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February 14 [Thu], 2019, 7:31


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Were is mzeks man. A yeye dj sbu
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I love him so much. He deserves it.
What was the end all about she asked is it just me ? And then we heard a bang , those that means she was dead ?
He really deserved it.... so happy for u DEV
He's so sincere and sweet. Frieda Pinto should have held on to him - he's the real deal
A huge congratulations to Dev. I had a feeling Mahershala Ali wouldn't win the BAFTA but the Oscars would still be his

Proud to be indian

He worked so hard and truly has acting talent like Aamir Khan , humble dude

This cocky head of Weinstein...

Just saw the movie. Who knows texting can be so suspenseful. Good director - a discovery for me.

This is quality meme material






such a strange trailer.. not sure what to expect but looks interesting & definitely going to watch.

This movie is just Kristen Stewart freaking out...alone?
Stephen Fry peaking over his shoulder at 1:45 gets me everytime hahah XD Stephen why you so cute :3 And well-deserved Dev, awesome job!
1:52 Nice boobs!
Well done, Patel. Talented actor and a nice person. Congratulations.
why couldnt you even spell her name correctly in the title :(((((((((((

Dev is so humble! You make India so proud.



Well deserved! Bravo.

Just saw this film, and I have to say, this win is completely deserved. I may have preferred Mahershala Ali and Jeff Bridges, but Patel gave such a powerful performance, and if he wins the Oscar, I won't complain..




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