unagi toka 

2005年07月28日(木) 17時46分
today is unagi day.
doyo day of ushi
I dont know why many people eat unagi this day.
today many many people buy and eat it.

in these days, I often hear this word..
I dont know what moe is actually
but .someone taught me there are many ways to use moe.
chara moe or something like that.
Ms Nakamoto is very interested this word.moe
four people and ms nakamoto went to yamaneko tei and talked about it.
Yamaneko tei was a nice restaurant.
I ate cheese cake and mixed juice.
many people ordered waffle!!
its smell was so nice.
Cheese cake is also good.
I love cheese cake.
And I will eat waffle next time.

Gion festival 

2005年07月24日(日) 23時38分
I went to Gion festival this year
I love festival very much
AND I love Hanabi festival sooo much
Unfortunatelly, there are few hanabi festivals this year
because of accident
I will not go to tenjin this year because of many exams and essay
I am so sad
But I will do handy hanabi festival with my friends.
I like summer the best.
there are many enjoyable events.
And summer is not cool.
I dont like coldness so I dont like winter.
So I like summer.

Gion festival was very good
Many people visited there.
I wore yukata and geta.
And i drunk sake and I ate okosako set with small toy.
It has hanba-gu, omuretu. fried rice, jerry, fruits and so on.

It was so nice.
I liked lokosakma lunch when I was young.

China town 

2005年07月24日(日) 23時21分
I like China town, because I love Chinese food
I went to China town in Kobe with my friends.
It has passed long time since I went there.
I ate fukahire and rice ,and pork man (nikuman)
They were all nice!!!

I took some pictures there and took print club!
i like kobe!!.
there are sea and mountains and a lot of famous shops!
Especially I like place along sea, such as harbour land and mosaic.
I have dream in Kobe
I have lots of things I want to do in Kobe
After I went to China town, I went to coffee shop.

I drunk mango juice.
It was sooo nice
We have a very good time there

I though there are a lot of China town all over the world!
I like china town!

I wanna go to China someday!
Maybe I will go to China and meet Amy these.
She said ' I can let you know many good restaurants
I am happy

lon time no seen 

2005年07月23日(土) 19時36分
Summer vacation will come soon!
Just after exam finishes, I have zemi gasyuku.
We will listen to Senior's presentation for graduation essay.
we will stay one night!


2005年05月21日(土) 17時11分
I went shopping today!!
I bought various stuffs, such as cap, hat, two necklaces and one pants.
I need hat for summer.
iI will use them.


2005年05月20日(金) 23時40分
In these days, a lot of orientation about job hunting and Internship.
I am Third years now.
Many people around me will do Internship during summer vacation.
I havent decided it yet. I am not sure i will do it or not.

Actually, I dont wanna work.
Recently many people think so.
there are many freeters and neets in japan.
Even though people get job, lots of people end up quiting job soon after
entering company,
They tend to feel bitterness,
their situation in University
and situation in work place are quite different.

It is said that it is easy to feel down by boss's anger.
now Japanese economy is slack, so a lot of companies
try to survive desperately.
Thats why they might mind failure and may be inclined to get angry easily.


2005年05月20日(金) 23時32分
Album Leaf のライブに行ってきました。

ハコはこんなのところでいいのか?と思ってしまうような小さなMedia Clubにて。






This is from Gina.
She asked me to translate this.
I dont know how she got this blog.

Anyway this blog has difficult word, such as hako.
This is difficult word for me,

smells good!! 

2005年05月20日(金) 16時40分
I like green tea perfume,
I used it today.
It smells so nice.
During class, I smelled my arm unconsciously.

It is very suitable for summer,

kind of culture shock 

2005年05月20日(金) 16時30分
I learned new word "deviant"

normally, once they decide seat in the first class, people tend to sit same chair next time.
If someone change seat everyclass, is he/she devient?
My teacher said so, but
I dont think so.


2005年05月19日(木) 19時05分
Today, I heard nana was translated. I am not sure it is English book or not.
Nana is popular not only Japan but also in other countries.
You may find English "nana" there
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