Mr. Dragon called dibs on dressing his groomsmen

May 26 [Sat], 2012, 12:10
Mr. Dragon called dibs on dressing his groomsmen/brothers from the start, and despite a harrowing dream in which everyone was wearing bright yellow suits, I agreed to let him have at it.

I wasn’t surprised when he decided to not go the tux route, and I still wasn’t surprised when he kiboshed suits altogether. Mr. Dragon’s a pretty casual dude, as are his bros, and with mismatched, informal bridesmaids, anything formal could have landed us in weird territory.

Last week, Mr. D finally put the finishing touches on his menswear inspiration, sending this photo to the guys:
His instructions to the boys? Get dark pants, in any shade of brown, gray, black, or green (no burgundy or blue). Find suspenders that match the pants & shoes that aren’t beat up, and wear comfy underwear (seriously, that was one of his instructions). The tie should be a dark, neutral shade (again, no red or blue) with forward-slash stripes. Finally, Mr. Dragon plans to buy them all a matching dress shirt, in a shade of light yellow. They may or may not be wearing hats. (Side note: I just accidentally wrote pants instead of hats…they will be wearing pants!!)

His hope is that, by letting the dudes decide exactly what pants, tie, suspenders, and shoes to get, they can make it as expensive or inexpensive as they please, taking the pressure off of them versus a traditional tux-rental situation. He’s also hoping all of the wardrobe pieces will become re-wearable staples.

As for himself, he’ll be following the same guidelines, but he’s trying to figure out a way to stick out as the groom (not that anyone should really be wondering who the groom is!). He’s hoping a different tie might do the trick, because he doesn’t want to wear a vest.

I’m impressed with Mr. D’s decision! I fought for ties that matched a bit more, but we settled on the dark neutrals as a compromise―I’m still reserving the right to veto anything neon or bright, though.

I think the guys will line up well with the girls, outfit-wise, and they should be comfortable in a more casual ensemble.

Did anyone else go in a less traditional direction with attendant outfits, be it for the boys or the girls? Who chose what your party would be wearing?
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