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November 27 [Tue], 2012, 17:18

This article content I 凯勒科沃尔 to 28 chapters, if you are like me 凯勒科沃尔 28 chapters Collection I is 凯勒科沃尔 28 chapters! Paste hundred percent full side reading. When the end of the game. American Airlines Center Arena fans all scared duo lost to the object, or that they hate Keller, where the team when opponents make changes, they have been very reliable coach Don Nelson was doing nothing, and they expected to be the difference in the game before it too big. Originally, they expect a hearty victory, while singing the ditty and the team's heroes of those self after the game to celebrate the victory together, the way good satire that makes The hate pole 凯勒科沃尔, but now everything is impossible, that Keller and his team once again humiliated the Dallas city, but the last time he was with a middle finger, which times he used performance arena also feel the incredible team owner Mark Cuban North Face Panther Print Ski, he could not believe that this is his team, in successive years invested heavily in the build, this season is to catch go he not become a superstar Steve Nash, the introduction of the Atlanta Hawks boss Jason Terry, and the basket tough guy Dampier nice novel: a chance encounter changed his life. originally thought to the harvest season this year, the team will have the strength to the championship from the impact, but just a game to let his original firm confidence instantly collapsed. the points, so that he felt such a large score gap own huge investment in the team is simply is a true irony. regardless of the Dallas Mavericks owner, coaches, players, fans how disappointed whistle red light lit up, the game network bundle. Keller stood on the sidelines watching the Dallas audience driven to distraction his heart and not like before the game he hoped so excited, but feel very calm after a season of baptism, now relatively peaceful heart to look at some things, it was just a mediocre regular race, they compete for the final championship almost little impact from the playoffs, there are eighty a can is indifferent eyes make Dallas more injured, they feel small saw can打不起精神 like before the start of the game, as cursing Keller boo him toward his erect middle finger ridicule the enemy is the winner of patents, today they do not match press cloth will Cheeks bring the Keller, four did not occur, the original reporter who concocted want some news and wounding internal, but Cheeks did not even give them a chance. the first real game, although he did not feel uncomfortable, but consider his health and the team doctor to the hospital to be examined. , in fact I have been looking for a truly suitable for wounding new tactics, you know, a team which has a two-level break-up, and a large number of talented players, the coach, is a kind of happiness also is a sweet trouble, but fortunately we finally found. steal the division behavior does not feel there is anything wrong, after all, his triangle offense is from inspiration to Jackson's triangle tactical, in fact, already was changed beyond recognition, Jackson tactical critical just a Jordan and Pippen couple of pounds., the other three players take turns Triangle tactics which the other endpoint. Cheeks tactics which is not clear in the axis, only one core is Keller, by his to be responsible for control of the team all the tactical operation, everyone around him to build the formation. began when he really worried UGG Original Sundance, Keller could not undertake such an important task UGG Women's Denim Jacquard, after all, Keller tactical level team which is the most poor one, but Keller did not let his disappointment, although the tactical level, but he can use their own instinct to judge, this is the most difficult for the core of a tactical because when the game is simply not enough time for you to analyze, all decisions should be the first time to do it. The Iverson and Branch elimination of Seoul positioning What is it? A reporter stood up to see a sign on his microphone, should be sent by a Dallas local media, the first question is aggressive. Cheeks face slightly changed, poor tone, said: Lun, or Keller are an important part of my tactics among them in the team which coach Cheeks, you seem to be no positive answer to my question? They rush to face presence retrieve. Cheeks appeared to be explosive, but reason told him definitely not fire when cold retorted: coach, you are a public figure, I have the right to ask any questions, and rebirth lion. personal attacks, I hope you Li Hai apology. Although he did not shout abuse North Face Mens Scythe Jacket, but the rhetoric is enough intense. But this little small still not punishment would bring the Union, after all, no signs that he directed the Union, as far as he scolded reporters things, it was just a private matter between them, say jerk personal attacks? If this is the case, then every day do not know how many people will pay close attention to prison. However the things Houqikesi really 向那 line. The reporter apologized, but his apology really enough alternative. Keller wild character of Philadelphia, Cheeks personality also began to re-evaluate the the final now such Cheeks is more like their own people. However, this is something. See no way to from Cheeks mouth sets out too useful news reporters were again targeted, looks more hot temper Keller This is not because he looked fierce, but because of his past. The forward camera provocation, an insult to the opponent's criminal record is too many. Although his is an idiot, but in others it seems a little think about will be able to understand his intentions. He is in the induction of Keller say something radical rhetoric, after all, the Eritrean people is necessary, and the next game played against the Houston Rockets, and this time, he will naturally do not mind to Anvil people find a little bit of trouble. Before the game, Keller certainly not by him, but before that reporters repeatedly in want to provoke his four relationship between he was very angry, of course, he will not care sarcastic opponents, Three Kingdoms Water Margin TXT download go to Phoenix if the Suns can achieve good results this season, I will not feel a little are surprised, but they should be most grateful to Mr. Cuban, his idiocy really help the Phoenix people a great favor. Houston reporters thrilled, too long not to hear Keller put ravings, did not expect to find a breakthrough yourself: He also less Nash Mavericks simply vulnerable, I think this season, they should think about the end of the regular season, things should not fight for the top pick. but he knew well, not to mention Nash walked, estimated that the team players are almost all, as long as bsp Bailey Button Triplet UGG Boot; contented Houston Hutchison saw Keller so cooperative, and finally asked a better answer: Congratulations, you made a good start of the season, I ask what is the goal of your season? Just Keller remarks furious Dallas reporter finally found this opportunity to fight back: cold smile: I really hope that can be encountered in the finals when the Dallas Mavericks, and then swept them in 90. However, it seems they are this year, even the playoffs are not enter. This time, I'm serious!
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