that guy to knock on the door

February 05 [Tue], 2013, 17:26
News soon attracted the attention of all of the restaurants, everyone's eyes are focused on the television show piece of energy crystal. The energy crystal exhibits diamond-shaped yellowish color, do not see anything in particular, seemed like a piece of glass from the surface, however numerous camera flash is shining at the moment, but seems to have a bright luster. Zhu zero-INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND also news to attract, the two looked at the energy of the crystal a moment. "Hey, you said, if with your Xixingtaifa suck this energy crystals, there will be what kind of results?" INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND suddenly said. "Ecuador, what Xixingtaifa is?" Zhu zero-not regain consciousness, his mind is in fact thinking about this question. "Of course, you break the law you, I can not, or a feeling of loss! What mental strength, you owe me five thousand consumer point when?" Changing a woman's mind, and she demonstrates perfect body in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND In time, her thoughts from the energy crystal jump event of default here. Zhu zero-blinked, and sometimes did not keep up with her ideas, will only replied: "That, that energy crystals, and if they can draw try it, you can get it?" You want to get to the United States how could I get, Well, you do not think my family is what Mind your own business. "INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND seems to think of what silent. The two sat quietly will Zhu zero-accommodating to foot the bill to pay, it together from restaurants. Along the way, the two men seem to have no mood to speak, just quietly walked to the station on the light rail, and finally came to a residential apartment building. Waiting for the elevator, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND suddenly said,canada goose uk outlet, "Hey, you really want to learn the ancient martial arts what, in fact, I can take you to the place where I practice!" Well, want to learn, you practice? Where? "Zhu zero-course, want to learn the ancient martial arts. "South of heaven and earth clubhouse, a member can take you into the tour. Then, you know, would like the ancient martial art is not so cheap! Clubs have a scripture library, where the possession of many of the ancient martial arts Cheats, but not free to see sale Member price it, you can imagine it, If you need professional help of a teacher, but also have to pay the guiding fee, alas, but no professional teacher guiding you buy is the Cheats not necessarily understand how to go and see it! anyway, when you know why I want you to pay back the money! Well, really, why are you so poor it? Otherwise, you go to sign up adventure team now! then in the insurance beneficiary to write my name, the reason is that debt relationship Either you sell your Xixingtaifa to to clubs, may be able to sell, however, there is no spiritual power, which is tasteless power law sell less than five thousand, oh, that place closed it cheap and sell it expensive. "INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND depressed about her. Zhu zero-Lengle Leng, can not think of New Shanghai, there is such a place, but this clubhouse, I'm afraid are the wealth and class of the new Shanghai, this place is not him so the poor can afford. Expedition to know, in addition to the Municipal Government Academy of the organization's official expedition, large new Shanghai company will also organize a private expedition to the radiation zone for the task. Every year, some having failed to make the people to participate in the expedition, pity that most of the men are dead outside the radiation zone, general adventure out, the expedition will give you buy life insurance, even settling-in allowance. "Alas, this troubled world, the poor can only do cattle and horses, talk about that club, and it charges how high you?" Zhu zero-quite helpless said. "Necessary to fifty thousand light years fee consumption point, members pay an annual fee, which is to enjoy some basic services, free drinks, Member Services, and hot springs, ice water bath had to re-spend money As for anything else, such as rent practice rooms, acupressure cost I will not say the club members are new money and status Shanghai people do not care about the money. However, if I always come across like you owe not also next year's annual fee, I also do not pay on the Well, anyway, tomorrow is the weekend, I'll take you to go in and have a look! "INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND mentioned arrears Zhu zero-embarrassment turned around and glanced at the elevator LCD advertising. Elevator down again as early as two words in two brought up. To 10 layer INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND out of the elevator, and looked back and said: "tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, come to my apartment to find me!" Oh, know! "Zhu zero-back,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest. Then the elevator door closed, leaving only 103, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND thoughtfully brought him a new vision, the ancient martial art, heaven and earth clubs, it seems that in addition to the biological variation of the radiation zone, in the ordinary within the city , also possession of a lot of ordinary people. 【Own really is also very weak, had that in strong is small patrol, so very simple to get rid of him, the goal now is a policeman total length Zhangan Yu, this person is not easy to deal with! Information collected in this Zhangan Yu Special Forces background, have done the new Shanghai, a large consortium of family bodyguard instructors, after flirting with the employer daughter, after some Cold War, and the test of Zhangan Yu and his wife married, and by the relationship of the father-in-law home, enter the new Shanghai policeman Bureau. In just eight years, he was rose from ordinary patrolmen captain to the total length of the status of the policeman and his ability and strength, in addition to the home of his father-in-law relationship, also can not be discounted. He is temporarily unable to directly kill Zhang Anyu, designed robberies Well, since you're so greedy so I dig your greed. See Zhang Anyu appearance on the television news, they had really very happy, however, only with his life in order to compensate for Qiongqiong life, but to kill him is not easy! He is now too weak to even get that soul were refining Hun, and Tantric repair mystic art, but now, it seems that these two are not of any practical application. Must enhance their own strength, in order to deal with that Zhang Anyu this is the case, the things around clubs perhaps is the opportunity, although refining soul tactic practiced internal forces also not their own imagination so smoothly, however, this is just to start, that INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND not to say of you, as long as own meridians adapted and Lian Hun practicing qigong should be able to quickly increase its strength, right? However, that heaven and earth clubhouse charges some really expensive, unless they can sell the from Zhang Anyu home looted money, but it also is likely to expose themselves. Or that mysterious place? You had better how to order as soon as possible refining soul to it, only refining the soul to go to that place! Energy, I have enough energy, energy crystals? ......] Dividing line "a lazy, get up, Get up, you want to hurry to make money to marry me, Get up, Get up, I'm your favorite Qiongqiong, get up! Sounded the alarm sound as usual. Zhu zero-up from the bed, the alarm was pulled off on the side of the wall, which is before Ni Qiong he designed to prevent lazy to press the alarm off, allowed before she finished speaking, press out alarm . After washing, Zhu zero-for-one clothes, look at the time, has seven fifty, almost INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND appointed time to. Zhu the zero-'s time, a strong sense downstairs and knock on the door enough, ten minutes. He went to the 11th floor, knocking INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND door, was first seen wearing a large T-shirt, breasts high Takashi, faint trace of the two points, the lower part of the body a black velvet edge underwear, bare legs barefoot attractive body, could not help subconscious mind hop. However, this feeling quickly disappeared, because the female demon head of a Pengtou the oil immediately probe, sleepy eyes blurred hand scratched his hair, "You Who, Why so early knock on the door, Well, do not go, I kick fly you! "Zhu the zero-'s eyes on the attractive body and scary head free, final look to a pair of small barefoot," that you call I was eight, that come to you,Canada Goose Youth Expedition Parka UK, "I told you to? eight what is good, then you come in!" INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND then drifting walked into the house, leaving open the portal to Zhu zero III. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND apartment Zhu zero-Last, which also do not have much space, apparently she did not intend to cook at home, no kitchen. A small hall, the back door is a bed and a TV, computer, desk sets. That sleepwalking woman waddled back to the bed, throwing himself holding a cushion continue whirring up, totally do not care about the room into a man. Zhu zero-blankly stared at the woman sighed, helpless, and then the door closed, the probe looked in the room, took a book and from the study of the living room, pulling a cushion sofa back facing the woman sat down. Bed of seductive stunner, Zhu zero-really dare to confront appreciation, he knew he was not Liuxia can bed the woman I am afraid that is a female tiger, who knows she stormed up to be like. Zhu zero-admission now has his own kung fu as she, relying on the divine origin of the eyebrows, should not stop the ancient martial arts freak woman. He doing quiet, holds in his hand is a modern version of the ancient the Qiong Yao God book opened looked mainly discusses the meridian gas bloodstream Note the acupoint segment size, as well as acupuncture and acupuncture practices ancient. To this Zhu zero-now they're all interested, after all, practicing the ancient martial arts must be familiar with the body's meridians, acupuncture points, Zhu zero-things of interest, can usually be carefully studied. As I watched, he seems to have forgotten the time and where only vaguely heard someone murmured saying daydream, and then behind that bed tossing a few. After about two hours, the bed INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND suddenly sat up, and then hand Moxiang nightstand phone, mouth, he told himself, "It's strange, as if dreamed that guy to knock on the door, but now is the time?" and then, "Oh, has 10.3 Shiwu up, this person really strange, said eight, how, Eritrea, who's there? ah, you, ah ......"
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