January 04 [Sun], 2015, 12:03
Special MAHARO Colors is going to publish articles about the coexistence between humans, nature, and animals for residential foreigners in Japan.
February 2015 will be the official start! We will publish some of the articles ahead of the official start from January 2015. You can read these articles for free!

♯4-1 & ♯5-1
written by Mr. Ken McCort
Do you know about "Wolf Park" in the U.S.? "Wolf Park" is designed for research of wolves or wild canines and for introducing their ecology to public. Mr. Ken McCort, who is the trainer, wrote the article about the purpose of "Wolf Park" and the training this time.

If you would like to read these articles, please contact to
maharonoiro@e-mail.jp with the following information.
Your name, email address, and the request of "#4-1 & #5-1"

→ We will send your requested data to you by mail.

MAHARO provides various activities for the coexistence between humans, nature, and animals.

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