January 27 [Sat], 2007, 16:24
I have the man who I like.
I met him the day before yesterday.

I had a best time with him...!

When leaving to my home,my heart was shouting.
"I want to meet him again immediately!"

I'm in love with you...
Because when I think you my body is heating over my ears.
My face and ear dye red when I think about you.

On the way home,I thought many things.

The hug with you.
The kiss with you.
And the sex with you.

I felt very dizzy on a train.
My body and soul are a slave of you!


January 27 [Sat], 2007, 15:30
Yesterday I went on a short business trip to Nagoya.
I done with my work and took a rest at komeda's coffee.
I experienced an interesting meeting in that place.

When I was about to order, I was spoken to by a waiter.
"Did we meet in the past at somewhere?"

…I had no idea who he is and I answered,
"We has never met in the past. "

Then, he asked me what high school I had graduated from.
I said to him that my old high school is in Gumma Prefecture.

Probably he has come to realize it was mistake.
He said to me "I thought you was my classmate".

I thought "this is amusing!".

When leaving there, I passed the badge to him and said...

"I will pass you this bagde.
Please return it when we meet sometime somewhere!"


January 25 [Thu], 2007, 0:05
I lost my vigor.
So I want to go out for walk.
See you again or never see you again.


January 24 [Wed], 2007, 23:06
Today is sad day...
Because my favorite gentleman broke a promise.

I waited him holding a package of chocolate.
*I wanted to give him that...as the gift of "Valentine festival"!

But he didn't show up...and I was depressed...
and then I decided to eat that chocolate!

It was very sweet and very bitter...


January 23 [Tue], 2007, 22:55
Well...I think you are very cool!
Just like jazz music.


January 23 [Tue], 2007, 22:34
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon

I fell in love with you at first sight!
I really want to see you!

I can't wait tomorrow


January 22 [Mon], 2007, 22:18
Makes me feel good to know that you are here
I'll feel real good just knowing that you're near
Say you'll always be here
And we'll never be apart
And I know that I can make you fell good,too

Baby,when you're far away
Cloud descends upon my day
Robbing all the color from my eyes
My loneliness then makes me realize

That lady light has played may way
Make my life a special day
By giving me a very special prize
And baby,can't you see
Who the rize will be
It's you,It's you,It's you

Makes me feel good just knowing that you're near
I feel real good just knowing that you're near
Say you'll always be here
And we'll never be apart
And I know that I can make you feel good,too


January 21 [Sun], 2007, 23:51


January 21 [Sun], 2007, 23:23





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