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March 07 [Wed], 2012, 15:22
Marketing by the State Information Center compiled the "2010 Room Air Conditioner Market Analysis Report" published recently in Beijing. The report shows the product structure of air-conditioning industry, the effectiveness of the adjustment is very significant. Report combined macro-economic development trend, based on "key cities nationwide retail market monitoring system, " the city's 375 air-conditioned retail conditions, from different angles on the retail market in 2010, the domestic air-conditioning a scientific and objective analysis, and proposed the overall market for 2011 the development of the forecast trajectory.adobe acrobat x allows you to create and share PDF files.

The report notes that by the farmer-friendly policy to stimulate national energy efficiency standards and the enforcement of the policy impact of the adjustment of air-conditioning industry, the effectiveness of the product structure is very significant. Among them, the proportion of energy-efficient air-conditioning accounts for more than 80%, some well-known brands in this ratio has reached 90%, while the promotion of energy-efficient products based CHIGO is a whopping 97. office professional plus 2010 download with product key online.

State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department Director of Market Information Office Cai Ying said that as major cities in 2010 the domestic air conditioner market in terms of overall sales volume, product mix to the consumption trend in comparison with the 2009 major changes have taken place, it is necessary year in 2010 the status of the Chinese market and further understanding of the development trend of China's air conditioning industry to provide a relatively accurate analysis and judgments. Professionals said that in recent years in the country "home appliances" policy support, three, four cities and towns the market demand for air conditioning size has been greatly enhanced the development of Chinese air conditioning industry to provide a new growth and consumer groups. Because three fourth market has become the important area, ensure sales many enterprises so to get attention.publisher 2010 is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is used to produce professional-looking publications.

Including Siemens, samsung, LG, panasonic, increased foreign brands are on three level 4 city market development dynamics, some former with rural market based enterprises, such as Iraq, somalia, and favorite doppler also start to participate in three fourth market brand competition, drive three fourth market consumer brand awareness's rise, make the market further optimize the structure of brand, consumption level was significantly ascension.publisher 2010 gives you the power to create professional-quality marketing materials and publications.

Meanwhile, refrigerator enterprise in three fourth market adopted and city market different strategies, such as haier this year launched flagship pragmatism son brand, beauty of three also increased the fourth market penetration. But such targeted products on imported brand strategy in waste were reflected in many times, and home appliances, countryside __12__ site can see Siemens, samsung and other foreign brands. LvChengHua benefits, says YuLianSuo channel sinking and enterprise to increase three level 4 market development, refrigerator products to three fourth market structural adjustment, enterprise in three transmission speed by fourth market of a more flexible market strategy, on the one hand, show that this market overall consumption level of ascent, on the other hand also showed in production enterprise and the dealer's efforts, three level 4 city sales channel sinking work has see effect, shorten the new city and three in the level of sales lag between cities four to three level 4 urban rapid, promotes the update products, also foreshadows three fourth market brand competition will be more intense, meanwhile, three level 4 markets mature will also promote the further development of rural markets. But the home appliance, the ministry of commerce countryside released statistics, countryside 2009 sales 320 billion yuan, refrigerator throughout the home appliance of countryside, 2010 sales 46% of total sales while ascending to 547 billion yuan, but dropped to 32. 75% proportion, arrived in April this year 1 - dropped to 25. 96% further, specific 2010 günstig wie nie! Kaufen und downloaden jetzt.

Meanwhile, the national power grid in the survey, only 17% consumers said it will buy more consumers will countryside refrigerator, buy air conditioning, television, computers. LvChengHua think, this shows that after years of rapid popularization, refrigerator in rural market sales growth slowed has become the facts.adobe acrobat 9 family includes Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and Standard.
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