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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 12:05
"I, the church's twenty-third Joan, Elder? Greenhill? Dream Lu, willing to become slaves, on instructions from your main, in which the contract is completed." When the end of reels boot, strange magic fluctuations outgoing shrouded Xu Xiang, from dreams Lu's mouth so that the presence of all the church staff disbelief, even at petrochemical sentence, however, the diction is so clear, the sound is cold and chilly slightest feeling less than fraud ingredients inside. At the same time and had set a contract with Liya slightly different Rune Xu Xiang and dream Lu left hand, the Rune color dazzling gold. "This fact,Canada Goose Mens Yorkville, not just the presence of all church personnel, even Xu Xiang parties is shocked into silence, he did not expect the dream Lu voluntary initiative to recognize his main master-servant contract signed , but he did finally understand Slave shackles of another, or that the real role. Caster force with the signing of the master-servant contract! Just signed a master-servant contract does not require the caster must become the main party, thus giving rise to the moment this case, in addition to the Slave shackles success only and servant of party voluntarily become a servant of the caster for granted earth was no possibility of failure. Xu Xiang had to dream Lu is too messy to the point. Xu Xiang Leaving aside the moment is at church headquarters, plus several legendary mage called the massive church, which is surrounded by the Cardinal's dream Lu alone identity would be sufficient to cause a huge impact Templar The most symbolic and representative significance Joan became a personal servant, or voluntary. You sure you're not kidding? Are you sure you have awaken? Are you sure your head has not been Xifeng kick? I believe this time even if Xu Xiang run away, not right, it should be said that whatever the outcome, the church will be full arrest him, all church personnel will regard him as like a great enemy of patricide and his wife, after all, the seriousness of the matter to the extent of a company law can not prevent. If you know in advance that this is so, Xu Xiang will certainly think of ways to interrupt the dream Lu's guide, or escape from the scope of the entry into force of the Slave shackles, in a nutshell is to not let her success. But the dream of Lu Xu Xiang will reject before choosing to use at this point in time, of course, in addition to reckon there are deeper reasons, or an opportunity, whim,Canada Goose Mens Foxe, and whim do not have any possibility maybe that is clear, this is the master-servant contract is like indentured or free. Unfortunately Anyway, how to think, dream Lu, which is the church's current Joan became Xu Xiang slaves is the fact that, the process by numerous church staff and several cardinals witness, even if they themselves do not want to. When the the golden runes thoroughly symbol of master and servant contract formation, Xu Xiang ears came the system tone, the same time said Liya indigo button and Bernie Spang red red button next to the interface of the game In other words, the emergence of a new golden buttons, is the third pet space. "Bite Virgin Elder? Greenhill? Dream Lu recognize you based, successfully signed a master-servant contract to become your slaves." Bite because 【Slave shackles】 scrolling, you successfully open the third pet space. "Joan Elder, bite your servant? Greenhill? dreams Lu rating dropped to 0 does not comply with the equipment requirements of the equipment all returned to their backpacks." bite you Aier Pa City Dear reduced to 1000, respectfulness hate, can not buy any items in the geographical range, and can not use any system services, and legalize attack, death by three times the death penalty. "" bite your church respected value decreased to 1000, the respectfulness hatred can not buy any items in the geographical range, and can not use any system services, and legalize attack, death by three times the death penalty. "Elder? Greenhill? Dream Lu Gender: Female Level: 0 Occupation: God's endorsement attributes: Strength 6 Agility 7 spirit 12 intelligence 10 toughness 9 Strength growth: 0.9, agile growth: 1.2, spiritual growth: 2.0, intellectual growth: 1.7, toughness growth: 1.4 blood quantity: 126 Mana 170 Attack: 66 Defense: 13 Magic Defense: 24 Magic Resistance: 26% Hide: 4 Perception: 9 movement speed: five yards per second jump distance: 2 yards skills: God surgery? great prophecy: Joan is the endorsement of God, has predicted that the future force, specify a unit, if friendly units, a substantial increase in the beneficial effect they are all significantly reduced by all the harmful effects, if the enemy unit and vice versa powerful effect of this skill will affect all values ​​including abnormal state,Canada Goose Women's Dawson Parka, damage, injuries suffered, skills and success rate, including a variety of chance effect for 30-1 seconds, depending on the magnitude and strength gap may be, can not be dispelled, three natural days of cooling time. [Talent] passive skills: Elder? Greenhill? Lu dream has extremely good bright spells talent and become a saint, to obtain the blessing of God makes this talent has been strengthened to reduce the 70% of the Guangming Department of spell, an increase of 50 percent brighter spells effect, increase the toughness 100% bright spells singing, reduce by 90% brighter spells hurt and debuffs. Joan talent passive skills: Joan is the endorsement of God, with the upgrading of the level and order goods, will automatically learn and master the skills of the mystic art. Description: of Elder? Greenhill? Dream Lu Ai Erpa City church of the twenty-third of any saint, saint symbolizes the light of God, God's endorsement, master the unique skills of many divine spells, and there is still more room for growth because the inherently bright spells elements pro and outstanding strength, hope Advanced to the legendary level, now discarded free reel Slave shackles voluntarily become a servant ... Xu Xiang aiming Ends a personal information bar and pet space, as power was siphoned off, just put down your hand Dream Lu mouth slightly raised, then the body suddenly fell backward, he can not help but want to go a step forward to catch fortunately do not need to do so, not lying on the ground, this saint servant into a golden light coming to him. "You'd easily vote with their feet." See sleeping next to the words in the third pet space, dream Lu, Xu Xiang, self-deprecating smiled and said, "I in trouble."
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