November 25 [Fri], 2011, 12:09
it's Friday and this is the day everyone waiting for! sadly once friday is here means Monday is near too. :(

im looking forward to 16 dec as we will be going to west Malaysia. 8 hours of driving. luckily I do not have to drive! haha. The place which we are going to super nice and relaxing, shall upload some photos once we r back.

we have already planned for our Christmas and new year eve celebration:)

shall look forward and next year korea trip :)

6 years anniversary

November 11 [Fri], 2011, 1:41
11:11:11 a very special day.

some updates.

just came back from star cruise :) part of our 6 years anniversary getaway.

next we shall go korea!!


June 03 [Fri], 2011, 0:00
It has been so long that i last blogged.
Well, i guess blogging has become outdated among me.

Anyway, hubby and i will be travelling to Hong Kong in JULY =)
So excited.

Recently, been busy with school and also work.
I have become lazy as now i would prefer to stay home on weekdays.
I used to go out every single day. I feels like a idiot to go out aimlessly.

Skipped school today. Was really exhausted.
Alright, i shall stop here. =)


April 07 [Thu], 2011, 9:11
feeling demoralize almost everyday.
nothing spice me up.
just came back from bkk 2 weeks ago. I have to admit that I'm getting lazy to work.
on top of my daily work, I need to have time for my 2 assignments. well, looks like this term is getting tougher. :(
I'm desperately looking for another short getaway soon or a enjoyable trip end of this year. hopefully i can manage to find a new .... soon :)

JJ LIN I AM concert

March 07 [Mon], 2011, 21:25

5/3/2011 !! JJ's concert was a very successful one! I can feel that he is kind of nervous at the 1st part!!! but we will love the way you sing !!! :) keep it up!!
good luck for your next 2 concerts in Taiwan!


February 23 [Wed], 2011, 12:18
This week seem to be a very torturing week! Time is slow, tired and school is difficult. 、
Partner is on mc followed by leave. ZZz!

Universal Studios Singapore

February 21 [Mon], 2011, 14:59

Finally I got the chance to go to USS!!! Waited for very long already!!! :)
All the rides was fun and exciting! <3 it!

Now looking forward to

5th March 2011 - JJ Lin concert
Bangkok trip!

get this clear bitch

February 17 [Thu], 2011, 21:22
if you wish to continue with the whole matter, please stop it. I'm not interested to waste time on you. :)
if you think you can't take the joke that you look like Steven lim on that particular photo, then please learn to grow up 1st and just accept it ok? don alway be so demoralize when others is doing better than you, or getting angry with something that is a joke.
wan to continue to criticize anything about me, go ahead ok.
all along you like to do that behind others, am I right? lols.

LOL! butt joke.

February 16 [Wed], 2011, 22:28

Guys, so many thing happened just within a day.
i wondering anyone has actually read my comments.
if im going to blog the whole situation down, i guess its gonna be long.
i just want to tell you, if you dare to scold me cunt, then don be a coward here.
deleting everything that you have done wrong?
well, doesnt matter words can spread around easily if anyone has seen all these.

thing can be actually ended. but your gf choose to start it again when i have already stopped.

im not going to add on anything to this unless if necessary.

2011!!! - 01012011

January 04 [Tue], 2011, 23:02

This year i celebrated my birthday at The Ascott Singapore, i really had a very happy and enjoyable birthday with lovely people around me.
Sorry yulin, i did not took a photo of your present cos i too gan chiong to drink without taking it =x
But the champagne that you give me is nice and very unique. Most unique is PINK in color which contain 11% of alcohol.
I really love all the presents that i received!!!

Let me recall what i have done since Christmas 25/12/2010.

-Celebrated @ M hotel with Hubby, Ah Guat & Joey.
-Birthday & New Year Eve @ The Ascott
-New Year @ Furama Riverfront Hotel.
-Monday, On leave and rest at home as i have a pair of swollen leg again =(

Started work today and i tried to make myself to be happy at work so the time will pass fast!
This week will be a very rushing week as i have to rush my 2 projects on hand.
But all this will worth & i'll sure that 9 months later, i will find something i like!!!
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