Rainbow Peace Project

November 26 [Wed], 2014, 14:28
Publishing multilingual columns for residential foreigners and students in Japan.
日本在住 在日外国人・留学生向け多言語共生コラム

Our articles on a harmonious coexistence of humans, animals, and nature are available to foreign residents and international students in Japan.
If you would like to read our articles for free, please contact to
maharonoiro@e-mail.jp your name, email address, preferred language and issue number. We will send you the data shortly.
Please note all articles are subject to availability and not all languages are available.
(Basic language: English)
Unauthorized reproduction of our articles is prohibited.

Special MAHARO Colors 2015
#1−1 EnglishUnder Construction
#1−2 Japanese盲導犬の歴史近日公開
#2−1 EnglishUnder Construction
#2−2 Japaneseアメリカの盲導犬を守る法律近日公開
#3−1 EnglishUnder Construction
#4−1 EnglishWolf Park through the Eyes of an Animal Trainer1(KenMcCort)
#5−1 EnglishWolf Park through the Eyes of an Animal Trainer2(KenMcCort)
#6−1 English DO AS I DO(Claudia Fugazza
#7−1 EnglishThe Canine Ladder of Aggression(Kendal Shepherd
#8−1 EnglishKath and her Dancing Dogs(Kath Hardman+
#9−1 EnglishRob LaidlawComing Soon
#10−1 EnglishWinterizing your Animal Friend Friendly tips on supporting your friend through the cold seadon(Chery Schwartz
#11−1 EnglishSUPER-SOCIALIZED(Pat Miller
#12−1 EnglishBob BaileyComing Soon
#13−1 EnglishUsing punishment in dog training is harmful to both the dog the owner(Jennifer CattetComing Soon
#14−1 EnglishWhat is "THE LINK"?(PHIL ARKOWComing Soon
#15−1 EnglishHow should we respond to "THE LINK"?(PHIL ARKOWComing Soon
#16−1 EnglishHow can the healing power of animals help people who have veen abused?(PHIL ARKOWComing Soon
#17−1 EnglishFor the peace of man,nature and animals(Peter van den DungenComing Soon
#18−1 EnglishWhat owners should consider to enjoy the best relationship with their pet dogs and cats(Peter NevilleComing Soon
#19−1 EnglishPositive Reinforcement=foog(am I correct?)(Kathy SdaoComing Soon
#20−1 EnglishThe Big Secret of Training Animals and People(Donna HillComing Soon

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