I painted chaos some

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 15:37
Home in tina, tina I pushed her bathroom, and then draw a map on a person. This tina else did not watch out what good the bathtub, but large enough not to mention bathing, swimming almost. Bubble of hot bath water, I was still thinking about the Liu Xiaofeng thing, dozens of alleys I find, why Liu Xiaofeng clues? I already thought the worst direction was Lin wet morning killed Liu Xiaofeng, then I should be in the New York Police Department to identify the body a: Lin wet morning did not kill Liu Xiaofeng, why Liu Xiaofeng will not news? So thinking, unwittingly tina bathtub full bubble can have more than one hour. Zhao, I picture the ground, and you wash? "Tina in the living room directly to me shouted. "Ah? Ah, better as soon as immediately." I This Huiguo Shen, hurry body rub two, really strange people, why should bathe it, real trouble. "Ko", the sound of the door, I immediately washed, tina turned to open the door to go to break forth. She now because at home, so do not wear coats, upper body only a tight black chest of praise. "Hey, what are you doing?" I was taken aback, and sat sit back bathtub. Zhao, your clothes have been thrown into the washing machine, and here are some of the more lenient bathrobe, you first look at it, your clothes do not dry it! "Then, tina holding in their hands bathrobes on along the top of the bathtub. "Oh, thank you!" I really dumbfounding But they finally kindness Canada Goose Women's Chilliwack Bomber Parka. "Do you want me to help you scratch yours?" Did not mean to go, a pair of eyes looking at me is truly interesting. "Do not, I have to cough, tina, you still go out!" My face like a monkey butt. "Well, I went out to look tina's doing all turned and walked to the bathroom door to time Pro out slightly paused," Zhao, you are pretty good, oh! "Then I smile, backhand off outside door. Ah? "Good? What is good?" I innocently sitting in the bathtub. The heart is still pondering over the just tina ground, then. Wiped his body. Wear that bathrobe, I walked out of the bathroom to the living room. See tina sitting in front of a table, the table was covered with a lot of paper, painted mess the tina in one hand holding a pencil. "Tina, you draw what?" I went to the front of the table, looking at that piece of paper, could not believe that this is actually a map. "This is our Caesar Gabriel blocks east of the map, I painted chaos some!" Embarrassed grasping hair. "You have up to me to talk about it, this diagram I looked hard!" I try for a while, and found that he really can not understand this so-called map, or need tina come for me to decipher. So, tina side, pointing to the lines on the map with a pencil, the side from the solution to my side of the terrain. tina useful when the teacher talent. Let's talk about something, but also well-organized. Tina more to explain, but the more I depressed, because I have been to, she said to those alleys cast cable, nothing found. Lanes "tina, I have been to there is no other place in the Tibetans," I frowned, staring tina asked. "Oh this ~ tina mouth biting his pencil, wondering what was going up. "You try to think, I have been to these places, there is nothing suspicious, you see if there is no other place?" Impatient urging tina. Zhao you calm down, let me think! "Tina dropped pencil, took out a pack of cigarettes from her own point of one, and gave me a. I long to call a breath, depressed and sat down to my mouth big mouth sucking tina smoke. "Yeah, I think of it!" Tina suddenly quit fling, took him up and I ran out. "Hey, hey, tina, I still in her nightgown, Hey!" My clothes are really no too dry, a little wave, but attend to so many, three two worn on the body, and tina run out. "Tina, in the end is what ah?" While running I also kept asking. "With it seems, I could not say!" Tina and I did not ride directly on two legs, walking in the alley between the numerous, only the short time I head dizzy. Fortunately, I was a war background, still not disoriented. "Look there!" Tina suddenly also a screeching halt, I almost hit her. I heard the words, extending to the fingers down her a look and saw where the alleys forward with a fork, where a bifurcation and an alley connected. "Here I come, ah, there is through another alley, here is a dead end." I'm confused, I do not know what that means. "You see carefully! Tina obstinately I pulled the fork at. Ah? "To see what? This is not God, it was not a dead end?" Tina led. Better position I stand, I discovered that the original alley learned. Fact, it plainly is not difficult to understand, this alley is a T-shaped, one entrance, a fork in a cul-de-sac, that is the end of this dead end is essentially two lanes. So, I searched lanes and saw a dead end, from its fork is next alley left. Led me back to that fork I did not see, that is not at a dead end, though it is the end of a wall, on the wall, some of the trash in the trash can behind can see a shadow, which as evidenced by the trash can behind a road just ground position reason, coupled with the relatively dark here. The walls and dirty, a sudden looked really can not see the wonders here. Zhao, my small place and partner to play hide-and-seek every time I will win, because I am hiding in there. "Tina speak very proud. "That what?" "A few very old Tulou, some very poor people who live there, feeding, Zhao, wait for me!" Great strides walked past, who kicked open the trash . Eyes is a just enough for two people side by side through the channel is very narrow. And I also smell, a very fishy to taste, not let me vomit, but I still furrowed brow, Liu Xiaofeng in a place like this? Is simply a joke! But now no other clues, how to have a try. I will certainly pull oneself together Women's Canada Goose Solaris, heels went inside, tina Jinjindegen to behind me. Like tina said this on both sides of the channel are the iron gate, some building land back door. Forward again see a few Tulou Tulou static sporadic sat a few foreign elderly, they bare upper body, bone tired, such as firewood, I had a feeling to go to Africa. My footsteps stopped at the last one Earthen floor, mouth, Lou mouth stood a rice cooker. The rice cooker is very old, which is burning water. A girl back I squatted rice cooker next looked at the inside of the water very nervous. "Xiaofeng, what are you going to do about it?" My emotions have become extremely quiet, toward the back of the girl asked. Ah? "The girl I was shocked, whipped forward and jumped out, the water was nearly kicked over the Chouguojuan panic looking at me. When she read my appearance, eye socket immediately red. Mouth a suddenly ran and threw herself into my body. Zhao brother! "Liu Xiaofeng howl we burst into tears. Liu Xiaofeng ground voices to be heard, my heart suddenly sank to 18 layers of hell, all of the most serious consequences in my heart again. Xiaofeng, tell me you remember, the world does not dare to offend you Zhao brother if someone bully you, I will make him regret was born into this world. "In a moment, I hugged Liu Xiaofeng face became livid, eyes fiercely as radiance. Liu Xiaofeng cried a lot, and kept then head in my arms, just do not talk, do not know what she meant. "Xiaofeng, talking to you, in the end how the matter?" At this time my Shuangsai blue veins up. tina standing behind me, looked at me and Liu Xiaofeng Canada Goose Women's Snow Mantra, also feel very strange, she do not know how this is going. Liu Xiaofeng, still silent, crying in my arms the whole five or six minutes, before getting small cry. "Bad water." Liu Xiaofeng suddenly pushed me, turned around will be that the rice cooker ground pulling down, this time inside the water has been opened. "What is water, this water is doing with it? Xiaofeng, What the hell are you?" My stomach anger also happens Zhangerhuoshang the scratching their heads. Zhao brother, I, I can not tell you that you go back, I have something here, a few days back! "Liu Xiaofeng, biting his lips a small voice said to me. "You let me first go and you stay in this awful place? Are you kidding? Immediately follow me, or I'll give you a call a brother!" No matter what had happened, they have to first Liu Xiaofeng hijacked say I step seize on her arm. Zhao brother, no, I could not get away! "Liu Xiaofeng With tears face looked very anxious, constantly tossed arm. "Get away also got to go, something to go back and say!" My attitude is particularly tough. Zhao brother, I do not go! "Liu Xiaofeng angry, one will be pushed aside, a long face twisted to one side do not look at me. I spot Zhengzhu and Liu Xiaofeng recognize such a long time, I was the first to see her so I speak. I usually saw all rushed over, this time also took the initiative to let me go? Today the sky is green?
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