CTO of ZTE mobile phone system at the Asian mobile communications show the beginning of last year

June 28 [Thu], 2012, 18:25
June 25 message, to indicate that the determination to enter the high-end mobile phones, CTO of ZTE mobile phone system, Kan Yu Lun , revealed that the configuration of the Laptop TS-L633 SATA DVD-RW Multi Burner ZTE not only will thousands of intelligent machines and then overstating the length, but also introduced the industry's first high-pass 28 nanometer chips to do high-end mobile phone at the same time has been paid to recruit foreign high-end designers.

From the thousand machines to high-end mobile phones to enter the

10 days ago, ZTE announced officially enter the high-end mobile phones, and launched the first high-end mobile phone brand "intellectual concept", priced at more than 2000 yuan. The tremendous growth in the last year, ZTE mobile phone business, but profit margins have fallen sharply, led to a lot of pressure, which, ZTE has vowed to improve the mobile phone business profit margins.

Kan Yu Lun, CTO of ZTE mobile phone system at the Asian mobile communications show the beginning of last year, ZTE action to improve cell phone grade achieved certain results in the first quarter ZTE global mid-range handsets Blade shipped 10 million, which is the domestic Andrews phone first shipped over 10 million ZTE no longer thousand Yuan machines and entry-level phones.

He believes that the high-end mobile phones key to enter the talent and technology to match. To this end, ZTE recruitment of high-end designers, also strengthened within the smart phone patent reserves, at the same time, ZTE will introduce high-pass 28-nanometer chips for cell phones.

The 28 nanometer chips are the most high-end mobile phone chips, chip clocked at more than 3GHz, and the smaller units of lower power consumption, but the tight chip supply, when the ZTE introduced the 28-nanometer chip mobile phones is unclear.

Smartphone shipments accounted for 30%

He also disclosed that the ZTE smart phone sales of 15.8 million last year, only 20% of sales terminal, but account for 30 percent in the first half of this year.

ZTE mobile phone marketing, Minister of Lu Qian Hao said that the first half of this year, ZTE has the configuration of the thousands of intelligent machines overstating a rise to more than 4-inch screen, 3.5-inch screen; 800M memory upgrade to 1G , but the price unchanged.

Want to phone for some Internet companies, Kan Yu Lun said, this is a good thing DVD-R/RW Drive CD TS-L632, Internet companies can do the phone, the key depends on its own Internet business ability to do light to do the hardware, they fight, but the traditional mobile phone manufacturers.

He also pointed out that competition in the mobile phone industry itself is very intense, Apple's strengths is its strong operating system, vertical integration is also very strong, too few of such enterprises, Internet companies are more open, are integrated to find The mobile phone companies to contract manufacturing mobile phone is the easiest, but the key should be the core point of competition.

Google officially completed the acquisition of Motorola

June 28 [Thu], 2012, 18:23
June 25 noon, according to Taiwan's Commercial Times reported, a variety of news shows and Motorola , move or stop at the end of feature phone product line, whether to continue to sprint cheap Chinese smartphone market hangs in the balance.

Rapid growth of smartphone sales and beginning to show the trend of concentration to a small number of brands, the mobile phone giants of the past era of feature phones, are facing sales dropped, losses, even once in the early stage of development of the smart phone to dominate the party the RIM, also began to consider the spin-off or the sale of mobile phone manufacturing business.

Google officially completed the acquisition of Motorola, Motorola idea of the change, Google hopes Motorola can focus more on developing innovative products rather than to maintain economies of scale-based, so the end of May there was news that Motorola intends to gradually withdraw feature phone market, not even rule out the possibility that all end feature phones business at the end of this year.

In addition to the thousands of intelligent machines, led by a team of Motorola's low-priced product line, due to limited innovation, pure low-cost, whether it will continue remains to be seen.

In addition to Motorola, Nokia is also facing the same problem, and Symbian mobile phone sales fell faster than the growth rate of the Microsoft the microblogging Windows Phone mobile phone, the Nokia feature phones has also been a loss, the second quarter probably will be consecutive five quarters of losses.

Motorola, Nokia and RIM downturn, many of China Taiwan mobile phone OEM companies DVD±RW UJ-840 LAPTOP SLIM DRIVE and mobile phone supply chain companies, such as Arima Motorola OEM function mobile phones and cheap smart phones for Nokia OEM Microsoft smartphone China treasure for the Nokia components, Lite, Lite-On's mobile and Hong Hui, RIM's supply chain enterprise ICHIA, Hong Hui, and so will be affected.

Olympus and Sony's negotiations may still be broken

June 28 [Thu], 2012, 18:23
June 24 message, according to foreign media reports, the Nikkei Shimbun on Friday reported that, Sony, Olympus inject about 50 billion yen negotiations have entered the closing stages.

President of Olympus the Sasagawa macro line said on Wednesday, increasing pressure on the company's capital cooperation with other companies.

"Nikkei," said the two sides to complete the transaction, Sony will become the largest shareholder of Olympus, holding over 10%. Sony and Olympus, is expected next month to reach an agreement and cooperation in the field of medical equipment.

Olympus spokesman Tsuyoshi Oshima, said that when it comes to the Nikkei News CD-RW DVD-RW Multi Drive GSA-T50N reported, "We have not announced an agreement, the agreement has not been finalized."

"Nikkei said, Olympus and Sony's negotiations may still be broken.

The media have reported that Panasonic Olympus investment will be, but the beginning of June, Panasonic President Fumio Ohtsubo to Fumio Ohtsubo, said the company did not invest in Olympus's plan. Panasonic fiscal year loss a record. Sony's fiscal year loss of $ 5.7 billion a new high.

Android 4.0 upgrade for the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX brings many new features

June 28 [Thu], 2012, 18:22
A growing number of Android smartphones or tablet machine to receive the Android 4.0 upgrade, now also turn to the Motorola Droid the RAZR and the RAZR Maxx,Since June 22, all the Droid RAZR family members can upgrade to Android 4.0 the Ice Sandwich.

Android 4.0 upgrade for the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX brings many new features, including the new lock screen, main screen, desktop components, contacts, applications, browser, button, icon, voice input, the camera application settings and notification interface and so on. The obvious HL Data Storage GSA-T20L feature is that the new system default wallpaper and the new lock screen interface. The new lock screen interface will be distributed four shortcut keys, namely: message, dial-up, camera and unlock when playing music, can also be directly on the lock screen control. The upgrade also enhances voice input, the user can write by voice mail or text messages.

The update package size is 354MB, OTA way, some users will be the first to receive the upgrade notification, within the next few days will be pushed to users worldwide. Not yet received notification of the user, you can manually upgrade.

Microsoft's Windows Phone and Apple iOS have been released in June

June 28 [Thu], 2012, 18:22

Microsoft's Windows Phone and Apple iOS have been released in June, this month's events seem to only Google released Android to the next version, at first rumors, code-named Jelly Bean's system firmware for the Android5.0, but in recent months about the codenames change.

In next week's I / O conference, Google may, together with the new Android version with the first generation of Nexus tablet with the release, people are wondering the first generation of Nexus will not be equipped with the Jelly bean, a small detail of Google recently revealed the Laptop GSA-T20N IDE DVD-RW CD-RW next generation of Android the version number of the system. It is reported that foreign users in the Google Play above to buy GALAXY, the Nexus line description: "soon the first phone with Android 4.1 Jell ...". This basically can determine the next generation of Android version 4.1. Google I / O App on the Android 4.1 the Jelly Bean details, perhaps the next generation of Android version of the Chrome browser pre-installed. The new version will be released by the end of June, I / O conference.
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