2010年04月08日(木) 22時59分
Let me share my day with you through this blog. A friend can save your day! I am thankful that I have such a great friend like her.

I have just quit my job, teaching English in high school as a temporary teacher. I was substituting for a teacher who is now studying abroad. If I wished, I think I still have that job. But I decided not this year. WHY? Because I loved the job soooo much and I loved my students. Maybe You don't see my point yet lol. As I mensioned, my status was temporary. I haven't passed the exam yet to be a teacher as my life career.

In order to get my dream come true, I need to devote all my time for study for the test.
Just a handful of candidates can make it.. Now I am staying all day at home and preparing for it.
But there is a big problem that I have to overcome. You know what it is?

I didn't know how stressful being at home alone all day could be. This was killing me. Just until last week I was working at a high school and helping students. Now I am in my room all day studying. I realize the importance of communication. I was a bit excted about late mornings and spending days just for myself. Buuuuut I was all wrong.
I miss the busy noisy days with my co-workers and students. Being alone is not healthy at all!!! In short, I have missed people.

Today I was trying to study but I couldn't. I was sitting behind the desk and doing the drill but my mind didn't focus on what I was doing at all. I was talking to myself "What am I doing? Is this what I really want to do?" My thoughts were all negative and I was really down. I kinda started to be depressed..

I decided to go out and have some fresh air for a change. When I was getting ready, one of my friends rang me. And she invited me to her house for a chat. She saved me. Just talking to her and chatting about trivial stuff saved me.
She is uder the similar situation, She is also studying for a test for kindergarten teachers. We decided to study together on Thursdays and Fridays, which means this study group starts tomorrow. You know how much this offer cheered me up? Now I have a study baddy and someone to share bitterness with. I feel soooo much better. I know I am a simple person. But I am sure that everyone needs someone who supports you. I am very grateful that I have a friend like her.

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