Not to stray poisonous spider king

January 30 [Wed], 2013, 13:02
n past life, extremely rare special items, the Wizard Eye divided into ice, fire, thunder, and wind are offensive attributes, a wizard eye is ice attribute. This passers purpose of his copy of the trip finally spoils the ice attribute attack force, with the eye of a the ice properties Wizard of passers of the snow and ice mage unleashed the Faerie eye no doubt he is the only with only is the most appropriate. Symbolically to seek the views of everyone, and then it will be handed passers in the hands of the Wizard Eye. Then, a loud noise, like earth shattering general, the spider cave right side of the Shek Pik split, climbed out from the cracks in a whole body covered with fine hairs, ugly spider. Rangers a poisonous spider king level: 60 attack :1288-1302 Defense: 955 blood: 200000: spider cave wandering spider king of habitat. But wandering spiders like to hide in the cracks of the cave Shek Pik, when people walk into the spider cave, often unaware of its existence. Once it is out of the cracks will slaughter ... side the woods eyes wide open staring at stray poisonous spider king attributes looked at the stick, saying: "OMG the same 60 dark gold BOSS why it attributes powerful the abyss warrior Baroque attribute a lot of it? "and I looked at it so powerful property Lengle Leng, its great strength, worthy hidden BOSS. To be honest, past life and I have never seen before hidden BOSS, about their legends hearsay, they simply have not killed their experience. I smiled and said: "Quite simply, because it is hidden BOSS, hey ... actually have more than 1300 points of attack,Youth Canada Goose, we can be more careful, have to make all the necessary preparations to hang it!" The Satsuki Road: "Do not say or think about how to kill it! "I thought, and began to develop tactics, saying:" I first assault, can stun people seize on the output, regardless of what skills are lost in the past, and then quickly moved away. woods and then sneak the past, looking for the opportunity to live enveloped BOSS imprison skills, all the same maximum output to be a transient effect, and then by the the Satsuki cast revenge. Meanwhile, we have to be careful BOSS attack, no matter what the strength of the attack on you guys commoner stand up to two or three. "mouths nod, said:" ah! understand! "I nodded and said:" Well, quitting brave victory, I want to open strange, all ready! "crowd dispersed away, I launched the assault, but unfortunately, actually MISS out at this time? Are you kidding ... stray poisonous spider may be unable to manage, direct a venom to spit my body turns green. -1012 Damage figures to take out from the top of my head, and blood gas fell more than 100 points per second. Fortunately, my blood, and also with a large number of detoxification Pharmacy Without detoxification Pharmacy, DOT after a minute, I'm afraid most of the players had in vain dried blood gas. Thawing potion quickly took to drink a solution of the first poisoning effect say. I rushed helpless smile: "mistakes, assault skills too waste, MISS the woods, sneak it!" Chow! "Sound Qing Xiang, the effect appears blind,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest, wandering the woods the poisonous spider Wang sneak in direct attack a success. "Woods, well done!" Agile followed by a even kill to the inverse edge epee again and again waving Jagged no coagulation while flying the same raid to stray poisonous spider king blood brush off. "Poof!" An arrow whistling away corrosion mouse Bao A D Arrow successfully hit stray poisonous spider king. "Honghong ......" two beautiful Master Staff team at the same time a wave, the number of road lightning and fireballs intertwined with heaven, Leiguang shining roared to drop it in the street poisonous spider king's body, for a time, the fireball in the lightning shock splash, wandering the poisonous spider king of blood suddenly shoved out again. Seeing blind vertigo effect is necessary in the past, the side of Satsuki waving his wand. "Brush" wandering on the forehead of a poisonous spider king appeared a coma imprint Revenge ability a success! This is good! A time, a variety of skills while mad lost passers ice and snow shrouded in this skill is a persistent injury skills, I also refused to yield Meng lost skills, under the ravages of a crowd, wandering poisonous spider king blood chug plunged. "-521!" -465! "-872!" -746 "-599" -1624 "" -1652 "" -1722 "...... Rows of harm figures emerging from the top of the head of BOSS, very obviously my damage them twice, simply stray poisonous spider king nightmare. Not to stray poisonous spider king any respite, looking at the BOSS immediately to turn woke up, I immediately launched the assault. Quickly but unfortunately, I charge again damn stray poisonous spider king MISS out, I was face thrown into the Pacific, actually twice the MISS my tears Yeah,Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Outlet! Finally, stray poisonous spider king awoke brazenly spray to a venom to me! I know dodge does not open, so abruptly withstand the blow! "Squeak!" Shivers, blood fell to 1000 points, is not fatal, but hateful poisoning, there is no other way can only drink detoxification Pharmacy. But followed by stray poison spider king began to swing chelicerae, suddenly surrounded by a broad surge in wind, quickly, numerous road hurricane blowing to us! "-1011" "-1014" "-1006" ... To speak, the body burst tear-like pain, my head a series of injury figures emerge, I was forced back again and again, I am a little worried that several of their commoner will be chasing kill, so stop back, sword waved, reverse rushed past! The "whirring ......" Qin Yun therapy twice my blood to pull back. The BOSS is too strong, they can not withstand the the of stray poisonous spider chelicerae attack, for safety, I shouted: "BOSS attack is probably in the range of about 10 yards, you to BOSS attack outside the scope of, can attack attack, can not attack even good! "crowd quickly moved away the center of the field, leaving only the non-condensable and Jagged. Spoke, sword wielding, leaping Flying cut falling from the sky, wandering poisonous spider king howling, blood out a small brush look. "Whew!" Wind breaks out, stray poisonous spider king locked me directly rushed over to me! I was secretly calculated wandering the the poisonous spider king of speed, when stray poison spider king lifted its long chelicerae moment, I would have been made in advance to deal with, and move to the back. To escape the attack of a of stray poisonous spider king, immediately launched by the reflexive assault, saying Shibuguosan, and this time succeeded it crazier.
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