I made it! 

2005年05月10日(火) 15時29分
May 10 (TUE)

It was beautiful day and many happy things happened to meOne of the happiest things is getting a result of Japan AirlinesI can move to the next stage that will take an interview in Tokyo

Now I'm filled with a lot of energy and hope in the future
I hope everything will be all right

Anyway, thank you for all people who helped me to answer about my personalities and characteristics the other day I really appreciate for your support and kindness

Once in a lifetime♪ 

2005年04月27日(水) 13時49分
Mayumi invited me to join Okonomiyaki party yesterday @LEEDS
Thank you for your kindness It was a lot of fun

I met a lot of nice and friendsly international exchange students
I'm really happy to meet all of you in CU

Korean night! 

2005年04月21日(木) 13時02分
My Korean's friends invited me to have Korean food party yesterday It was beautiful day Since I came here, I sometimes have a chance to eat Korean food Now this is one of my favorites foods^^ I love Korean food and people

Before visiting, I, Kim and to-hyon went to Lob-laws to get some food and drink They are really kind and helpful^^ Thank you so much!
And then, I helped Munsu to cook the pork with onions It was a lot of fun! Now I know he is very good cook and also every Koreans is very very good at cooking^^ All food were so yummy and tasty! I really like pulkogi that is a kind of yakiniku in Japanese. I was able to get a lot of stamina last night So I was able to finish my draft of a presentation coming tomorrow and my entry-sheet that will send it to Japan this week Korean food that give me a lot of energy is fantastic I hope everything is all right Thank you for inviting me. I really had a great time with you guys^^ Let's get together sometime

Thank you for ur help! 

2005年04月15日(金) 11時54分


Now it's time to write my resume and cover letter to send them a company where I really want to work I'm thinking about myself and dream these days but it's really hard to think about them even in Japanese Anyway, I tried to change my thinking style today. I asked some people who know about me very well. It's very beneficial for me to ask my friends about my characteristic and personalities because probably other people think a diffrent ways I got really unique ideas from Kina Kana explained to me in English I have know Kim and Chong since I came here so they advise me really informative stuffs And finally, Mayumi... she is really great advisor! She gave me a lot of information with funny andnostalgic stories I really appreciate everyone Thank you so much! If you have any opinions about me, please feel free to write any comments for me Thank you!

Quebec City☆1☆ 

2005年04月13日(水) 11時09分
Quartier Petit Champlain〜プチ・シャンプラン地区ここは旧市街の崖下にある目印になるほどにぎやかな壁画この辺りがケベックシティ発祥の地


Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac〜街のシンボルともいえるホテル1893年創業以来、エリザベス女王をはじめとする世界の国賓の方々が滞在されるみたいI wanna stay such a wonderful hotel near future

Bonsoirフェアモント・ル・シャトー・フロントナックのドアマンの方と He is very very very gentleman Merci beaucoup

Terrasse Duffrin〜テラス・デュフランここから眺める氷結したセントローレンス川と対岸の街Levis〜レヴィの夜景It's absolutely beautiful! I love it I'll never forget that view for good


2005年04月12日(火) 12時08分
いよいよ出発 Here is Ottawa's VIA Rail station This is written by FrenchThe station of the OC Transpo(Public bus service in Ottawa) is called "TRAIN"

I arrived at Bonaventure station in Montreal I met a gentleman whose name is "Mr. Robert".He is so kind and cute He treated me to a drink while he had a break カナダの人たちはとってもみんな心があたたかい Merci beaucoup

I found very beautiful flower shop in the station In Montreal, the underground network is excellent We can enjoy shopping even though it is heavy snow outside in winter time

Finally, Yoko and I arrived Quebec City which is World heritage city in UNESCO 1985年に世界文化遺産に登録されたみたい☆C'est le gare du Palais ケベックシティ観光へOn y va

This is Vieux Quebec/Old Quebec 城壁でぐるりと囲まれた旧市街の入り口〜サン・ジャン門(Porte St Jean)前で


2005年04月10日(日) 12時46分



Dear everyone,

Thank you for visiting my website During spring break, I went to Quebec City & Montreal by Via Rail It was the first time for me to take it! It was really comfortable compared to a bus^^ Quebec City is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful I really really like it Anyway, hope you have a wonderful time during a break I'm looking forward to seeing you soon

It's a piece of cake!? 

2005年04月05日(火) 13時38分
Let's making an apple pie @Carolyn's house April 3 (Happy Sun)

WOW! Are we using all apples for making 4 apple pies 皮むき機あれば・・・it's a piece of cake 私は種取り係に・・・コラコラ誰や〜つまみぐいしてるのは The red one is more sweeter than green one...

My teacher Carolyn is very good cookerI want to be a good cooker like her in the futureCarolyn, is that okay
I'm patting the dough into a flat cake

Chong & Kim are the highest bidder of fantastic experience with Carolyn How was this experience I want to say thank you for you guys and Carolyn. I'm really happy to join them as a supervisor

I made an APPLE PIE I really had a great time! I felt ultra happy on that day While we were waiting for baking an apple pie, we watched "SERENDIPITY" that is one of my favorites movies with fantastic snacks How romantic and nice it is! Thank you〜Merci beaucoup

JC's potluck party♪ 

2005年04月05日(火) 12時45分
とっても優しいお姉さん的な存在〜Lovely Aki san

This Italian cuisine is very tasty! I like it


I really want to know how to make this fabulous cake

まゆみchanと合同でがんばって作ったお好み焼き大雨の中South keysへ買い出し行って、Discussionの開始時間ギリギリまでになんとか完成したお好み焼き〜味見もしなかったけど・・・party開始と同時くらいにものすごい勢いでなくなってビックリ

みんなとってもカワイイ〜幸奈ちゃんはなぎなたのユニフォームきまってるね!U're so cool 私も今度何かあったらまたゆかた着たいなぁ

*Isamu san*Kana*Sanmi-san*Tubasa*Syuzou kun*

Happy Friday! 

2005年04月02日(土) 13時02分

I met Mayumi who is exchange student from Kumamoto She is very talkative friendly and kind! I met her last Sep at church by chance. We are really good friends Everytime I meet her, I feel so happy and talk toooooo much about mainly love Anyway, I'm looking forward to having dinner in downtown someday with u and ur boyfriend

After that, I went to downtown to meet Diane who is like my mother She is very kind and taking good care of me as if I were her daughter. We visited her mom's house. Her mom lives in special apartment for the elderly. On the way to home, we dropped by Mac cuz her mom loves Mac I tried Italian Sandwiches and Putting It was Yummy Yummy

It was the first time to meet Diane's mom so I was so excited! She welcomed me at her lovely room She needs special medical equipment for her breathing(Oxgen). It seems to be very hard but she is really fine and she looks so happy when she talked with us We had dinner and then played cards that is "Crazy 8"! Surprisingly, we played more than 20 times It drives me Crazy but lots of fun! I learned a kind of tips how to win from Diane! She always wins She said we need to keep #8 that has a power to change any cards and #2 that has a power to make next person to get 2 more cards I wanna play it again! It was so exciting night I wanna say thank you to Diane and her lovely mom I hope I can get together again after travelling
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