said .Wang Xinyi listens

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLongyou Binhai Chapter 916th bad guys ,this you have to be miserable !-- Chapter 916th bad guys ,this you have to be miserable !Things just chen fan is completely not placed on the heart ,for him to Duan Ming up is just a blind jump for the grasshopper ,Chen Fan tried to ignore ,as long as he don play gooseberry into himself ,he didn with such care about so much .
Back at the hotel afternoon four o ,Chen Fan think I have nothing to do today, and yesterday a night and did not sleep well, such as it is going to take a bath to lie to the bed ,the first one or two hours of sleep at up to eat .
But did not expect that just had a bath ,he heard a hurried knock on the door ,let him not by big frown ,he heard Liu Yong called from outside the door . Funny, quickly open the door .
Liu Yong was knocking at the door ,shouting out loud .Chen Fan walked past, open doors ,not an angry look at Liu Yong Road : knock it off ,will soon be knocking your door . Liu Yong heard that some feel shy of scratching hair ,walked into the room and said: not afraid of you didn .
You wouldn . Chen Fan at the time did not an angry look at Liu Yong ,then at the side of the sofa and sat down ,and gave Liu Yong a cup of water ,said: so anxious to find me have what thing ?I was going to sleep .
Come on ,you ready to go to bed so early ? Liu Yong looked at the bathing, Chen Fan ,was a speechless ,now only four points ,Chen Fan was going to bed ,it is talent . Last night did not rest well ,going to sleep for one or two hours at the dinner .
Chen Fan t shake his head ,and said . Scared me !I really think that you are going to sleep . Liu Yong joking said . You can sleep ! Chen Fan is angry glances at Liu Yong ,then he said : now ,I find what things ? ,my mother let you remember last night .
Only Liu Yong will come out of their own . Is this? Chen Fan not be paused at Liu Yong asked . Of course it ,or you still think I have what thing ? Liu Yong got angry and said .
I serve you ,such a trivial matter, call you not on the line ,to run all the way here ? Chen Fan this was completely speechless . If you call it through words ,I don run all the way through .
Liu Yong just looked down Chen Fan . It can not, how can call my phone ? Said, Chen Fan picked up a watch mobile phone and mobile phone ,the screen is a dark ,now feel shy cackle twice, said: mobile phone is out of power ,no wonder you can come in .
Good to know ,if you really think that I am fool ! Liu Yong saw Chen Fan like this UGG Ultimate Short,the present is angry contempt of the said . I know you are not stupid ,but is being silly . Chen Fan mobile phone charger connected, but also playful look said Liu Yong .
Go to hell. Said brother ,my old loss ! Liu Yong, angry picked up the sofa pillow broke the past ,said: well, I don disturb you rest at night ,remember to come to dinner tonight .
Then ,Liu Yong went directly out of the hotel room .Chen Fan saw this way ,heart is a moving ,although two people get along now not many opportunities, but that friendship is never changes .
.. ... Coastal city .Song Weiwei Wang Liu will be sealed after repair is to not honest too ,now she is a in the ordinary woman ,but the natural charm but also in long expressions .
Casual lying in the room sand ,a pair of eyes soul hook people ,small nose ,red lips tender ,Shuangfeng tall ,slim waist is slender slender legs ,charming ,no matter how it is also a let all men as the heart of beauty .
Damn Chen fan !Come have a look how I punish you ! Song Weiwei from Liu Li ,the owner of the villa is what that make every attempt to send her away for Chen Fan, is a terror to gas ,Chen Fan is not in ,she really is going to find Chen Fanchong up biting on two teeth ,with the mind of gas .
But the song was really don that Chen Fan to be so big ,only had to use the plane will sent to Kyoto ,she knew Chen Fan is not small ,but Wang Liu did not expect this horror is the master ,actually is a Chen Fan tube that a home! The training master not use money to describe, I really do not know this Chen Fan has what ability ,can let Wang Liu to concede defeat this master ?Although do not know ,but the song was for Chen Fan was grateful ,if not Chen Fan Wang six go to the train station to meet her, she really be fraught with grim possibilities !But now a little let her most angry that Wang Liu should have closed her work ,so she turned to ordinary people ,this is really made her want to is not angry or hard !! Bang bang .
.. ... Two ,then saw Liu Li is already opened the door and came in ,and said: Miss Song , ladies have come back from work ,please Miss Song into the living room . Eh? You say, Zhao Qingwan ? The song was heard ,now up from the sofa ,chest full is the most exposed to the air, it is a deep trench is very attracted the eye .
Yes ,she is . . Liu Li nodded and said . It is really one cans enemy !I have a look she want to play any tricks ! Song Weiwei knows it is the residence of Chen Fan ,would have guessed is likely to come here Zhao Qingwan ,I never thought I let her hit .
Villa living room on the first floor ,see Bai Fanghua et al is sitting on the sand . Hum !Did not think of that little asshole really is will give back home ! Zhao Ningsu is angry not to spit road .
Hemagglutinin you don angry ,this song was also just is here to stay for a time and, until the little asshole come back, definitely let him that people give away . Bai Fanghua said .
Or the first have a look this song slightly long do . Lin Manyun was angry, but it has no way to change, and for her song with this woman is curious . Sister of right, to have a look and see how this woman .
Wang Xinyi nodded ,continue to say: and I think them no wrong ,surely it is save one life ,wins the seven eye ,you made . you dear little asshole Northface Bionic Jackets,I let you go alone should be the little asshole .
Zhao Ningsu is not an angry look at Wang Xinyi ,said .Wang Xinyi listens, little face is suddenly turns red ,whispered whispered : a person is a person, I am also too late . This is a Wang Xinyi daughters ,immediately by giggle .
laughter ,see Lin Manyun is placing a hand over your mouth ,said: you look, happy are you to teach bad . Don a Northface Bionic Sale. Zhao Qingwan angry patted forest of coquetry with .The daughters, I will laugh at the occasion, just listen to a crisp footsteps from the stairs handed over, let the daughters is quickly put away the laughter ,restoration of the proper incomparable face looked that come to slightly .
Side elongated MI ,dark eyes ,clear show straight nose ,soft and plump lips and tender side bright beautiful lines smooth finish with soft incense ,powdered face ,then be just perfect set in with a charming smile, the beauty ,can say the world is little great color .
Snow lotus like soft arm ,beautiful rounded slender * * ,being cut by fine smooth shank ,crystal white, brilliant as the moon ,a slender and fit out Tiao Nou ,as well as the youth ,mature ,full of attractive aromatic high a * * real ,with fine silky repair Lu on the the smooth and fair ,delicate Yurun ,is really a tingtingyuli .
The companion to shake the graceful nimble pace, appears to contain a singular rhythm ,with her soft waist swing shaking father ,the two regiment beautiful breasts move raised trembling ,almost can let a person forget breathing .
Absolutely is a stunning beauty ... ... It is natural obsequiousness, no wonder you say this song was is rare earth star . Bai Fanghua looked at the coming of the song slightly ,not by whispered to Zhao Qingwan .
Zhao Qingwan did not meet Bai Fanghua, a look at the slowly walked over the song slightly ,see her in this song is even slightly or have no .Song Weiwei seen in the Bai Fanghua time ,heart also couldn wonder ,I never thought this house was also lived five looks quite weak in his woman ,don them with Chen Fan and what is the relationship .
Miss Zhao did not think we meet again . Although Song Weiwei could see that the five women relationship with Chen Fan is not the general, but still maintained his smile . I also didn we will see ,but did not think of is the original green daughter now to send Li ,really funny .
Zhao Qingwan says to be neither hot nor cold .The song was the temper also seemed to suddenly become very good, and not because of the ridicule Zhao Qingwan face with long ,with a gentle smile , I don want to ,but the bad guys have to die to me over ,I had to be reluctant to accept .
This remark ,Bai Fanghua and other five is immediately big frown ,have looked at each other ,as if in what the exchange .Song Weiwei saw five girls like this ,the face is not controlled by the ghost of a proud smile UGG Fluff Flip Flop,in the time exaggerate embellishment to a story to say that out .
Oh ,you don I was not to come, but the bad guy said that he was going to that night. He is responsible for Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Sale,what should come here ,he also said that if I come here ,he would protect me ,also say .
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