Happy birthday, my loves! 

2008年04月09日(水) 2時16分
Aya, Yu, Daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a nice one guys.

I'm staying at home again. Still having cold... But it's getting better! By the way, I have only 3 months left here. Now that is really crazy. I still remember when I first came here. Time flies lately. Gees, I wish I could be a foreigner or something. LOL I know it's impossible.

I miss my friends from Florida trip. They were just so nice and sweet. I'm gonna visit them someday for sure!!!

Yay! I just got an e-mail from my best friend and she said me and my best friends are all in same class! I'm 5M2! And I'm #2. Well, even though there is my name on the list , I'm pretty sure that I'm not gonna be there. Aww, that hurts. Well, I just have to overcome this situation, I guess.

Well, I hope you guys are doing just great and I'm going back within 3 months guys! Bye!

PS. Mai. M. Ishigaki


2008年02月22日(金) 13時26分
I'm so disappointed in Japanese lately. Why? You may ask. Well, let me tell you my story.

I was on the Internet one day to check my e-mail. Then I saw the news about Kumi Koda. She said something really bad about women that are over 35 years old, right? I think she said really bad thing and I was really disappointed with her. But I was more disappointed at what Japanese did after that. They just started picking up on her! They've just stated bullying her. Every single website that has something about Kumi Koda is FULL of complainig about her! "She is such an awful person.""I don't like her anymore.""I just can't stand her! I wonder how she was disciplined by her mom when she was younger.""She obviously doesn't have a good persinality.""She'll be gone from the entertaining world eventually."------They are all doing a bully! I would rather think THEY are awful. I just- just can't understand why they are ALL pickin on her at once! Everyone AT ONCE! Kumi Koda is appologizing about what she said in the radio program and she's really sorry about it! ISN'T THAT ENOUGH? Why are people so mean to her? I know what she said. It was obviously inappropriate word. But, she is sorry about it. God! I can't stand Japanese!!! I just can't forgive how they treats her!!!

I want to say to people who are pickin up on her, "Are you satisfied? Picking up on her everybody at once; Putting her off from your favorites; Getting rid of her by bullyig? Huh? Is that FUN? If it's fun, then just continue doing it! But in the other hand, if you think it's fun, that means YOU are also an awful person. Think about yourself! How do you feel if it happens to you? How do you feel if your good friends are all picking up on you even though you are really sorry? How do you feel if there were only complaining e-mails when you opened the mail box? It isn't such a good feeling, is it? So, Stop picking up on her!!! Just forgive her!!! SHE IS SORRY!!!"

And I want to say, "It's gonna be OK. You'll be fine. Believe in yourelf. And--- make the most of this bitter experience to your work from now" to Koda Kumi. Well, if I could, though.

I just can't stand the way that Japanese do.

2nd Semester is coming! 

2008年01月28日(月) 12時52分
It's been 5 months since I came here. OMG. That's crazy. And one big news. Well, I'm done with the exam of 1st Semester and I think I did well. I hope so. Anyway, I have one day off from school tomorrow, so 2nd Semester is gonna start from Tuesday!
My Schedule:
1: Study Hall 2: English 10 3: Study Hall 4: Social Studies (US History) 5: Senior Food 6: Lunch 7: Media Film 8: Social Fitness (PE)
How does it sound to you? Pretty cool, huh? Well for me, it's awesome!!! It's gonna be an awesome semester!!! But it's really sad that I don't get to see my friends I made in each class any more (except social studies because I have same hour). Well, I could think this is an opportunity to make more friends. Positive thinking, Mai! haha.
I hope you guys are doing well. I'm half way done with this studying abroad program, guys. Boy, it's crazy.
All right! Thinking about ya! Bye!

PS. Mai Ishigaki

2007 is about over! 

2007年12月31日(月) 13時43分
Oh, my God! I can't believe that 2007's gonna be over in a day! Last year, we went to Hawaii for New Year's. I feel like that was just a month ago. It's been 4 months since I came here! Could you believe that? I definitely couldn't! Oh, my Gosh! Oh, my god you guys! 2008 is coming!

Many things happened in 2007. I learned how wonderful Mai Ishigaki is living. I learned how fantastic Hidehiko Ishigaki is my father; Yoko Ishigaki is my Mother; Yusuke Ishigaki is my big brother; Aya Ishigaki is my little sister. I learned how graceful to be loved by somebody. And I also learned how happy to love somebody from the bottom of my heart. I learned lot of things.

You know what? I'm really happy that I am alive and I can still breath right now. Because I might be dead right now. Seriously. We had a car accident today. Good thing we didn't crush on other cars. Kate and Mom and I were gonna meet Dad and Ali at a movie theatre and see a movie, "Juno." On our way to the movie theatre, Kate and Mom were talking about something. Kate was driving. And I was sitting right next to her in the front seat. I was wearing a seatbelt. I was listening to some musics with my new iPod classic. When I saw Kate she was passing something to Mom. But Mom didn't seem to be able to get it right away because she was middle of handling other thing.(Maybe putting up her sox or something like that.) So Kate wondered what Mom was doing and looked back for a second. And that caused the accident. I was looking forward and the middle guard was getting nearer and nearer. Kate was still looking back. So I shouted at her. "Kate! Oh, my God!" ............And we crushed into the middle guard.
Good thing it wasn't a wall or something. Just middle guard. That was really scary. Thank God, nobody died. If there was any car in the other line, then we would definitely crush into the car in thee other line and maybe die. And one more good thing, we had fluffy snow on the side of road.
Anyway, because of luck we had, we are OK. I have a soar on my neck, bit not that bad. Mom hit her shoulder and leg, but fortunately, she's fine. Kate is fine, too.
So don't worry. But I'll tell you guys. You really should wear the seatbelt. You really should. I was safe because I was wearing the seatbelt on. Thank God, I'm alive! I thought we were gonna die. But we're all OK.

I am alive. How wonderful I'm alive. I still can do what I want to do. I'm such a lucky girl.

Mom, Dad, Yu-kun and Aya. I believe that 2007 was such a wonderful year for you guys, too. And I'm pretty sure that 2008 will be a lot better year than 2007. But, you know what?We can't just wait for the luck coming to us. We have to find the luck and get the luck with lots of efferts. That's what I learned this year. Luck doesn't come to us by itself. We try to find it and get it and finally, you can get the luck. So, start your own journey to get lots of luck in2008, guys! I've already started!

A happy new year! 2008! Have an awesome year, guys! See you guys in June!

love you all.

PS. Mai Ishigaki

Andrew has set out for Ireland... 

2007年12月28日(金) 2時38分
Aww... Andrew has left. He went to Ireland. He has a diving practice with Ireland National Team. Oh! By the way, he's a diver! Incredible diver(*^^*) He's really good at it. He's just broke the record a month ago. College record and Pool record. Amazing! He goes to the Dartmouth College which is pretty smart college.(Jeez, huh?) He got the top score in his school with the test for college. Uh-oh... So, anyway, he is really smart. ha-ha. He's perfect! Good at studying and good at sports. Mom and Dad are both proud of him. That makes sense, though.
So, he came back to home on 12/18. We all had so much fun! We had Christmas present exchange to each other. I got scarf from Kate, funny Origami from Ali and nice ear cover from Andrew. Yay!
I really liked them all! Thank you guys! And I got measuring cups and cookbook and Charlotte's book from Dad and red boots(Minnetonkaaaaaa!!! OMG!!!) and gloves and oter stuff from Mom. Everything was exactly what I wanted! THANK YOU!!! Love you all.
Anyway, I had such a wonderful Christmas here. Again, thank you for letting me come here a, Mom and Dad.

All right. See you guys later! Love you all!

PS. Mai Ishigaki

Winter Break!!! 

2007年12月21日(金) 6時45分
Yay! Winter break! Well, not yet, but from Saturday! I can't wait to have Christmas here! Oh, my Gosh! This is....so incredible!
Again, thank you very much for sending me such a gorgeous presents for us, mom and dad and aya! Thank you, thank you! I'm gonna send you some things later. Sorry for not sending you a package right now. I'm so busy right now...

Andrew got home on Tuesday! Yay! He'll be gone in a week again, though... because he has a diving practice trip to Dublin from 12/27. Aww... Too bad... But, have fun, Andrew!

I can't believe how fast time passes! We were in Hawaii for New Years and I found such a noce place to buy my jeans! Haha! Sears. That's like a year ago! Geeze! I feel like that was from yesterday! Don't you think? Time flies...

Well, let's do something before New Years! Like Skype, maybe?

All right, then! Bye, now. Love you all.

PS. Mai Ishigaki

Broadway Bound Performance! 

2007年11月30日(金) 2時56分
Oh my gosh, guys! Tomorrow is Broadway Bound's performance! I'm soooooooooooo NERVOUS.... Oh, my god. I don't know why I'm doing "You Are The Music In Me". Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I can't take it! Could somebody please tell me I'm gonna be OK? I'm too nervous to sing in front of the people. And guess what? There would be some TV camera, and tape the show and it would be on TV. On live! OH MY G-O-O-O-O-O-S-H!!! I can't!!! Help!!! Somebody!!!

Oh! I got a new laptop, guys! Yay! It's so cool! I love Mac! I can't use Windows again. Mac's really easy!
One question! To Dad. What was the address to send e-mail and get e-mail? Tell me later!

All right. Bye, guys! Hopefully, somebody sees this blog and encourage me. That'll help me A LOT! Definitely yeah.

OK! Love ya!

PS. Mai Ishigaki

You got a package! 

2007年11月21日(水) 3時20分
Yay! You got a package! How was it? Good? I hope you guys like them!

Green Bag = A-chan. (Birthday Present)
HSM calendar = Aya
Carebear blanket = Aya
Paradise calendar = Dad and Mom
Letters = my friends (sorry, Aya... Please deliver them to my friends...)

Love Love Love! Lots of love from America!

All right. See ya! Love you!

<下線><太>PS. Mai Ishigaki

Thanksgiving's coming! 

2007年11月20日(火) 2時56分
Oh my gosh! Thanksgiving is coming this week! I'm going to Grandma and Grandpa Lewis' on Wed. Can't wait! I love that place.

Dear. Aya

Good luck in playing golf, honey! AND, I won't help you carrying your golf bag. Just reminding(*^^*) Well, I can't wait playing golf with you when I go back to Japan. I'll be like Ryan in HSM2. Do you remember him playing golf? God! That's hilarious!

Dear. Mom

I'm really excited to get a Minnetonka red. I really wanted it. But I like brown one that you gave me cuz' it's same as Aya's. I love Minnetonka. Can't wait for Christmas, huh?

Dear. Dadio!
Thank you soooooo much about iPod charging machine. I appreciate you a lot. Thank you! Don't get flu from your patient. Take care!

I love you guys sooooooo much!


PS. Mai Ishigaki

Lots of fun. 

2007年11月15日(木) 1時16分
Oh, my gosh. I'm so tired. Why? I don't even know why. But... good thing we have short week! Today is the last day of school of this week! Yay! And actually, next week, too! Holy Cow! And we'll go visit Grandma's in Milwaukee next week for Thanksgiving. I love grandma's. I don't know why. I can relax when I'm there. Can't wait.

Dear. Dad
Thanks about my laptop. I don't know what's gonna happen, so I'll see for now. Maybe they (University's people) can solve this problem. I don't know. Hopefully. So... yeah. If they couldn't fix it, I'll tell you right away and we'll think about it. Does that sound good?

Dear. Mom
Are you kind of busy right now? Cuz' you don't reply me e-mail lately. If you're busy and don't have time to reply me an e-mail, let me know. I'll be careful about sending an e-mail to you.

Dear. Aya
Ha-ha-ha!!! Poor Mr. Yamada. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Wednesday! That means..... "America's Next Top Model" and "Gossip Girl" day! Oh, my god! I love Wednesday. Can't wait.
All right. I had a Broadway Bound Rehearsal yesterday, and it was fun as usual! I love it. Everybody is kind and helpful. And one girl wanted me to be her friend. I said "OK. Sure! Why not?" She was kind of wierd, though. But she's OK. In the other words, she's homorous. Whatever. I don't care. I'm happy cuz' she wanted me to be her friend. I learned how important the friend is. so... yeah. I don't care.
I love Mazie or Massy or Masy... I don't know the spelling for her name. But... yeah. I love her. She's really nice! She's really positive and aggressive. And I don't know... anyway, she's really nice. And I love Brian Acker, Brian Cowing and Micth. They're all kind and nice! I love you guys!

All right you guys. It's time to go to SS10. (Social Studies 10. In the other words, American History) I'll see you guys later. Bye! Mai loves ya!

PS. Mai Ishigaki
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