Xie Hong disdain the thought

March 26 [Sat], 2011, 18:08
Coincidence sister Su
They do not enter the restaurant, please girl eating is the world's most expensive things.
Until beheld two girls stepped into the labeled "Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. million was" the door, he suddenly realized: is looking for a job interview? Well, quasi is failure, while it was dingy, do not cry nose yo.
A piece of paper in front of now Hong Xie: "If you want money? Well, come to me out there or be square!" Suddenly and wallet in the toilet paper to see exactly the same.
Unrestricted way, the sun was bright. Xie Hong looked frightened the left and right Chou Chou, everyone is busy with their own, no one noticed him this humble pauper. Xie Hong slightly relieved.
OK, Wang Yan Li child to his right, attend to you both friends. Fall was heavy purse ecstatic Xie Hong, aimed at the toilet across the street charges to rush back and forth, a man got into the room.
Xie Hong tired to stand, they moved a mobile phone play boring squatted, they stare into the side of that door; anyway, and he is nothing to do, it is not urgent, wait a minute they come out, let's secretly followed behind the fierce cry, and threaten her two Huarong pale, exclaimed again and again, that we go play?
Xie Hong longer bear it, then the Soviet Union sister said: "Well, there is nothing to say."
Xie Hong shook his head and got up, pulling the whole body clothes and ran to the toilet down the hall.
Xie Hong shaking his head, had to buy second-hand housing Quanguo old girl had, at least save half. Xie Hui who work year round saying "married only once in a lifetime, to be fair to myself.", By a discussion and future brother in law, two to a set of teeth mortgage.
Xie Hong aversion to step back quickly from his pocket and fired Pentagon's Gangbeng children, thrown in the past: "Money is head."
Xie Hong wake up, take the Golden Flower eyeful.
Xie Hong fifty dollars goes out to a plug in his hand: "Do not look for it!", Got up and went away. Walking and looked at the card goes to work out: "Yujiebingqing skin beauty salon • Suwei • × × City Council Member • beauty skin deputy member units, this is what thing?"
Xie Hong said, held out his hand to the back, gently patting the shoulder Lai children, eyes looked at the Wang Yan said: "I promise, we are never separated from friends.", Lai sun drying children laughed: "Well, I hope so! a little faster, I am hungry friends. "
Xie Hong-Lie Liezui Pakistan, thought fifty dollars in his pocket money goes, said: "Well, my treat!", "What customers want you to please yo? You have no money, go!"
Xie Hong fare well feel that they can be beautiful li children, but is there something to look forward to feel the ultimate target. He did not know other people are not like the same age as yourself? Anyway, all the time for the money Saotou; always confused for love, always concerned for the future ... ...
Xie Hong pocket ends up the phone when the fingertips touch the sensitivity of a pieces of paper, he quickly pulled out, a fifty dollar bill. Xie Hong very strange, this money is come from? He remembers only ten pieces like pocket change to.
Xie Hong grabbed the bottle, Linzhu an empty cup on the back side, filling the back end to the boss, gurgle: "The farther to go get out on their own, to, you know? Brother not to drink wine, is lonely. We drink. What time is it? quiet around Oh good! "
Xie Hong squatting too numb feet, want to get big heads, have not figured out how. The total can not stay in the toilet, right? Coming along most of the day, only to Xinyi Heng Xie Hong, filed his pants, pulled angry pit wallet to fling it out the door.
Xie Hong Chou Chou Lai child to say something; and Chou Chou Yan Wang: "For both of us?", "There Lai children, of course, go." Wang Yan, secret Inner left arm, right arm holding Xie Hung, pro-ni, said: "You guys are my friends, we are never apart."
Xie Hong disdain the thought, these girls are, Gan Mafei to make life difficult with their own? Now the addition of more college graduates, work is so easy to find it?
Appear inside the camera, but it is provided Xie Hong heel squatting secretly pretending to pick up the wallet of the video call: "Yes him, bawl, to see friends."
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The father was laid off his swing to keep the small side stalls, sister Hsieh find the money to work every night; doing, idle on their own in this house did not work and is a strong labor. Night, he does not keep, and who keep?
I only hope you and your husband have a good start, happy life in future. He is a graduate ah, graduate students do, the pride of man, may he bring you good luck.
Wang Yan, the jealous fire burning, beautiful sister Su rampant romantic, but also crushed her self-confidence and vision.
Wang Yan, against the common enemy: "You still is not a man? Draped over head and the soft non-slip autumn doing? Quickly said, to go or not?"
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