But this time ships biggest problem

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 15:47
Traincollector HTML simple template model UGG For Kid, relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe alarm sounded, the Japanese combined fleet naval wharfs on the ship officers and men of action it is unpleasant .
But this time ships biggest problem is the boiler using coal fired boiler flameout ,after the ignition is very slow .Not long after ,the ship captain. See the distant harbor patrol gunboat sunk after two successive explosion ,suddenly tense up .
The gunboat patrol line distance from shore dock just a few kilometers away, that is to say another ten minutes will kill the enemy .Time is pressing ,the ship captain and immediately make boiler soldiers forced ventilation pressurization fast burning boiler ,open the steam engine .
However ,even if the forced ventilation ,this vintage reciprocating steam engine boiler supercharged speed is very slow ,the warship was risking black smoke, but the momentum is still slowly rising .
This is not enough ,more deadly is the Navy wharf layout .North Korea under the rule of Inchon harbor large tonnage military dock is very little ,the Japanese navy boat docks or in those days to meet the navy ship TOWIN access and built simple terminal ,the North Korean Navy itself has no more than 300 tons of ships ,with no need to build large military pier .
After the Japanese occupation of Korea ,to open up the China battlefield supply base ,begin to build temporary military pier .This makes the Japanese warships anchored close to each other ,naval ship rushed inside the ship stern red, like a toothbrush closely lined with .
Moves can only rely on backing slowly out ,also not quickly ,otherwise it will hit the side of the ship .The opening and the port body surface form an angle of 100 degrees, to allow up to two warships at the same time .
This greatly limits the warships escape velocity .Despite this ,the Northern Navy torpedo boats to or too fast ,so fast they simply cannot cope with .Originally 90 kilometers channel on the mines just exploded an ,the Japanese Navy will have at least two hours of preparation time .
However ,at the moment they are less than ten minutes .Ito Yuryo after that ,big bad ,anxious make the ship immediately into combat ,concentrate all the main gun ,weapon and rapid-fire guns blocked Navy torpedo boats near .
At the same time ,anxious make each ship will eagle ,seven boats ,twelve boats ,thirteen boats ,twenty-two boats ,twenty-three boats ,six motor torpedo boat down ,to block the Northern Navy torpedo boat attack .
Japanese troops be trained with regularity ,all officers and men in five minutes on your marks! ,all main gun ,weapon and rapid-fire guns all shells loaded .But because the ship is headed in ass red, while the ship stern and fire is the weakest point UGG Uptown Boots,only a few artillery and basically is the main gun ,rapid-fire guns pitiful .
Dong Dong dong UGG Classic Tall Fancy! The Japanese ship ship stern main artillery fire on the night ,out of a flame ,Black Sea and sky dilating like general -- lose one .Every day the ship only one or two searchlights ,all open also can only provide limited lighting ,four hundred or five hundred meters has been blurred ,and the warship sight is only the primary optical equipment ,difficult to see targets at night .
The Japanese ship kept artillery shells fell into the water ,to tens of meters high waves ,but it is difficult to attack to only a few tens of tons of torpedo boats ,because they aim too small ,fast speed, the Japanese ship searchlight basic locking not them, so the gunner more invisible target .
The Japanese ship crazy tilts shells ,the Japanese Navy since the the Yellow Sea war confidence although restored some ,but now suddenly attacks ,morale suffer a disastrous decline ,more than 80 percent of Japanese soldiers who scared to death .
Control the firing of the gun artillery is blind fire ,trying to use such a crazy fire to suppress their fears .At this time of the war ,the Japanese Navy officers and soldiers in spirit has defeated .
The Northern Navy more than 20 ship torpedo boat into eight teams and each team fast raid ,torpedo boats have a goal ,no danger of anything going wrong in accordance with the Wang Chenhao plan ,each team torpedo boat is responsible for the attacks a Japanese Navy battleship ,then to attack other targets .
Soon ,the town of a torpedo boat procurable ,gave the Japanese ship Takachiho ,a huge chrysanthemum .Eleven fifteen ,the town of a breakthrough in the Takachiho USS stern fire lines ,in 150 meters distance to Takachiho ,stern launched a 14 inch black torpedo .
At this time, Takachiho is slowly reversing ,trying to leave the port ,the results fast incoming torpedo median ship stern rudder propeller .Open stern torpedo Takachiho ,explosion-proof net ,in Chrysanthemum propeller blast .
A violent explosion instantly Takachiho USS stern shattered ,revealing a diameter of five meters of the giant black hole .With the explosive shock wave spread out to the periphery ,drum smoke wrap fire seedling since the explosion ejected seawater intrusion into the gap ,violent ,ship stern rapidly sinking .
Takachiho above 300 Japanese naval officers ,the ship stern hit most of the people are in their respective posts ,only a few people seeing immediately jump into the sea .When the ship sinking fast ,inside people crazy to flight ,which are trampled to death caused by too many to count .
If the ship midship area is destroyed ,can also be used for damage control ,starting around the water compartment balancing hull retard subsidence velocity .But the ship stern was blasted away ,seawater through the engine room ,boiler room smooth operator .
Dozens of tons of seawater per second speed flow backward into the Takachiho ,in less than two minutes the whole ship stern completely submerged, ship midship all irrigation ,up to 91 meters of the battleship was by the enormous weight of up ,naval ship out of the water meters high .
Just from the inner climbing out of the Japanese sailors were unable to balance the body ,each position in succession from ships or roller during the fall ,hit the ship hard sharp objects are countless casualties .
The Japanese sailors desperately hold all support .So as not to fall down ,there are brave to jump into the sea to escape, but most did not fall into the sea before the halfway break .
Wrapping up the high Chie ship bow first upward ,but then fell back into the sea ,in panic wail like ghosts and howl like wolves ,only the Japanese sailors with the ship body are plunged into the icy water ,most from seawater drowning shoot shoot choke .
5 minutes later ,Takachiho ,completely submerged bottom port ,because water is not deep, so the ship island and a 1/3 exposed on the surface ,and the main mast was actually a dozen Japanese sailors hold on to it .
In Takachiho ,hit by torpedoes sank near the bottom at the same time ,Chiyoda ,bridge ,Itsukushima ,Katsuragi four ships simultaneously by a dozen torpedo exploded and sank ,Takachiho look UGG Mandah,basically is the stern rapidly sinking ,naval ship tilted after slowly sinking .
Only the Chiyoda because at the same time by six torpedoes hit and sank the direct sympathetic detonation .But the introduction of the eyeball is strictly Island ,when it is tilted on the deck of ship bow ,piling up a large amount of ammunition to fall down, do not know what the reason is ,most shells in roll sinkers have exploded ,and somehow detonating ammunition results throughout the ship body curled ,suddenly the ship midship ammunition sati explosion ,the ship was blown apart break into two pieces ,naval ship into the sea, and the sea ship previously into stern ride together intense burning, Wang Chenhao jokes that the burning of a large underpants .
Four ships sunk speed is not a ,and inside the Japanese Navy damage control ability has the very big relations, emergency lock door warship sank slowly ,the sailors escaped much less ,and vice versa .
The Northern Navy torpedo flotilla raid after the first wave ,sank five Japanese naval vessel .26 ships of the torpedo boat fired 23 torpedoes ,one of 5 torpedoes misfire .Dragon breath continuous firing four torpedoes ,torpedo boats and ships also shot two times .
However ,they achieved great success after also paid very big price .The left right three ,two , a , two , thunder Lei Kun dry ,six Navy torpedo boats in the impact process of the misfortune of being the blind shoot gunfire ,as Ding Ruchang ordered the torpedo boat additionally carry a torpedo North Face Massif Jacket,the fragile torpedo boat hit by a shell explosion sank immediately ,the above officers and men to react and heroic sacrifice .
There are four large torpedo boats by the Japanese Navy down the eagle ,twenty-two boats ,twenty-three boats pursued to release the torpedo ,torpedo boats launched two QF guns showdown ,the Navy torpedo boat number of landslide .
Soon after the release of the torpedo torpedo boats turned to reinforce allied ,make a few dozen ship ,soon will be the three torpedo boat sunk .The Japanese Navy another three shipborne torpedo boat No.
seven boat ,twelve boats, thirteen boats are not down with carrier a sink, and the Japanese combined fleet flagship Matsushima ,Akitsu Chau ,Denon also because down the torpedo boat stop for a while in the first wave of attacks in the preserved .
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