new stuffs, i have to stand for no matter what happen to me.

Today, it was also the last day of my part-time job at SATY.
i had been working for almost 2 years.
Sometimes i felt lazy for going to the part time-job,
but today i felt sadness....
the manager give me some gifts, and it made me more sadnes...
i hate to say good bye.
i really don't wanna say good bye!

Thank you for everything!!
i will be stand for everything with the goods which is given by them!

my life plan 

March 19 [Sun], 2006, 13:33
i will work at insurance campany from 2 weeks later.
i really don't wanna work at there
but i have no choice to work.....

so i decided about my life plan.
i will have been worked at there for 3 years at least.
this experience will be ascetic training terms...
i have to hold up for 3 years!!!
it might be so hard days because i really do not wanna work.
Although i think that work doea not match to me,
i have to take this ascetic training.

i have a dream to work for the children.
someday, i really wanna make dream comes true.
this experiences at the insurance campany might be helpfull.
i believe myself nomatter what happen
or nobody believe!!!
i can do it! or i must do it!!!!

just 3 years!
if i would be worsted, it means i have to give up my dream.....



March 18 [Sat], 2006, 0:41
today was usually for me....
except waking up around noon!!!
for me, it is not unnaturall....
i do not know what happen to me

anyway, today my friend gave me a gift...
it was sweets looks so delicious
i like her so much because she is always doing her best.
it is very impressive for me.

ok. i gatta go now...
i hope to continue writting a diary in English
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