Chinese Oral 

2006年01月10日(火) 22時21分
Today i am still having my special school time table and damn sleepy as well .........I haven't concentrated on my history lessons as i used these two lessons to study POAFortunately ,I have another free lesson as well I had studyed POA again as i need to memorize all the sums of ratios.
After school , I had my lunch with CoCo only as Crystal didn't go to school this morning . We went to have a japanese style noodle with pork chop .The staff of that restaurant always makes mistakes which made the chef was so angry
After that , we went back to school again and had our oral exam. Today i only needed to have Chinese oral exam ,as i had already done my english exam yesterday.Our group was the last group so that we had waited for a long long time .well , we did so funny in our exam After that 15 mins , Sir laughed as well It was really damn funny hahahahahaha
I went home immediately because i wanted to take asleep iI slept about 3 hours So happy ........i need to study...........what a lazy student i am


2006年01月10日(火) 0時43分
After school , Monkey and CoCo and Aki and Lam king tai and my lovely Cathy of coz and me went to "ice room " to have our lunch I that cold drink so much It's fantastic After our lunch , we needed to go back school and have our oral examI had my English Oral exam today , and i think i did ok .Not really good but not bad as well.I have stayed at school till 16:45 , I decided to study at first .However , i had chatted with Crystal till i left.
during my tutorial lessons, i had asleepI think i was really tried I need to take enough rest by my middle term exam .By the way , A/c test is coming soon .bullshit ...ratio is really damn difficult ............I want to relax.......It's too stressful...........頑張らないといけないなぁ


2006年01月09日(月) 23時59分
Well~I haven't written my blog dairy a half year ago ..........That's mean it's impossible for me to do the same thing for a long time........Suddenly , i want to write it again even i haven't already given it up Whatever , i will try to write it as long as i can .......

My middle term exam is coming ....i still watch and playevery night ........I must have a very bad results of my exam .....くそ!!もうやだぁ......ぜんぜん勉強したくねやっとここまでやってきた、頑張らないといけないって分かってるけどやる気がない...私だけか最悪

This week is pre-exam week and we are having a special time table Only 30mins per lessons It's definately GOODWell ~ the only one bad thing is i needed to have my bullshit PE lesson I really hate it All the things are crazy Why should we have the mother fucking PE lessonsmother fucking bitch


2005年08月03日(水) 1時55分

I changed my job and work in Sincere again................

Oral Exam 

2005年06月15日(水) 1時54分
Today is my Oral exam , and i think i 've done well . The topic wasn't difficult and easy for discussion .Anyway ,i hope i may get a good points !!


2005年06月10日(金) 1時42分
Today is holiday and i went karaoke with Joyce we had sung about 3hours Then we went to check the details of our tour .


2005年06月06日(月) 0時20分


2005年06月05日(日) 1時40分
今日はCATHY とCHRISTY と会った、喋ったリ、食事したり、プリクラも撮った超楽しかったそれで、メガネも買った......目がもっとやばくなった......


2005年06月02日(木) 23時26分

Agency company 

2005年05月30日(月) 0時58分
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