seal all space class props the space class props creatures automatically

November 29 [Thu], 2012, 10:21

Of Ji 709 chapters, this article evil photocopy, if you like the evil photocopy Ji 709 chapters Favorites evil photocopy Ji 709 chapters! The next evil shadow and Guo Jia providers about specific issues and specific routes withdrawn evil Studios, couch-mei: Princess too wild TXT download! There are two programs, the first, is to rely on the the evil shadow Zhujiang tough, mandatory break through heavy blockade and unending kill Shahui evil Studios, after all, now Vulcan wife and two Gongsun Yang reinforcements have been rushed to the city of Luoyang , but the drawback is that multi-objective hide can not hide; evil shadow changed individually acting to return evil Studios, after all Shoes UGG, the evil shadow Zhujiang already familiar to everyone, as long as twelve appearances, the others can be immediately instructed to traced to the evil shadow traces of the evil shadow happens all offensive skill seal, seal all space class props the space class props creatures automatically transferred back to the evil Studios; must rely on their own to go back to the evil Studios, unable to volley wasted can not fly or outside help! hit undead does not mean that it? Evil shadow separate return benefits countless battles can be avoided, avoid evil shadow army casualties, and let other people to return evil Studios directly or flight or do Chuan Songzhen! instinctively looked at the next time, see time at the same time, the evil shadow could not help her face became pale to exclaimed: fall, Guo Jia also immediately face became pale, born the devil's's Jia Guo also did not expect the negligence of the day, one hour to know the reality, Shadow has been too busy to think and Guo Jia multi said. Immediately rushed game nearby health positions like the wind generally, immediately landing ... I saw the original broad and large, the former the Castle Peak Greenwood Wen Ling tomb, the southern border Cry trip: the border of the latest chapter. Devastated at this time, four messy, originally a vast verdant woods almost all Duanzhe the fell to the ground, become ruins, corpses disorder, and the loess into a red. Stump off the body UGG Classic Short, Duandao Can Jian is all over the floor, but also the evil shadow angry worrying clouds corpse group also found the bodies of dozens of mysterious blood Methodist and mysterious magic witch, but this time was quiet, cold wind blows quite tragic desolation mean that! Their concerns or become a fact, their own downline is right in front of them and Jia Xu better text mausoleum before collection. Now here not only became a tragic Sisha battlefield, and also saw the mysterious blood Wei and mysterious magic witch corpse, which certainly infer which Vulcan Lady Gongsun Yang Road reinforcements have been rushed to the scene and Jia Xu et al collection of powerful and mysterious magic witch. Evil shadow is most clearly since the 56 corpses found here, together with the surrounding environment, we can imagine the brutality of the fighting at the time UGG Women's Bailey Button Triplet! But from the battlefield has not yet been cleared, you can see that there have been many unmanned, but the battlefield should only transfer did not take long, leaving the evil shadow worries is said then rendezvous here. If not helpless, Jia Xu et al is impossible not to wait for their own on the transfer! Unfortunately, Deirdre is not here, the own storage props seal, otherwise, it should pay a heavy price for these people, after the death would have no peace! absorb. addition to those weapons falling almost other corpses, props were refining demon pot will fall admission into the clean up the battlefield to speed incredibly fast! unfortunately not alive, or let them all from scratch! those corpses all as part of the refining demon pot, the evil shadow who can afford the refining on the spot, because the battlefield is too wide, the evil shadow is temporarily unable to determine the direction of the transfer of the evil Shadow Army, immediately find a more complete land plants, its cast since Spirit the root search reshaping to this evil shadow did not dare to stall for time, once again changing the equipment of order ordinary generals look like, and then summon a pet black emperor, edge rush to the East, while the Black King inspections are carried out in the air to find Jia Xu et al. the trail! Surprisingly, this Black King does not look good, look, the evil shadow see the from Luoyang direction, the other in all directions, are pouring millions of people toward the east azimuth rush to see this like evil shadow casually guess know the crowd rushed at is the evil Shadow Army, text mausoleum at this time also appeared before dozens of personal shadow, the evil shadow not complicate the issue, immediately to display their the direction of the gathering place for the whole side of the child bride of special officers read! Although it is impossible to volley wasted and flight hurry speed within the short-haul or slow! straight all the way to the east along the road is full of corpses lying stump off the body, over the road mess even more cherry ninja's corpse, the evil shadow more anxious, no one thought rushed also of little help, all the offensive skills to seal the evil shadow, on the attack force, not as a mysterious magic witch ! Also across a few miles away, the evil shadow hear Han Shasheng monstrous, and the sound of explosions, wind, clouds moving to the sound of thunder and lightning is also prevalent UGG Women's Tall Fancy Boots, the world is dark, but there is also a figure in the eyes land more and more, rushed to the battlefield, I saw the center of the battlefield is surrounded by places of the valley, to see the number of surrounded, the less there are tens of thousands of people were, but the overwhelming majority is the player, the evil shadow can only determine a small part npc, can not find the strength and the presence of almost acquired seven order (seventh-order property value of 70 points). the evil shadow Zhujiang is to stick to a posterior, only Taniguchi meters radius of the size of a small valley, according to ground and guarding! dark clouds over the valley, thunder and lightning, kept there are numerous lightning pixia air is more radiant, massive, during mixed with the blue-green clouds, may smog like, against the background of extent as if it was the dark at a radius of several nether hell, but also because the momentum too confusing vast, dare volley almost a liftoff is live targets, seems siege multitude proficient in FY skills, Canglongwohu the generation is even more numerous! evil shadow can not be vacated, so the situation look is not very clear, can only rely on the powerful Pinmingdiwang squeezed angry evil shadow role really want to immediate siege to kill the whole, but to turn over the attributes looked a long time, even the law of celestial phenomena, Overlord reborn King summoned White Tiger freely roam and so were judged to be offensive skills, all becomes gray, not cast, Fan days India like For FY skills, not to say, as long as living can cause harm, evil shadow full can not use other book club watching: strong pet: bloodthirsty prince let go I have not came to the battle front, the evil shadow kept skeletons emerge from the ground , Although the minimum is also a purple skull, the vast majority of the gold skull and dark gold skull, but a skeleton movement, and in the strength of the powerful enemy base back to life, almost every time just appeared shattered can only play the role of intimidation and delays, because the body was reduced to skeletons, the resurrection of the strength will be reduced by half, believe this now well-known, not afraid to be strange, so also known Deirdre is certainly present, no see undead army, is Alsace sits Yizhou, did not tell back! originally wanted to go ahead strongly pushed, but the number of people in front of so many, like a packed airtight evil shadow not fly, but also will not attack skills, with a normal attack, not kill many people, which is not the presence of a few brushes, more front higher the strength to do evil shadow attack up, can not kill people, but aroused public indignation was gang fights it more harm than good and the front of the attack is very sharp swords, shine, the firewall is also closely evil shadow rush really a bit difficult, though we bt defense Yingkang past, but one find any inevitably ! can not squeeze in, the evil shadow will Attendants contact from the cloned want to rely avatar demon shadow the sixth consciousness look at everyone's just too far away, can not communicate with each other, and now closer should be able to it seems avatar's features have distance limitations, can not be said that the evil shadow away remote command of the battlefield, all clear in mind! evil shadow consciousness a connectivity demon shadow, and she can contact UGG Boots Classic Sparkles, and can take advantage of the demon shadow sixth consciousness to see around, but fall allows evil shadow rage, if we can use the offensive skills, the evil shadow can not wait to demon shadow on the connectivity moment, the evil shadow know happened! The original demon shadow, Jia Xu, Wade, Austrian stiff, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, Loest are waiting in the woods in front of the tomb of Wen Ling, who knows less than half an hour of time, land search, all-pervasive forces investigation network to find the demon shadow and other people, and the message is fast to spread throughout the open, came to kill the siege of dozens of people from the beginning, becomes into hundreds or thousands of people, tens of thousands of people, and a steady stream, a constant stream of, in fact, was the evil shadow no longer focus on the official website, otherwise you will see a report Stranglehold evil shadow position Posts ! nor intentionally or kindly report, put aside the chapter by 709 chapters of the Millennium!

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