☆Important Day☆ 

2007年04月01日(日) 9時39分
Today is the first day of April
We call spring will bring us new meeting and
also sad parting.

We have an entrance to the school and
joining the company etc... in April
Everything that is fresh will start from this month

Last month I faced so many difficulties, but
I hope I will have a happy life which is totally different from
so far from this month

What events are waiting in my future

We will be strong slowly as we face so many
When we have a difficulty, we must be sad
but once we solve the problem, we might be able to
have a confidence more than before.

After happiness, we will have a difficulty...
Life is up and down...

Let's start new life from now on...

Saturday Morning 

2005年03月19日(土) 2時26分
I made my homepage...All people are very welcome There is a graduation ceremony in Kansai Gaidai....All of my friends graduate from the university today Menko&Murayu&Matsu&Yuji Congratulation We are really good friends
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