blessing of nine kinds of forces

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 14:37
Hear these words, Li Yiming heart of a dynamic, brow micro-coagulation feel like the matter with white smile of the the ripple children said: "Come on, take a look at your white sister busy these days what!" Ripple children look Mo Yang Sidongfeidong, but know to Dao Chuguang they feel good, not only do not oppose, anti applauded again and again not to mention. That several people were injured return this felt valve, suddenly saw the little girl applauded more unhappiness heart, not one say that Li Yiming adults in the side, they say must not Take small girl outlet. Li Yiming these things look in the eyes, he also Landelikuai these people, lift Shouyi Zhao, Jianguang a spin, with him and the ripple children brought up, and then shoved from the vertical, the sky away directly. This means so aside several injured monks looked and know not mess with underground passage soon as unlucky, all walks of things go. Said Li Yiming with ripple children all the way to that step Jianguang flying direction going there, to fly Zhanchagongfu, they feel distant hit with two powerful forces, of which one is very familiar with, it is white no doubt, and another unit contains a strong Yaoqi, obviously is a Yaozu has not yet reached the five standards, he said hit a tie with white, is clearly a master of being a master. Feel that white is not the next wind, Li Yiming not immediately approached ripple children Takahashi two, two and then the metamorphosis of some, the change in atmosphere. He is not willing to spend more time to change directly into a stiff face gloomy man; touches the ripple children mood suddenly turned into twenty-eight woman, in addition to her own face between some white shadow. Li Yiming met also know naughty little girl, but he is not to blame for these little things, two only to build the base level of breath released a group of onlookers, they Coushang go. These people are mostly thiol brother, but the the saver level of master over ten. Compared to the base period from the building but also hard to resist they'd see the cheerful, from time to time a review up. "Zhao Xiong, this woman is really terrible, ah, Wong turned Nenggen dragons make regardless of the outcome, you are well-informed, talk about her in the end is what identity" Lixiong flattering, Zhao confident this million in the waters master all recognize,Mens Timberland 3-Eye, but the woman thing, but you really not recognize, I am afraid not from here, but from other places! "" I also agree with the argument of Lixiong this war from the beginning to now, I have witnessed, it seems that the dragons Wong sought out the woman under Yiyanbuge only blows if this woman is a master of a million in the waters, and will certainly not be casually they hit up "hear the words, some people laughed, and said:" So, dragons Wong but purple scales Dragon King's son, Dragon blood, although powerful, but also the most kinky, shall not be looking for a female QiuHuan refused, angry now! "and several others heard this, thought seems to also think reasonable, have laughed. But apparently they are also afraid of that dragons Emperor, not blatant laughing, just quietly acoustic Bale. But these words are heard in the Li Yiming ear, his nine knowledge among nine through days ear-pass if Dacheng, is the listener's supreme supernatural powers of heaven and earth, not been able to really powerful to that degree. Overheard at the same level master acoustic or no problem. "White but the day Fox body, attractive man in the world has its unspeakable what dragons Wong says that although the dragon, but also but Jiao Bale, dare looking up, it is knocked, but to see him a war even with white tie, repair the high level of reason, but also worthy of the body of the Dragon. "Li Yiming are thought to myself not to be shot siege when, suddenly heard the acoustic ripple children, said: "Daddy, ripple children to think of it, the the the white sister go when with ripple children said, it seems that colorectal Dan mid bottleneck on the need to look for opportunities to break through barriers or something." hear the words, Li Yiming suddenly gains a seems white is seen both exceeded their own, and the ripple children, some anxious, of course, does not rule out its repair is really the checkpoint anyway to quickly break through the bottleneck, this go out to find people to challenge. It seems, dragons Wong with her battle, in the end who provoke, it is hard to say. "Nothing, no matter who provoke, since regardless of the outcome, I will wait and see if the problem shot too late!" Li Yiming made up his mind, with a ripple children they saw in the crowd , and others naturally can not be aware of this singular pair of father and daughter. Said the court, white means to make a shade of flameless cremation thousand strands of worry, attack invisible quality foot demons dance, stature erratic, more than illusionist cast, one of more than confusing. Dragons Wong is the human form, but it is the top of the head had two horns, wearing Dragonscale apparently Changeling entirely full power. Raising his hand between is the situation changes, hehe pomp magical powers into numerous dragon-shaped Qi Jin, back and forth collision mighty. Bucket a long, powerful dragons Wong relied flesh slightly flameless the yin fire burning is also not afraid, but sought to lay hands on white chase fail to recover, the two can be considered regardless of the outcome,Canada Goose D'Alpago Bomber. Finally, dragons Wong feel to have spent so much time to deal with a woman, face some embarrassing, finally some urgency, roar heard, Mami magically become a length feet purple scaly dragon claws toward the white rushed over. White seeing this fear Kuiran no longer hide his Yaozu identity, moment of the day Fox ghost change, the blessing of nine kinds of forces, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, magic, offerings ,Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber, pomp and shoved one by, Yan Yin Fire emerged Bai Yan Mo Yang, but the next moment on conversion of nine colors, turned into a nine-color fireworks to. We prove that these circumstances, the presence of all know white fox family identity. Although they do not know and white day Fox veins, but the temptation of the fox family that Corolla is not and everyone unstoppable. But the field is the battle, I am afraid they are swarmed caught a white say At this point it is also quite eager to look, however, only be the end of this war, the best white injured, so much the better arrest. Li Yiming these all look in the eyes, the secret heart ready, just waiting for the end of this war, and immediately shot, to say the least, at least to the white rescued. Will not consider them white in the field of natural touches that dragons imperial dragon face shows a sub-surprise, roar loudly, the stature of a channeling it to the huge body collision white. Surprised to find that white is not only no action, but eyes Weibi Yan Yin Fire will recover head turned into a nine-color rotary, even on this study and understanding of the what. Xiaolong Huang seeing this joy, it is necessary to speed up the white rounded back, good practice by the Fox family Corolla, but he rushed to white in front of less than a hundred feet, but it is mutation processes.
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