good as Lee Jang-soo era

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 10:03
The government agencies innovation is a good thing. I am afraid it is regarded as the work of innovative work diary assessment of cadres, unfortunately, this Yangqi

Peng who? I believe after reading the current round of Super League Guangzhou Evergrande vs Tianjin Teda game, everyone will remember the name of this little-known

goalkeeper ...... 0-0 boring level does not explain everything, as the interview after the game Zheng said, "We kicked pretty offensive, to control the pace of the

game, has devoted a great gam Christian Louboutin sale e for everyone. failed to break the deadlock, just lacking a bit of luck ..." Yeah, I admit that the game scenes do not like the score

that like dull - conditions, but ultimately hitting the woodwork twice, a penalty of 25 shots, including six times in the doorframe within ... the game presents a one

-sided situation in Evergrande have all scored in the last 100 minutes The time could not break the opponents goal to home grief tie. Jiangsu round of the league to

win Evergrande lead in the standings is reduced, then remembered the September schedule frequent remembered constant Volkswagen striker will face four-line combat

weight of, had to scary ah!

Guimaraes is indeed a good civilian team coach, a good coach, Tianjin team recently face the brightest super rival achieved 3 wins medals, enough to explain

everything. The Tianjin team went back to the ranks of contention seats. Away to the Super overlord Christian Louboutin Tall Boots , Tianjin team hunkered down, Guimaraes put Tietong Zhen, obviously

is to implement the anti-anti-tactical. The low profile does not mean fear, the same as the other challenge like playing with blood opponents, the Tianjin players

also come up with enough placing them almost all the players retreated to one's own restricted area near wholeheartedly defensive. Of course, this defense is not

blind, Guimaraes early on to do the homework, Tianjin team in defense for the the focus foreign aid on highly targeted, but also tough enough, the trident between

small tie by interference, constant round attack were resolved, and seems opponent is directed at the security level win 1 minute to go.

This is an out and out tough fight. In this regard, we are not unfamiliar, Lee Jang-soo era began, Evergrande in domestic combat almost every game can be staged this

scene. Today Lippi after adjustment adjustments, back to their best at the 4231 formation, the hole card back to its best at attacking midfielder position, and then

add their own ideas on the basis of Evergrande still sharp attack . I do not agree with some people said Lippi Evergrande lost domineering or that the domineering as

good as Lee Jang-soo era say! The lineup basically decided the case, Lippi let more young people playing opportunities, such as the game Huangjia Jiang. Lippi is not

conservative, employing unpredictable, this team was more wealthy demeanor. among the orderly transition, and in the run-in period can also staged a fierce offensive

football, so what is not domineering? Not only because this ball has wasted too many opportunities to negate everything, Lee Jang-soo also appeared pressing opponents

to play, but the scene is not the goal for a long time christian louboutin shoes uk sale ... can only say that this the goalkeeper magic play ball with their own bad luck happens to accumulate in the

point. Shift, only in exchange for the results.