December 07 [Thu], 2006, 1:30
*** Tradeskills ***

- Some of the grandmaster cultural symbol tasks have been made easier by being less specific about the NPCs that are needed for the kill step. For example, if the kill step was "kill 120 Isle Drakes" it will now be "Kill 120 Isle Creatures". Additionally, the kill steps will only be able to be completed in the base zone, or instance of the base zone that is mentioned in the task text. The loot step will still only be on the specific creatures, and only in instances.
- Metal Bits now stack more efficiently.
- Changed the name of the three old cultural sewing kits and their tokens to make them stand out. They will continue to work for basic tailoring as they have for a while, and they will continue to not work for cultural tailoring, as they have not for a while.
- Added fish from The Serpents Spine to the Bait Dispenser.
- Fixed a misspelling of the recipe name for Feir'Dal Sewing Kit and Teir'Dal Sewing Kit.
- Removed the tradeskill flag from Onyx Ring.
- More of the "Blue Diamond Cultural" was set for Luclin release on progression servers.
- Crystalwing Sewing Kit and Crescent Essence recipes can now be learned.
- Crescent Essence can now be traded.


December 07 [Thu], 2006, 1:16
*** Quests ***

- Fixed a pathing issue that would cause the pilgrims on the Altar Escort task to warp through Icefall.
- The Evidence of Corruption task has been modified slightly. Zhureni will no longer want Igneous Cairn Stones, Lava Ooze Glands, or the Vial of Burning Liquid until you have collected them all.

*** Tasks ***

- Changed an error in the text of Dorina's Quest in the Mesa.
- Corrected an issue with the following Grandmaster Cultural Symbol quests: "Thundercrest Expedition", "The Latest in Clockworks!", and "A Bit of Spider, a Bit of Drake". If you are a Dwarf, High Elf, or Gnome, have the quest from before this update but haven't completed it, and the task has less than 6 steps including hidden ones marked with a "???", there are some special steps you can take to update your quest to include these changes while keeping your current progress. NOTE: These steps are not required and your task can be completed without going through this, but your task may not display updates properly.
1)Go to the Artisan in your home town that gave out the task. Be sure that you have a few minutes and do not zone or log out until you have completed all steps.
2) Say "Broken" to the Artisan and it will start a new dialog tree.
3) Read everything carefully and respond appropriately. There will be text in brackets. Be sure to say exactly what is in the brackets. You will be asked to remove tasks at certain steps. Be very certain you have the correct task highlighted before you hit the remove button. Take your time and follow the directions carefully.
4) Following these steps properly will give you the updated the task and preserve the progress you have made on the old version.


December 07 [Thu], 2006, 0:14
*** Items ***

- The weapon delay restrictions have been removed from the Mossy Tundra Stone and Everlasting Forge Coal.
- Several high level TSS shields now have their appropriate augmentation slots.
- The proc rate on Brightflame, Pride of the Lifebringer has been increased to a more appropriate level.
- With the exception of diseased forages, the forages from The Serpents Spine zones have been given a small vendor value.
- Changed most of the gems in the game to stack to 100.
- Dyn'leth's Spy Glass has been improved to work more effectively.
- Keikolin's Mindhaze Sleeves now have a chromatic damage focus effect instead of a magic damage focus effect.
- The swarm pet from the Savage Platinum Fists functions correctly again.

*** NPCs ***

- NPCs can now potentially drop more than 8 items. Also, stackable items will be dropped as stacks instead of as several single items.
- Added cash loot to some NPCs in Sunderock that had none.
- Butcher Redloe now correctly describes how to make Blood Sausage.
- Termun in Crescent Reach is a bit more forgiving of foreigners.
- Lowered the poison effect on the lower half of snakes in the mesa.
- Removed some errant drops from the base Thundercrest zone.
- Increased the drop rates for the Powersources in Ashengate and Frostcrypt that are used for various armor tasks in Crescent Reach.


December 07 [Thu], 2006, 0:02
*** Headlines ***

East and West Commons have been combined and graphically updated to form a newly revamped Commonlands zone!

*** Hot Zones ***

New Hot Zones! Some new zones and some familiar stomping grounds make up this set of Hot Zones. Included in these zones will be some new encounters and new items for you to enjoy.

The new hot zones are:

20 Kurn's Tower
25 Unrest
30 Tower of Frozen Shadow
35 Lower Guk
40 The Hole
45 Chardok
50 Sebilis
55 Grieg's End
60 Cazic Thule
65 Splitpaw

*** AAs ***

- Corrected an issue with the AA - Petrified Roots that was incorrectly increasing the chance for an NPC to break root. This ability should now correctly reduce the chance an NPC has to break root.
- Modified the Serpent Spine Expendable AA abilities to be more powerful for the same cost.
- Added Spell Critical chance increases to the Expendable AA Glyph of Destruction and opened it up for use by casters.
- Deep Sleep will now work on mesmerization spells over level 70.


December 06 [Wed], 2006, 10:13
 タバコ 吸ってる人って 味おんちか 周りに 気配りできない 人 おおくね
わたしは タバコ吸わない人なので ちょっとの 煙の におい でも いやなんです
よく レストランとかで 料理が 運ばれてくるまでに すってる人いますが  周りみろよ。 他の人は 食べてるだろ 煙で 料理の におい きえるだろっ。
ところかまわず たばこ 吸うのはやめろ 食べながら たばこ吸ってる人見かけた こと あるけど、あんた 味音痴でしょ。自分が食べ終わってからも 吸ってる 人いるけど あんたの 同席者 まだ 食べてるじゃん
 子供とか 赤ちゃんつれてるヤンママもさあ たばこ プカプカ その母親もさ ところかまわず 吸ってるし。 子供も大きくなたら こんなに なるんだねそしてさ なんで あんたら 肌きたないのたばこ吸ってる人すべてとは 言わないが みんな肌きたないよね。

 あきらかに 酸素不足でしょ(笑

 歩きたばこ 絶対やめてください。 下げた 手 はちょうど 子供の目の あたりだろ


December 05 [Tue], 2006, 17:02
 9月にダイエット宣言しました。今でも 続いています。食事療法や エアロビとか 細々と 続いています。



November 14 [Tue], 2006, 3:02
 ゲームやってる 友達が あるサイトを 教えてくれました。
 この人獣医で 美人で お金持ちでスタイルも いいらしいよ。おまけに 性格も いいらしい?ということを 自分で 言ってるらしいよ。 で 毎日ゲームしてるらしい。よく時間あるね。時間外診療は受け付けないってことでしょうか。

理想像ですか?美人な人は自分から美人なんて 言わないよね

 ネットならなんとでも 言えるわな


September 28 [Thu], 2006, 16:14
 あべさん 内閣総理大臣 おめでとう

 あべさん 法律かえてくださいよ。
  1 飲酒運転者の 刑を もっと重く(ひきにげ も もっと重く)
  2 少年保護法 を なくす
  3 在日特権を なくす (こいつら 大嫌いだ )


September 27 [Wed], 2006, 21:00
 今日から ダイエットはじめるよ

 すくわっと 壁 30s
 ふっきん 10
 ばいく 20分 ちゅうーぶ 腕あげ  ダンベル

 1時間 運動



July 31 [Mon], 2006, 4:37
《 在日が帰国・帰化しない理由 「在日特権」 》

[地方税] 固定資産税の減免
[特別区] 民税・都民税の非課税
[特別区] 軽自動車税の減免
[年 金] 国民年金保険料の免除
[都営住宅] 共益費の免除住宅
[水 道] 基本料金の免除
[下水道] 基本料金の免除
[放 送] 放送受信料の免除
[交 通] 都営交通無料乗車券の交付 JR通勤定期券の割引
[清 掃] ごみ容器の無料貸与
[衛 生] 保健所使用料・手数料の滅免
[教 育] 都立高等学校
[通名]   なんと、公式書類にまで使える。( 会社登記、免許証、健康保険証など )
[生活保護] 家族の人数 × 4万円 + 家賃5万円 在日コリアンは、ほぼ無条件で貰えます。
[住民票]  「外国人登録原票」は通常、一般人では閲覧できない。
         ( 日本人の場合、債権関係の係争で住民票を閲覧される )
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