I submit to management

March 05 [Sat], 2011, 15:35

herve leger bandage dress Afternoon, a quiet and peaceful lobby of the hotel guests to and from the lobby is not Duo Anna sat behind the manager's duty station is not like normal women as workplace able blurred appearance Duoliaoyifen ice demeanor.
Have dinner with Fanli Yang and Wang Hui, when again touched her somewhere already less sensitive nerve.
This appointment is too public pool, right? Wang Hui asked.
This is the Royal Club to perform well Xia and Shang is doing OK. Fan Liyang tell the truth.
Wang Hui glanced at Fan Liyang one: but she Guan Dele laundry and Hanabusa it? And how do I find the recent not so how do you like Han Xue hate it?
Fan Liyang Wang Hui a glare: I think her ability to so I submit to management. Can not say that the younger generation can not afford it too capability. It may also be a reflection of the generation gap had when we first arrived in ST where goals? Can not make mistakes, do not complaint it is. The Han Xue is the one they heard on to become a professional manager with career planning. They too know what they want and let it? The thing is what? With job vacancies that can be naturally wanted to fight why fail to get his head? This is not without reason.
If you do the Royal Club's manager, you may not make it.
Line is the age of 32, you still fighting about? There will retire from the glorious 13 years it was. Perhaps in the hotel before we boil untimely qualifications qualifications is to have to wait for promotion may have vacancies. Where to hotels as they are now only three years younger and we can equal or even a few levels higher. Wang Hui spit dissatisfaction.
Anna thoughtfully finished Kanle Yan Wang Hui: how do you not speak?
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Anna smiled and made a point of mischief while ago, but the little things to export gas to the Fan Liyang also do not want to now Fanli Yang Han Xue recovered she was able to say.
I think we still should be a little sense of crisis lest they someday we stuck with the little shoes to the mix we have even not a safe retirement. Wang Hui reminded to.
Anna heart a tight sense of crisis is not never been this smooth in fact that from the switchboard out of forgotten corners of the hall manager to regain this important senior position can be considered from the Han Xue what they learned. At no time can just stop at one level can only stand higher and see farther.
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However, it may not be on the Fan Liyang right to manage if you want her to do better than the Royal Club may not be good, but forget the Xia and Shang!
Fan Liyang touched Anna: niu right? You say world do you want a divorce?
Can not repeat the mistakes again. Anna reluctantly smiled: When I first got married and old Liu is really to think about how easily mistakes when it?
What is wrong is not to easy but you can be a little bit at a loss to the current vice president of the Chamber. Wang Hui said.
Forget who cares. Anna mouth again so that the proliferation of sour heart.
Do you still obsessed with work put to find a father for the Niuniu is the most critical or you have come to take care of a person where? Anna Fan Liyang not worry: you and Lu Yantao die it? He did not even leave the ST you are married to now have not had a girlfriend, maybe waiting for you.
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Anna Kanle Yan Fan Liyang: I was not and you do not see Han Xue like him?
Can see that see is not always feel Fanli Yang said.
Wang Hui was a bit mean: I think Lee Young're right you do not try how do you know it? Do not look back a century the body has many regrets.
Anna sighed and pulled back into his thoughts suddenly see Lu Yantao here from the second floor came down to the lobby of Anna could not help but stand up and turned to Concierge staff: Contact the Department of the taxi that just yet?
Contact with the driver himself said this to be something the guests down to the guests. Staff answered.
Anna nodded Lu Yantao then has gone through the center of the lobby went to the office relieved she finally sank back seat.
Why give up easily and they want to return it?


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