moving blog 

2005年12月30日(金) 16時01分
I was thinking of moving my msn blog here, but this site
couldn't recognize English words!!!

So the words are cut off when they approach the end
of the's a hassle to hit return at the end of
every line...

so couldn't really use it for day to day posting la
but i love this site cos it's so pretty ,
so will still keep this one...hopefully they will come up
with some improvement la...have to write them a
feedback and tell them this problem...

Merry Christmas 

2005年12月24日(土) 13時23分
Merry Christmas to you all!!!
Wish you all a great year ahead
and have lots of fun!!

new direction 

2005年11月26日(土) 11時52分
It's been a while since I last wrote...sorry ne! Having finished volunteering at the camp, I've gain some new perspective on living, and finally am willing to look for a job laaaaa! Wish me luck la!!! And am doing a lot of studying lately, having a lot of fun, a lot of new idea come up. Just started studying Tibetan, it's easier than I thought it would be, and for whatever reason the just the images of text is very powerful energetically, very interesting! for whatever reason, this new version of the blog won't recognise paragraph spacing...everything is jammed together and the previous logs are all cut off at wrong places...


2005年10月25日(火) 2時02分
Hi all,

I can't be reached by phone or email from 26 Oct to 6 Nov cos I'll be in
meditation camp So I won't be able to reply to your mails until I come out...
probably on the 7th at the earliest la!

new old friends 

2005年10月20日(木) 19時32分
Jenny found me on Friendster!!! I was very surprised. We were secondary
school friends and haven't seen each other for 5-6 years. Very touched, she
would care enough to look for me on the web after all these love
is never lost though time has passed.

Full Moon 

2005年10月03日(月) 1時47分
It's been two weeks since Mid Autumn Festival la, and have been eating
half a mooncake daily since then , but there're still three boxes
of them at home!

Mom is a diehard mooncake fan!
It's a tradition at our house to have boxes and boxes of mooncakes piled up
on dinner table, in the fridge and cabinets!

A Mid Autumn without mooncakeS is strange phenomenon that has not
occured even after I moved out! It gives me a sense of home when I'm

life is fun 

2005年09月24日(土) 16時45分
This is all I want, fun in my life.

But it was so hard. Since childhood, I took on so much that I need not take on,
and thought all the while, there was only me who could take the burden. After
much work and the courage to see the truth, now I'm free, so much freer than
before. I am glad that I took the steps forward in my evolution. I am grateful to
myself for choosing the life path that I have, and appreciate all those around
me who gave me my life.

All my life experiences are congruent, they are what they are, when they are
because I need them to be there at that particular time to teach me lessons,
to open me up to new possibilities, to help let go of the past, to see and to love
from my heart.

It is after all these years of living in truth that I am able to smell the grass for
the first time. I taste love for the first time. I trust my instinct for the first
time. And everything is so much more real. I'm so much more alive. This new
reality is so foreign, it almost seem unreal. It takes time to understand what
this reality means and what it will do for me. Let it come to me, I am patient.

I have learned to enjoy life, celebrate life and everything in living that used to
bring me miserable feelings. Join me, look within. Look at the light you have,
the light you can spread, the light you can share with all.

Trust me, you are light.
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