presents a circular diffusion shape

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFull text without advertising chapter 832nd nest end to the slaughter !The 832nd chapter nest end of slaughter bloodbath !Also, Xiao North contains the power energy sound ,presents a circular diffusion shape ,to around farther from the start ,continue to spread !After a while ,the sonic ,have concussion far enough ! I Xiao north ,in curing rule day family man ,will Da Genki help down ,however ,Da Genki has a mind to kill me, kill me ,Yu Ya did not have one, is to kill me I don execute cropland Yuanmu ,truth is impossible !Tian Yuanfeng ugg outlet,help a tyrant to victimize his subjects ,and the field Yuanmu pit Mongolia stretch ,but also kill ! Xiao north ,the road again !Like the sound of thunder ,semantic ,obviously, there have strange thoughts for the martial monk and the repair and so on of ILK, endless menace !But ,now ,Xiao North threat ,is absolutely can threaten threat !No matter what Xiao North repair boundary strength, killed Tian Yuanmu ,killed Tian Yuanfeng ,is sufficient to illustrate ,Xiao North truly holistic practice boundary strength ,beyond Tian Yuanfeng, beyond Tian Yuanmu !Tian Yuanfeng aside ,only Da Genki ,then already ,can firmly into the seventy-seven prison island island before ten ,or ,more accurately, Da Genki in the shadows ,even in the whole out of the abyss of the empty ditch range ,also can be discharged into the top ten !The ditch was empty before ten ,though ,is not necessarily all the surface of secretly all add together the prisoner sea before ten ,however ,it is absolutely true peak levels !Indeed, throughout a community for nine days, can easily achieve a region of very strong and no one dare to offend !Based on this ,the Xiao north ,in the eyes of the status ,is truly invincible status !Therefore ,in the face of Xiao north very real threat words ,even if some shock sober ,itself quality state strength even reached nirvana ,who practice realm strength degree top martial monk ilk ,also know is threatened after without any words to say ,that is like, no ,don want to !Plus ,even it can kill Ming Ling such seventy-seven prison island the first main progenitor wood attack ,for Xiao north ,do not have any effect, so ,no doubt ,Xiao North strong degree ,in a number of onlookers with warrior monks before the stream is more high ! ! In the north of the Xiao sound shocks, after a while ,before, without consciousness soul manipulation of do out bombardment to the prisoner sea wood crest progenitor wood attack ,is lost .
( full text download free full text ) no ads to disappear ,that formed the look does not know how wide crater ,but continued to save for a very long time ,have been in .The hissing like is torn by the space sound ,also has been noisy noisy miscellaneous continues ,and never stop ,in the extremely slow silence .
Xiao Wei Wei north ,is ,however, also know that ,this time, take a pill and the like ,not to lose their Wei image .Just ,Xiao north with a wave attack ,the astral boxing dance ,led the Pang the energy oris Tian Yuanfeng several times ,and then ,it is the movement ,two copies of any puppet phage ,will Tian Yuanfeng ,completely suck out .
This time ,Xiao north ,in kill Tian Yuanfeng, himself in the sea ghost help feel kill road attribute energy ,there is no transaction .And with or without changes, Xiao north ,will resume his own injury ,not by what .
Xiao north ,hand ,residues from the bounds ,feint out a pills .Residue limits, Kukai used on the inside of immortality ,is already not much UGG Ascot For Cheap, before Xiao North repair state strength low ,a pill ,support of half the size ,can obtain the handedness of the effect ,but ,now ,with the northern cultivation boundary strength promotion Xiao ,Xiao north ,also can be the whole will swallow the pills .
Based on this ,residual limits originally had the pills ,have no more ,and that once, Xiao north across the soup Dan of medicine pills ,it is not at all the rest .However ,he is not too worried about North ,because ,Xiao North vegetation beast ,Xiao north not kill anyone ,but to help Xiao north to find herbs or other words ,Xiao north ,is not anxious what pills .
Even now ,now ,Shaw ,north of the residual bounds ,although pills are few in number ,however ,Xiao North herbs quantity ,is many . ,in Yuanmu finished field belongs to the prison island remnants will later, I not only need to use vegetation beast continues to find me herbs like, also with the time ,refining pills .
Xiao North thinking this, eyes ,suddenly paused .Xiao North gaze pauses as direction ,who rear position .Now ,Xiao North saw the rear that progenitor wood in turn out of wood like demon ancestor body made out of attack in the sea made prisoner ,but also feel shocked .
This is absolute UGG Ascot Shoes. Top kill strong attack ,seen before control of powerful strength of the Xiao north ,heart judgment .While Xiao north line of sight paused direction that the position of a point ,it is that Tian Yuanfeng was out ,play the strongest the blow UGG Krinkle For Cheap.
This little as phalanx block ,accurate is wood ,originally, just be Tian Yuanfeng out when is emerald green ,overflowing ,look ,there is a vibrant green life .But ,now ,Tian Yuanfeng was sending the strongest blow after severed finger ,the size of wood, had no longer any green ,look like rotten wood .
Fools grow without watering. ,this a small piece of wood ,the ant ant hole ,now clearly visible ,it is look ,is ready to fall apart like .However ,Xiao North know ,no matter in the hand ,this one looks like deadwood general wood mountain demon family inheritance progenitor of wood ,not say, in the future, will be useful, after all ,the material above ,although seemingly dead wood ,but absolutely hard .
Doushou ,Xiao north will be this one progenitor wood ,with the gas ,adsorption to their hands ,carefully look north ,Xiao Wu gas ,intended to become a shining star shining dagger ,flush that progenitor wood ,stabbed over .
Peng ! Shining in the light of the dagger, break . Hard enough . Xiao North nodded ,then ,be away .Naturally ,in this, Xiao north ,also with great care .A, found progenitor wood in no life, only to do so .
Moreover, Xiao north ,away before, of course according to their own rules now for curing high attainments ,the progenitor of wood around, setting a lap after curing rules .Away progenitor wood ,Xiao north ,will be suspended with the pills ,and took it, and then sit down .
Star stone ,not simply give Xiao North consciousness soul and body above the recovery , star code method ,Hoshi Miya run ,also let Xiao north body ,repair faster .The pills the course ,Xiao North recovery time ,accelerated again .
The waiting is the martial monk ilk ,certainly clearly saw Xiao Xiao north north will Tian Yuanfeng be beheaded after stayed progenitor wood away ,all the martial monk ilk and Xiao north as know ,the wood demon family crest heritage of progenitor wood North Face Massif Outlet,although no can out of the attack ,but the material itself is not generally look than you treasure ,Xiao North away ,of course, is the heart, some regret why not they have received ,however ,at this moment ,the strength has been revealed without involuntary discharge of urine can be discharged into a community for nine days preceding peak in Xiao north ,overthrew all waiting for the martial monk ilk straight down ,natural without any warrior monks who can dare say ,what ,how to do .
Xiao North in adsorption with pills potency of the stone and so on ,but also in the star under the help ,better feeling this two station experience sentiment, sit cross-legged ,suspension and turns into a place where there is no one .
And those waiting for the martial monk ilk ,now ,his strength high realm ,no warrior monk and so on to go ,all maintained the original position ,not moving .But the practice of state power is low ,at Shaw North after a while ,it is toward the seventy-seven prisoners moved past the location of the island fly .
After a while ,Xiao north ,opened her eyes .Two copies of any puppet bite ,bite to feed off all Tian Yuanfeng body ,consciousness ,soul ,on eating macrophages ,natural ,does not need any recovery ,even his realm ,strength because Xiao North reason ,not enhanced ,however ,the three meter long body .
Any gas potential and the shell ,there also appears to be a general changes .Xiao North eyes ,two copies of any puppet phage splitting of consciousness ,soul ,the same time not bad at all ,traversing a ,respectively, in his body left on north .
Target ,seventy-seven prison island !Xiao north ,to further into the seventy-seven prison island .But unlike Xiao North first entered seventy-seven prison island that is in the sea water into the prisoner underwater diving into, Xiao north ,so overbearing tough, strong in !And ,no residue ,but won the world ,murder ,beheaded !Xiao north body movement ,fly move up ,around, waiting for a public martial monk ilk ,all flying moved up north followed by ,in xiao !The sky, a martial arts master of ILK in fly shift ,seawater ,some evil is through the waves ,along with !Temporarily between ,Xiao North move, from all sides ,is a club !Previously ,Xiao North convey discourse ,but also attracted more tourists, however ,no such speech communication !Seventy-seven prison island ,to the north ,Shaw ,just go from here ,now ,then back to !Tian Yuanmu ,under Xiao Beifei ,also can make some trick can execute the murder ,leaving only and Tian Yuanfeng almost become the strength of the field Yuanling realm ,the remaining ,Xiao North search Tian Yuanmu of souls after know ,are not to affect their .
Of course ,murder ,and a handful of people .Some of the remaining fields Yuanmu subordinates ,for Xiao north ,no murder .Xiao north ,to kill the warrior monk and the learner ilk are added together ,the number is fifteen .
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