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February 03 [Sun], 2013, 15:33
Sixth more ********** front is going well, but when the worse when one step away from this piece of land, Liu Yunfei had an accident ... he caught Flanagan vines are not tight, so his body The power of an additional and it's rapid fall to below. Below him is an armored Duron is yawning the greatly open the Xuepen of mouth! Liu Yunfei hurried a bombshell dropped, to borrow the air force of the explosion prop up body roll toward the patch of lake island stand up on a few roller scared. But this time the mire armored Duron gaze to his side. Because the shocker explosion hurt the enemy, so he stealth status from. Liu Yunfei saw the dozens Dual Nudeng longan, go out with a smile slowly back said: "Well, What a nice day." "Roar!" Angry roar after another to believe these perennial smog forest armored the Duron will never think that all the time did not see the light of day smog diffuse environment can be described as the weather is good! "Mamma Mia." Liu Yunfei turned and fled, and no hurry acquisition ambergris grass. Now Escape matter. With armored the Duron huge body constantly as a springboard, this poison marsh Tam mobile. Liu Yunfei believe he fell into this piece of purple faint quagmire will definitely be very interesting very comfortable,air max sale, direct he Shuangsi the. Edge in armored Duron head, back jumping, shooting while looking for opportunities. Armored Duron level 56 blood 290000290000 injury 31,003,200 physical defense 4600 magic defense 2900 Skills: Bite, tumbling, venom injection Liu Yunfei most now have to be careful that their venom injection skills spray was in his field of vision everywhere Purple faint The viscous liquid flying, a barrage to narrow the scope of his action. Liu Yunfei and certainly this leads to the armored Duron too many completely not easy to deal with. When thinking about finally saw a the steel Juzhua toward own shot to escape out of the two groups lunged venom! Liu Yunfei was always thinking about the word - finished. Know it all you want to start all over again. Quagmire did not he imagine highly toxic, in the case of significantly reduced movement speed and jumping ability, he is also not possible escape this mass mad armored Duron hands. Just this moment, a strange thing happened in front of him. Liu Yunfei aghast saw armored Duron's claws cut from the center of his body in the past, but his body good like a cloud of fog made the same as the other easily shredded, but did not hurt. Liu Yunfei spot stunned. "Stupid, also daze do? Quickly flee!" The body suddenly heard the sound of the flowers in a mirror, what Liu Yunfei somewhat understand. Hurried instant armored Duron silly, successfully jump back to the shore, and hid in the bushes gas such as cattle breath, feeling the moment it is too stimulating. Anywhere are likely to be made into a Rouni. But look at his chest, how can a little atomization phenomenon, and usually about the same. When the flowers in a mirror out proudly says with a laugh: "I said let me to co-exist with you, good for you!" This you help me? "Simply from the body of Liu Yunfei ... so to speak." Mirror spent to restore the image of her white fox channeling Liu Yunfei shoulders, explained: "Since you became my sojourn, I naturally can not be that easy for you died your physique slowly began to change because of the impact. coexistence of the longer time, you and I assimilated the deeper you just might atomization escape the enemy's physical attack. waiting for you to achieve a certain degree, you are free to use this ability. basically physical harm on is invalid and deeper, you can master some of the techniques I have to know my illusion, but a strong Oh another strong attack less than a rival, is also a waste of physical strength is not. "some truth Liu Yunfei Leng Leng said. Mirror the flower laughing: "So after you properly honor me, oh,Canada Goose Men Vest, this time I saved you once." Re retracted Liu Yunfei body. Liu Yunfei hurried to open the system information bar really found a new prompt. "Ding! Your flowers in a mirror assimilation degrees up to 5%, automatic master [elusive] primary." [Primary elusive】 passive skills, a 5% chance of ignoring the enemy's physical attack, all this is true! Liu Yunfei not know the surprise or hi, he really relationship because of and nine fox microscope spend coexist, grasp the skills of a present this does not belong to him! Now only a 5% chance of not fake. But as long as the flowers in a mirror did not lie to him, when the skills are up to the senior level can be freely controlled, active release. Also quickly contact on Zhuzi Yun: "pig, now empty?" Yes, what? "" I would like to ask you your degree of assimilation and small Phoenix has reached the number? "How do you know this? "Liu Yunfei awkward laugh:" You want to ask Sumei a hurry to talk about how much? "17%" so slow? "problem?" and "no." Liu Yunfei end communication. Zhu Ziyun them in the earliest the coexistence bulk of people. Results for such a long time to reach 17%, it is not difficult to see that this assimilation is very slow progress. A slight smile, to know that he is too greedy a point. 5% chance is already very good, why do you hurry. The temporary release do not want this thing, the attention back to the the quagmire still mad armored Duron body. Liu Yunfei with thumb buttoned a bit dry hair crack mouth distress to himself: "This is the next task a little trouble." Unless there is a way to distract these Duron, or leave their own quagmire to go the distance foraging. Otherwise, he can only one of these big guys kill the and cleared an absolutely safe area then collected ambergris grass. Turned out to be 10 so that the task requires, or he risked a dead pull casually walking one can get away with. Hidden in a quagmire shore high grass Liu Yunfei carried out of a three meters long said from behind suddenly gun weapons like guns look exactly like the sniper rifle, put the sight distance his recent one armored Duron body . Anti-armor gun! Fire! BOOM! The huge recoil shook the Liu Yunfei body following a retreat,Women's Camp Down Hooded Jacket, feeling his shoulders the heavy weapons to be relieved. Made of pure steel penetrators crashing launch, easy to tear the other end armor the Duron's hard carapace, to produce an explosion from within. Up to 17,698 points golden crit damage this head armored Duron body, appear. So startled that these armored the Duron in the mire of Canhao, do not know that this terrible attack come from.
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