people such as fall icehouse

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 14:11
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: Original Sundance UGG, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultMethod of attacking technique, can not only on one to cause confusion to hallucinate ,the strands of Y ī nevil gas, for the body itself ,but also has great harm to the .
Cai Yangqiu just into illusion ,his blood run was interrupted ,the overflow into his body meridians throughout the evil spirit ,this time also burst out .There is no guard against Cai Yangqiu ,only to feel was a Y ī ncold ,the whole people such as fall icehouse ,are repeatedly shook ,almost never pitched headlong to the ground .
Ren is how Cai Yangqiu retardation ,also know in silence ,with leaves days ,what he called attack method .Feel weak body, Cai Yangqiu see ,no further his ability ,let alone before mysteriously leaves days behind him ,is the young man ,he is not its opponent .
Take a deep breath ,Cai Yangqiu established a body UGG Ultimate Short,look ye ,said: it is my master ,Cai autumn defeat, Cai Mou inferior ,lose be sincerely convinced ,how will you be disposed of, although the constitution ? The experience leaves days after operation method ,Cai Yangqiuzhen never the slightest win hearts .
Moreover leaves one day there are too profound to be understood the old Taoist ,perhaps even his second master ,nor the other opponent ,as such ,rather than as a direct throw in the towel .
I give the constitution? Leaf day laughing ,said : it has been said, today it is your star sent apparent provocation ,no basis to say my two brother cloth Feng Shui Bureau will harm the island ,destroying my senior honorary .
As for articles ,I still that sentence ,an apology on the line ! Well ,I apologize ! Cai Yangqiu nodded ,walked to the front of his left Jiajun ,to the ground ,and then got up and said : a representative star Cai send ,Mr.
left to express the most sincere apologies ,small acts learned not refined ,gossiping about Mr. Zuo Feng Shui Bureau ,also please forgive left ! Cai Yangqiu the spoken words ,representing the entrenched in Hong Kong Island and coastal areas of thousands of stars door students ,its component is not heavy .
It also shows that ,from today ,all seven disciples see left Jiajun ,are low on the head .The stars send recognition ,not to mention the first in Southeast Asia Feng Shui ,at least in Hong Kong first Feng Shui tomorrow ,left Jiajun is .
Little brother, you see ? Although Cai Yangqiu apologized to her ,but Zuo Jiajun would not give each other what reply, after all, little Junior is linen a door main ,the ultimate decision will he come .
Cai Yangqiu is also an old traveller ,know what Zuo Jiajun meant ,and look to the leaf day ,said: the LORD sent me seven leaf ,starting from tomorrow ,will exit in the Round Island ,do not know that this can let you satisfied ? Losers are always in the wrong since ancient times by ,his door hit a son lost people ,as long as ye a word ,Hongkong is no longer their a tiny bit of land ,think of the Feng Shui Wei bank will give up, while Cai Yangqiu was speaking ,my heart is bleeding .
The heart behind whispered : little junior ,be lenient wherever it is possible . Men die, there are countries contain reasons, but infighting J ī burningis one of its factors ,if the stars sent back to the mainland, presumably later is unable to get up after a fall ,the entire men ,not what is good .
Cai head, I didn you seven sent from Hongkong ? Hear a big brother leaves the day after ,said: star school in Feng Shui can code on an item ,or has its one ,this point everyone here is also a deep understanding of .
Yes ,easy president geomancy is a set of . My house ten years ago ,is easy to see, so far so smooth, easy ,or have the ability ! Leaf day voice just fell ,the crowd rang should harmony ,Yi Wenmao stayed in Hongkong for decades ,and many wealthy friend ,now there are many people who care .
Rivers and lakes most avoid operation without virtue ,that acts this heart x ì ng,also need to hone . When the noise stopped, ye looked half lying on the floor of the easy temperature Mau ,then said: my brother cloth Feng Shui Bureau ,is rarely seen in Feng Shui books on triode method array ,you doubt originally was not excessive, but deliberately hit a son ,would lose thick road .
Now that Cai head representing seven sent to my brother apologized, this to expose it, men fall like this ,I hope they can teach their disciples Cai head ,Mo to peer out ! It ,you mean ,we can continue to stay in Hongkong ? Hear ye the words, Cai Yangqiu could hardly believe their ears UGG Classic Short Dylyn Boots,who will abandon money many large sites ?To the other side of the fat ,leaf day actually to spit it out ?But if Cai Yangqiu himself ,and that he does not say spare none ,in short the other expelled from the island of Hongkong, it is certain to do, leaf day so that he could not believe look to each other .
Ye Tian nodded ,and said : of course ,Hongkong is not big ,but also many, you two of my school, is Duosanwu men ,also can survive ,want Cai head encountered after this kind of thing ,also can consider one or two ! In fact, ye do ,although there do not want to peer out ,leaving a chance to star school reasons ,there are other factors inside .
You know, Hongkong Feng Shui factions actually many ,numerous probably dozens of schools ,among which the most famous is the Seven Star parties, they occupied the island a variety of Feng Shui business more than sixty percent share .
The remaining forty percent of the business ,are those go solo or small factions to occupy, but left Jiajun ,he alone, and only do the super wealthy business ,it is not in the ranks .
If now seven sent all from Hong Kong ,it will inevitably cause the Feng Shui business a reshuffle ,with his linen a three five people ,did not occupy the market share ,they are having a heart but no strength .
So instead of seven sent away ,and attracted other what school ,rather than let the stars send exist ,this is their linen a magnanimous, later even more at odds ,they will consider the .
Main large Yemeni ,CAI to shame ! Ye Tian these words out, let Cai Yangqiu in situ oil for several minutes ,return to God ,go to the leaf before heaven ,deep a ceremony ,said: one day will teach students Cai ,let them to Yemen the word of the Lord for the ring ,Hongkong Feng Shui line, also when the clothes a follow sb.
! In front of the interest and money ,face what is not so important ,can stay in the land of gold in Hongkong ,Cai Yangqiu originally heart on leaf day grievances ,also all disappear in smoke .
But Cai Yangqiu knows ,he sent although seven of fields ,but there is no and the anterior division brothers three people contend .So instead of and Ye Tian et al the enemy ,rather than to each other up to high, they have to face ,his star sent also can continue to benefit the Cai Yangqiu ,this play is also very astute abacus .
Cai head kind, our brother ,is not in Hong Kong Feng Shui line ,later please Cai head much trouble ! Each other give his face ,leaf day tone also toned down .Their linen line has always people Ding Wang, also may not like the stars send as widely collecting a disciple ,Hongkong this site for leaf day nothing really attractive .
As long as the other side not Feng Shui column attack, affect his house poly spirit array ,Ye Tiancai bother writing career in Hong Kong feng shui the broken things . The main measure is really ordinary people of Yemen and never learned ,old man ! This was so humiliated ,Cai Yangqiu had an escape difficult ideas ,and a few leaves days ,said : small acts badly wounded ,Cai Mou to go ,after three days of CAI Moubai seats to your door to apologize, please visit the main tours of yemen ! Well ,some to ! Ye Tian nodded ,men Hongkong stable ,for he is good ,since it gives the other steps ,there is no need to rise and LAN .
Is this the end ?How to fight ah ? ,the old hair epilepsy played one palm, but the young man did not move ? When Cai Yangqiu helped students walked out after the group broke out ,a buzzing sound ,all people are talking about what had happened to the strange scene .
Without their imaginary J ī fiercefighting, there is no legendary sword wounding ,like a leaf is placed some hands ,Cai Yangqiu suddenly lost his reason ,situation is somewhat strange UGG Denim.
Thinking of what had just happened ,the super-rich are some cold heart ,look ye look more or less with a trace of fear ,if this spell if applied in yourself ,it will be a kind of what ah ?As the saying goes, Confucianism reproach laws by Confucianism ,man with Wu broke .
Men of means in the martial world far from comparable ,this also is the alchemist in the dynasties were the authorities to suppress the main reason .See who surface s è,left Jiajun stands out, said: gentlemen, this is the end of president ,easy also to Hong Kong we don talking ,I give you explain this triode method meaning ! Zuo Jiajun ,attention was attracted to the past ,they want to know ,this has led to some wind B ō Feng ShuiBureau ,what magical effect .
Stand in the leaf Tiansong tone, quietly back out ,came to the corner ,a sweet feeling throat North Face Mens Denali Sale,quickly hand over the mouth ,when the hand off, the corners of the mouth is full of blood .
The heart of stand on leaf day side ,quickly caught leaf day ,half is about half is blame said: little junior ,are you all right ?Don so desire to excel over others ! Ps :second more ,thanks to peanw leader today Piaohong rewards ,thank the strong support of friends ,drilling continues to write the third ,a monthly ticket and ticket friend please continue to support phase division !!.
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