that he is not originally belong to

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 17:27

> Hear their strange dialogue, I have some doubts, ho like to do what? Is it to deal with a few bastards? His body, how can you fight? Hao bid farewell to the doctor, wheelchair leaned over to me. , said softly: Do not say I'm sorry! help you succeed, should say, not to mention Lin Zhilan can be considered my friends, alone, several wounded little bells, I will not let them. Ever seen a fiction TV, the brawny in Wutaisancu delivery past a pale handkerchief when people cry when I guilty of nausea. Hao laughed: It seems that yesterday stabbed, yet I had heart knot completely untied. Yes, ah, in the game cheated, chopped it considered autumn reality as it really dead, and learn a good game, I do not know how lucky it. depressed. Howe took my arm, in good faith, said: ... some emotion: friends and friendship, the virtual and the real difference between what? friendship is not friendship, only in so not willing to pay for a friend, rather than to pay how much. . I then said: blades, why I will not be able to help you in the real world? Besides, if you are me, Do not I help you? liked this playboy class of people. feminist does not it does not matter, I'm just as they cheated girl uneven fills girls for the first time is very important, and many men of his wife for the first time, is the same value. like you, but also hate this, But I understand some. and some not, between them and those girls are equal exchange of benefits. peak family conditions are good, very good, he is very capable people, so many girls and his contacts, just to the power and influence of his family and his money. Simply put, in disguise sold themselves nothing, just say out nice point. those girls use their bodies in exchange for status and money, Feng Ye is just a game, but not really a liar. know them to me for my money or really like me, I was not very distinguished these ... so I chose the love of the network .... unfortunately ...... oh ...... I am not sad! So I love network somewhat disappointed, but I'm not disappointed ah friendship for me, friendship networks and the reality of friendship, is the same so I will help you. We do not need to consider the shortcomings of your friends. What modification do not know how to speak what I think the been very frightened, and now her mother together again ... ah! What? Hao but obviously do not want to talk about light, said: I totally did not notice, TAG This blow for luxury itself has some inferiority is how much devastation. Also did not expect, the Linzhi Lan's mother how languages ​​treat ho. But did not expect, and soon after, TAG will make then an arrangement ...... soon, the nurse brought lunch boxes. After I ate, the weariness they welling up, and fell asleep. I lost so much blood, but more serious trauma more than ten, the upper and lower body trauma, brain congestion still remained, requiring hospitalization accomplishment. Ho his laptop to me to use, but the doctor said my brain congestion, can not use a virtual reality helmet, I intend only to give up the game with a helmet. And the doctor also firmly opposed to my weakness when playing brilliant this game brainer in my plea, allowed me into the game to a friend inside message. Of course, I have friends in the game, in addition to the ho outside, it is only one person: ice-cream. The ice cream is not online, I had to give her a message. play in the game, the reality of living well. A first love only shy and excitement. When I am patient enough to live a week, and so I was discharged, brilliant game! When I'm in the hospital to see Linzhi Lan's mother, is the general manager of a company, I never imagined that Lin Zhilan home actually so rich,UGG Bailey Button Krinkle Cheap. Her mother is a new women have traditional psychological, the female half of the sky to say the most, but it is also a traditional pay attention to Although I am grateful, but my career is very disagree. Her gratitude on the surface, I clearly see her contempt for me. Although I did not care, but I do not like she saw Howe eyes. After that, I discharged Hao, Linzhi Lan Feng Ye, accompanied back to my nest. Feng Ye this week, through the exploration of my injury excuse has been put on that nurse MM mine to confidentiality of his girlfriend, natural of my brothers should. Cohabiting girlfriend now and he is his parents for him to settle down, is Xiaojiabiyu type of girl, and Feng Ye childhood, he still really like the girl. It can be said, the girl is Feng Ye In addition to parents, only Only estimates a born romantic personality was like, gone philandering. But his thing on his girlfriend, his argument is: since each of my girlfriend, emotionally, whether in life or in bed. In this regard, I am speechless. Smiled, noisy, and I the guests dined fight over drink, it was all gone. After my nest lively again left me alone. However, I did not feel any sense of loneliness, because I clearly, my good brother, has a common destiny. Miss the open computer, a brilliant patch is installed, wear a helmet, into my world. The new brilliant to me a fresh screen high fidelity. Water, fly, breeze, birds, and both are real people feel terrible,Roxy Tall UGG Boot. So true,North Face Mens Scythe Jackets Sale, simply people doubt that he is not originally belong to this world. I appeared on the street, but today is a revision of the second day, the players are mostly out of the city to see this new monsters, new BOSS, or enjoy a new way of leveling, but few people standing walking down the street. It is said that Xinshoucun is full, but here down or idle a lot. Ah! she is not just concerned about I also forgive me ... I can choose to say and do not say ... Well, this girl, I have what it takes to hide it? The thought of this, I will be the thing a week ago, without reservation told the ice cream, even about my future to fight against the Japanese thing, and all told her,UGG Women's Over The Knee Bailey Sparkles Boots. After listening to ice cream, with a smile and laugh a little worried: know you ... , if you like to do the task, we can do the task! The ice-cream smiles: even wronged ah! delay your leveling speed oh. help you with the fastest practice me ... I am out of the country can do for my motherland things, it rarely ...... Now that we have the opportunity, let alone with your leveling and told me to delete the number do not hesitate. basic information, I want to go leveling Oh! <

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