October 02 [Sat], 2010, 5:54
GUILD will come to Hungary :D

next saturday :D
i will go to their concert with Sadory

now i am drinking ALONE cos sadory is lazy to drink
*kicks her*

i was talking with Mabo all night long :D
i didnt sleep
only...3hours sleep -.- wasnt enough for sure

however i talked to Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun xD


i hope we'll really get into a band :P
it would be FUUUUN >__<

eww now i go back to drink ALONE -.-"""

*kicks sadory again*



September 29 [Wed], 2010, 6:50
yes i have a blog on ameblo to www
the url is the same as it is here ^^


September 29 [Wed], 2010, 6:37
today is... the day of starting to write blog again.
yes.... i am kinda sick of ameblo >__< because... it hides my post
so i will be sending thigs here :D

it was a strange day wwww
in the school... nothing happened. but my teacher, Bence
gave me a good advice about my exam. he asked me
to make an interview with Maboさん
it will be fun ^_________^
and today my school mate Emma added me on Msn messanger.
we talked a lot she is so funny xD she is just 16 years old
*_* so cute www

oh and i talked to Yunさん to www
he made me laugh really i couldnt stop laughing
>___< baaaaakaaaaa

now i am waiting for Maboさん to come to msn >_<
i am not tired

but tomorrow my best friend, Livelyさん will come to my home
cos i will teach English to her (n____n) hai hai call me Mao sensei

I want to talk to Livelyさん >__< i need some advices
and i miss Sadoryさん to >_< she is now at her grandmother
but she will go home tomorrow >_< YATTA.

thank you for reading

ja mata ashita
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