must be a certain degree of consolidation

June 04 [Mon], 2012, 18:37
Long-term practice, so I appreciate the good prices and bad prices, only the good operations and bad operations. Only the weak will to operational errors, quilt the reasons attributed to "bad market", nike dunk high heels and even blame the people around or any other person, but never thought of the most fundamental reason is that their bad operating habits, the inertia of thinking and error concept. But the stock market always support strong, only to create strong opportunity to be risk-averse, and let the powerful more powerful!

Eliminated all the "security stocks", defective, or shot, shot only to achieve the most profitable mode in line with the strongest hotspot signal to open up combat point of the best leading, that is, the best ideas, and I have the above experience is the same strain, from my philosophy.

(The best ideas, the most hot, the most profitable mode, open up the classification of the signals, see yesterday's blog.)

With this concept, so many varieties of GEM since April, the small plates as the representative of the next kill and the best stock pool has nothing to do fundamental not vote for them because the strongest hot spots, the most profitable mode, open up signals (Since April, the strongest hot inside that has not "new shares, time shares" ^ _ ^). While Veken Elite Mizuda, Luoyang Glass, Koon Fook home is the best stock pool pursuit. Stick to my idea of ​​a friend can not fight against all, but often will hit them, but also avoided the risk, and often passive limit or contrarian, why not. (Veken Elite by the end of March Hangzhou Gifted choice, did not expect to actually reverse the trend of the broader market fell close to a month since doubled, so that my friends and I astonishment.) Regardless of the autumn chill or cool autumn or October stock index is a brilliant autumn sun, which also makes stock index for November have more expectations, if you can continue this brilliant, sent a warmth to the market about to enter the cold winter, that we are very like to see. Unfortunately, the trend of the stock index is somewhat straight to go straight, "October is soaring month in November, is to adjust the month. Today as a line of one week summary of the case, then last week, the weekly closing doji weekly this week once again down nike air jordan uk to the bottom to close out in the shade (of course, has not been finished this week), a monthly online a huge amount of finished lower Yinxian amplitude is basically half of the candle of the last month, this line apparently can not be counted after the long months sun rose relay ", but last nike air jordan 4 uk week the weekly but can be" dropped relay ". Afternoon when a simple account of empty ferocious "reason, combined with some ideas in the last month of the monthly forward-looking, we should be able to have a better understanding of the current decline.

Last month, the monthly forward-looking "consolidation of the unfinished November whether the continuation of autumn bright? "(Hereinafter referred to as" whole "), the author at the time that the disk has been adhering to the upward momentum, if it is greater as in the market in November or December, it must be a certain degree of consolidation (say white a is adjusted) compaction as strong as a bargaining chip, and then to follow the twists and turns upside than October 1, I presume the comic giant sun compensatory growth (that is as up in fact is a kind of special case). The actual degree of adjustment, however, beyond the expected, and funds has a direct bearing on the attitude of the current economic situation, the author mentioned in the whole text: "As long as the mentality of funds or 'them as good and power, and has determined to continue on the red ', then the fundamentals support, to bear fruit in October and November are also able to continuation of strong prices. "this" they "refers to naturally look fairly benign inflation, but in experienced a financial tsunami bubble burst in 2008, the countries to curb inflation without mercy, and benign inflation has rapidly evolved into a crunch with the color of pessimism. Miss Ye Tan recently noted that "inflation is a bull market" or "crunch without the bull market," the topic can actually Nike Dunk SB High Heels prove this point, but the crunch is really no bull market? We can only say that profit taking in front of a benign inflation is too rich, so the policy of the surface wind direction slightly shifts, these funds come and go like the wind short-term immediate withdrawal will cause the trend of the market roller coaster.
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