not find their own shortcomings

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 16:06
808, thunder and lightning! "Ah?" After a few seconds the voice sounded Zhang Fan was slightly turned, looking not change the yellow ape a sweep. "Your tone is not small, it looks like you want I feel, right? Very good ability to try, but in the end what is who can feel and I can not guarantee." Zhang Fan upturned mouth sneered. Silent everyone ...... static silence around extremely staggering to see the the fool look the same to Zhang Fan, they simply can not imagine, this what really silly to have a skill or bold? Say have a skill it really have the ability to block bullets this kind of thing, at least the flesh, not an ordinary person can do. But to say that he is silly bold it? Is really brave enough, do not know this man? This is one of the highest combat effectiveness of the Navy Headquarters, three will be one of the yellow ape, but one of the world's top few, capacity is also very powerful, people actually dare to face opposite the drum and gong the other strong words, Is it really impatient to live it? Yellow ape Zhang Fan, then heard the brow slightly is a pick. Amazing, really amazing ah you tone makes me a little afraid of it since so arrogant tone, let me see, how this capital "Huang ape face ruffian looked Zhang Fan, smile, body a burst of light flashes, instantaneously disappear from the spot again when impressively to Zhang Fan's behind. Body floating in mid-air, intense light glowing right leg, kicked Zhang Fan head. "Felt light mentioned feeling it? Fastest light, so the speed of light attacks, the most powerful, good feelings about it, this is the most powerful attack." At the moment, yellow ape's face extremely apathy, look to the eyes of Zhang Fan, like looking at a dead man. The action is a little dissatisfied, right foot to people unable to capture the speed, is fiercely mention to Zhang Fan. Seeing, Zhang Fan head would be this kick kick real ...... crackling bang on at this time, a purple Leiguang suddenly flashed a white calf appears under the feet of the calf, with a strong current fiercely riding yellow ape ankle, literally, in this critical juncture, the yellow ape attacks block down. "Huh?" Yellow ape light Hey, the body flash, slips back ten meters, stood still on the ground in the distance, the somber look forward. The people around you do not know what happened, suddenly exposed astonishment when they saw Zhang Fan lossless, yellow ape Back when lightning thing that catches their eye, all speechless ...... thunder fruit the ability of natural systems thunder fruit "I do not know who, Suddenly one of the fruits of this natural system, squealed in surprise to see that violent lightning. Cries - he called the people around gasped air-conditioning, all staggering to see the field, the petite figure. Brown wool vest, white shirt, gray skirt, a tan short hair, covered with lightning mad take ... Misaka Mikoto eat the thunder fruit the lv5 super capacity, unlimited nearly lv6 strong. Yes, that is the emergence of Meiqin her, let the people around collective madness. Learned that the generals will appear directly launch the Meiqin element of hit Zhang Fan instant in time for the yellow ape, appear in here. Raytheon incarnate the general suddenly appeared, Thunderclap, yellow ape as the generals are life and driven back, what could be more surprising than this kind of thing do? Natural systems devil fruit hit, but also the fruit of two upper elements, such scenes are few and far between, and combined with the natural system fruit, even the devil fruit rare,canada goose parka, that a lot of people, so far, failed to even see them. the ability to see a real devil fruit. Today, all of a sudden, there were two, but big things is sufficient boarded newspaper cover and let the whole world shook things. In particular, the emergence of thunder fruit, is likely to impact the overall strength of the Navy senior, affect the pattern of the forces of the entire world. Own and others may be the very center of this big event, how this kind of thing does not make people proud of how not to make people proud, more how not to make people crazy? Few never leave the supernova see Mikoto suddenly appeared, and his face is instantly became pale. Incarnation of lightning, thunder fruit ability suddenly appeared, and evidently, and on edge sheets any friends nor enemies, in addition to Zhang Fan the sudden rise on edge strength overall is still very mysterious,Women's Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest, there is no guarantee that this woman is not his companions, but This woman has never been on the reward list, it goes without saying that may just joined Zhang Fan and his gang, also may be an unknown, but no matter what kind of possible, all represent, Zhang Fan, a pedestrian strength, but also far from being well-known to the world. Of course, these people,Canada Goose Chateau Parka Sale, perhaps only one happy that is Jienibangni. In fact, she did not understand how he is, in the moment to see Zhang Fan, actually Zhang Fan posture attracted. Usual, say they have seen a lot of handsome, powerful guy does not say a lot of the powerful stature handsome charming guy the same, but have been what people do not feel Jienibangni rare Zhang Fan produce a feeling. Just saw yellow ape appears, Zhang Fan safety of worry, she was very pulling a bit. Now see Mikoto rescued Zhang Fan, even if that person is a woman, but my mind was still very happy. Face, also could not help but be a little redness. Fortunately, her companions are blindsided Actually, I'm one noticed her strange. ... The people around Leaving aside. Field, yellow ape staring at Meiqin the moment and his face sunk down a little bit. Lightning Department, and his ability to phase g, but this is the most troublesome, the person can not find their own shortcomings, the same can not find each other's shortcomings, but evidently, the other master element, absolutely eating fruit has long been absolutely powerful, strength, and must not be taken lightly. Originally thought that the enemy can easily solve, and now he was suddenly attempt to save the yellow ape, felt a headache. "You what?" A yellow ape subconsciously, asked out of this sentence. "I'm what? Oh, you're an idiot you? Such if asked? Have to ask you? I of course Affan companion, naturally, is your enemy." Mikoto sneered tease a bit ear hair, fingers and hair contact friction between the small arc of a road flashed constantly. Heard her say, yellow ape's face, completely overcast it. Sure enough, most do not want to appear. Like this? Then there is no other way, since you are my enemy, that even if you are a rare natural devil fruit ability, I also have to ruin your going to feel the power of light laser yellow ape worthy generals, without the slightest hesitation, the next moment, they launched a powerful attack directly. A bright light full roared, fired Meiqin 808 lightning!
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