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October 15 [Mon], 2012, 11:19

> Say the truth, in my heart, Xiaobao Zhu scar is not a little bit of good, this guy is vulgar, rude, cruel, greedy by nature, wretched lecherous men have shortcomings seemed completely in his body show it. If on the other people at the meeting, Xiao Baozi long wanted a way to get him to get out. However, Xiaobao has unwittingly found that Zhu scars, but it has things that are not ordinary people, talent blood. And his red eyes generally, Zhu scar flowing body of ancient blood, with the supernatural powers of the ancient blood, just, that even he does not know about it, really think Xiaobao think he qualified, human solid, and fishes, he makes eye relative to see it. Learned that he has red eyes for talent blood thing, Xiaobao has been deliberately note that all these years, read a lot of books, a certain understanding for this world talent blood, put it plainly, this talent blood supernatural powers and past lives to see comic blood following general gauge, can exist only in a particular ethnic group, which handed down to the blood in the form of, red eyes so Dragon Road, Ray Lui family spiritual body is also like The same is true Zhu scar innate magical powers of the body, although his talent is not awakening. Few in this world who have talent blood, and even fewer in which very few of those who have talent blood, allowing blood force awakening. Not much like that from generation to generation like Denon Road Ray's family are able to activate the talent-blood family throughout the Jin dynasty only two eyes on the world, this family, but the fingers of sensitive Bale, the rest of the vast majority of people do not awakening is to know that it is impossible,Air Max TN Mens Outlet. Zhu scar like in general, he did not even know that they have the talent blood thing, With the passage of time, the power of the blood of this gift in the case has not been activated in the body of the world will be more and more light The ultimate fate can only devoid. The Zhu scar I do not know he has the talent of blood, while Xiaobao own red eyes found Zhu wheelflats exception. Zhu scar Zhesi exceptionally rude guy to come Xiaobao rarely guard Bingbao, has been to drive straight, charging into the inner court, once Xiaobao are exercising their own red eyes Zhesi it straight rushed in, and also at that time, started when Xiaobao's red eyes and found that this the Zhu scar the eyes contain a mysterious force. The most Xiaobao feel scared, red eyes found the forces of their own. Greed, extreme Greed! Xiaobao's minds at that moment it flashed swallow the idea of ​​these forces in the eyes of Zhu scar, a powerful possessive with the most primitive greed. Such greed directed at the original mind, there is no shred of convergence Xiaobao so the centripetal simply irrepressible this from heart Dun greed, and he need to do, just go with the flow to the safest and most unobtrusive way, Zhu scar the power to win over. So, Xiaobao will the Zhu scar attitude different with others, even spread out a Zhu scar qualification is extremely high, it is to his liking, so he will have to focus on cultivation Zhu scar thing all right to regard him called to see the progress of his martial arts, in fact, also be true, every Zhu scar left separate, Xiaobao will examine the progress of his martial arts. He laid a middle of the river the island captured off Longtan, which naturally includes Lee Miho resistance to rampant luojiang of the cross-training Famennian of magic itself, while Xiaobao Zhu scar left, it is true, as the Master Jiaotu Di In general, He teaches Dharma, give ... answers to the problems encountered in his practice. Therefore, all practitioners in the middle of the river island, magic of those body cross-training, is the fastest Zhu scar progress now, martial arts Zhu scar, among Suyeong is second only to the presence of Xiao Baozi It can be said that the week under the leopard master. This alone would be sufficient to let others envy dead. With Xiao Baozi of Although still young, but everyone know he is a martial arts odd material body famous door, young age, became a four-product master, combat power is terrible, and his growth rate, in the future there are The possible seven products to enter the realm of the strong. This guidance martial arts, in terms of water army helper uneducated, simply wish for things. So never questioned Xiaobao's too young, you can not teach others martial, a guy being Suyeong are anxious Xiaobao fancy, that time he is a good pointing two. Just ordinary soldiers and Xiaobao little contact, no chance, even if met,UGGs For Men, also do not have the guts to ask, Wang et al, is too old to pull no less than face to ask for advice, where, in their eyes Zhu scar natural is a lucky guy Y but the lucky ones have always been in happiness not know how good they simply could not stand back from Xiaobao there every time should complain that the requirements of this guide adults is too strict, strict went enumerated Xiaobao gave him those homework, talking about the things that he did not understand, i dish 7 autumn regarded others hated teeth itch, can not wait for the front kick home volt Ying twittering of birds Township dead. Therefore whenever ugly Xiaobao front of everyone's face Ling Zhu scar, such as a crowd are a gloating look never intercede for him. Chu scar Although vulgarity bastard, but is not a fool, to know the Xiaobao high to see one will give their own benefits, although often complain, but Xiaobao is striving to maintain, he complained to the side can, if others before him said the Xiaobao ill, he certainly was the first to rush to the storm beat. give me anything good?! effect, however, but with less than you, you take with it, this amount is almost washed four times, there are great benefits to enhance the strength of your body! Jiangzainali, gaping at Xiaobao package in the hands of King straight looked good for a while, just tenon Xiaobao burst chills is Zhesi the eyes actually filled with tears. Then I saw him shrieking loudly, shoved kneeling down. Xiaosi adults, adults ......! Gan brain coated, and then without any hesitation! hit. , say herbs I also do not need, do not give to whom, so, not to mention always such useless if good practice, their strength is the right way to go up! certain dedication and practice, and do our best to live up to the expectations of adults! Xiaobao hands of handing me not wrapped and Fu Shen a ceremony, just quietly back out. , looking at the direction of the door sneered. He is now out of refining forging bone Dan Yijin Dan has enough to cope with his cultivation the Yijin sector to enter the, even-more, those herbs he does not have much of a role Although the sell did you get a lot of money, but now Xiaobao eyes have not this prophecy on the eyes of the. He is now the hand, according to the lifeline of the Jiangcheng water funny, with water on top of Luojiang bandit Goulian, exchanges, plus the freight yard of the middle of the river on the island together, that is definitely rolling in money, money, and now he does not lack, he lack of strength. Fourth grade master! Most places in the world can walk sideways, but Xiaobao terms not go far enough,North Face Men's Denali Jackets, the lifeblood of the kind of trouble because of him, so that his psychology is in crisis, always alert to abnormal. It stands to reason, his age, the four products repair,UGGs Classic Short Dylyn Boots, the best thing to do is leave out some battles to win the bigger names head to hone their skills in the political arena, the only way to truly benefit him The strength of the growth, but now his nest in the River City, assumed the appearance of that wholeheartedly operate their own forces, it is to allow some people to be surprised, as well as some regret, however, surprised or sorry or Xiaobao can not affect the decision. He would also like to go for a run, but since the second teeth outside Dan refining, he obviously felt, originally belonged to the strength of the second teeth outside Dan has his eyes completely absorbed, which makes him eyes become somewhat unstable, in the excitement, or excessive force, red eyes will uncontrolled automatically open, in this case, so he went to the rivers and lakes up killing one Xiaobao believe, will not be long , the whole world will know that they have red eyes the things that myself waiting for the people of the world to kill it! Why he chose dormant, select this range in the River City, excellent location, while running his own forces, side firmly in their own eyes, solve the problem of their own eyes, and then go out with people and Commander! ! ~! . . <

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