Take note that there are now granite cleaners

December 30 [Wed], 2015, 12:51
Take note that there are now granite cleaners that you can use to get this done. If you are not satisfied with how the water and liquid dish washing soap works, you can try those green cleaners. Make sure though that you will settle with only the best among them.

Third way to maintain the good condition of your granite counter top is to break your bad habits. They too can bring damages. Here are some that you can do to break them.

Use coasters under bottles, cans and your favorite mug or glass whenever you put them in your granite counter top. Especially if what's inside of them contains vinegar, lemon or any acid base drink or beverage, you should avoid them from spilling.

Use pads under your pans. This will avoid the direct contact of heat to your granite counter top.

Act immediately on the first sight of spills or stains. Waiting will give them time to penetrate the stone making them harder to be removed.

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