UK Final 

2006年06月02日(金) 1時50分
awwwwwwwwwwwwww,i'm so sorry for skipping...
i haven't used PC for ages! the reason why i've already left my school since 19th of may, allright? it means i have to sort out all my staff to leave. actually, i sent my staff to japan yesterday(!!) u know it was too late. but i didn't want to!!!!!!
anyway, since i left school till today, i've been playing with friends, helping my host mum, little bit tidy up...
and tonight,(it's 18:00 now)i gonna go picture with my friends!!
it's actually last time to see them. i know someday, i'll visit to see them. but i also know it cost fortune!!!

hmmmmm.....sounds sad,isn't it?

maybe i won't be able to write this blog in uk.
'coz i'm leaving day after tomorrow...
tomorrow's gonna be nice day, i hope.

i'll write what i've done here till i leave when i'm back in japan.
should i write in english? or japanese??
hmm, what should i do???

any way, i gonna enjoy today'n'tomorrow.
see ya


2006年05月11日(木) 22時10分
la la la
it's very very happy natalie
'coz i 've finished my exam--!!
it's a tatal of 8 hours exam.
u might think it's just drawing or making(my friend made big birdcage for human), however, it's not just it!!
and i've drawn these 2 pictures...


i can't upload!?

w, wwwwwhy!?
awwwwww, i wanted upload my dress's picture!!!
i think it's because of PC...

so i hate this library's fuckin PC!!!

awwwww lol
what should i do---!!!

biggest event!! 

2006年05月11日(木) 2時32分
awwwwwwwwww, i am so tired!!!!!!!!!
hi, it's exausted natalie
hmm? do u want to know why i'm so tired??
u really want to know??
hmmm. because today, i had art exam and graphic work's excibition!!
from9:00-15:00 i had been drawing and drawing then i run to hall to join the excibitionwith dress which i made it...
it was just hard!!
i've done catwalk 3times! and it's my first catwalk.
to be honest, it was fun.
i like stage, i like someone watch my work.
but at the first time, i was bit nervous i'd got butterfly in my stomach

and today's exam was...not too bad, not too good?
i'd thought exam would tue. and wed. but i was wrong;;
it was wed. and thu!
so today, i had 1st day.
hmmmm, i can't take long time to draw...i've already drawn 2pictutes.
so i might draw another one tomorrow and i gonna choose from 3 of these.

anyway i've done great job today
tomorrow's gonna busy day but i think i'll be fine.

and i'll put today's excibition pictures on here tomorrow!!

I gonna do my best!!!


2006年05月08日(月) 17時32分
I'm sorry for skipping this dairy...
this tuesday & wednesday i gonna take art exam, so i hve't got enough time.
i have to finish 3big pieces, take many pictures, finish whole sketchbook...
I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!!!!
...anyway, i'll do my best.
hmmmm but if i fail....!!!
and one more my concern is catwalk!
it's my graphicwork's exhibition.
at that day, textstyle students get their dress on which they made for corsework and they have to catwalk.
...sounds nice, dosen't it??
BUT!!my problem is what i have to do that as same as other students!
'coz i'm textstyle student!!

hmmmmm. little bit nervous, little bit

otherwase, i gonna do my best for my exam

Global Fleezing!! 

2006年05月02日(火) 11時10分
What is your image of spring?
warm, nice sunshine, blossam...hmm, it's usuall thought, isn't it?
BUT!!! we've got unusuall spring here
it's on May now. but people's still got thick jacket and court!!
for me,where know beautiful spring, it's awfull.
last saturday was really lovely, so i went out with my host family to Hatton Country Farm which's got big farm and many athletics.
at there, i'd forgotten my age at all!('coz i was just exiciting to play with my 14 year-old host sister & 6 year-old host brother)

anyway, we'd got nice weather since yesterday.
but now is...just redicurous!!!
awwwwwwwwww i hate like that weather!!

why, why, why!? 

2006年04月27日(木) 16時13分
"I was happy in my harbour when you cut me loose..."
Hiya! This is Natalie and this song is one of my favourite song.
It's sung by KT Tunstall and she is my favourite too
Her voice, her song...everything is perfect!!

anyway, today was not too bad.
But when i chated with my friends at today's lunch time, i found my great friends Phill gonna leave school. my other friend Louis has left since after Christmas and i haven't seen him for ages! so i might can't see Phill...
awwwwwwww lol

dear my friends 

2006年04月26日(水) 21時50分
Private note

to Haru
ehe,tuitui tukutyattayo.
minnanisyokuhatusaremasita. omiyage wasuretenaikarane!

to Wakana
link arigatodesu!hontouha MSN detukuroutositetanndakedo, security gajamasite...
korekaramo onegaisimasu--

to Nao
thank u for coming here!! i miss u too & i've been well. r u ok?still love Seiwa volleyball??anyway im backin till 4/6!
so when i back, go to karaoke with me please

la la la 

2006年04月26日(水) 21時17分
hiya-- today, i've got something happy
'coz my dress has nearly finished!!
i've been makin dress for 6...7 weeks for my design's course work.
i had to start designing my own dress & look for
so for me,it's long long way.
but!! i maght finish it till fridaywhen i finixh it, i gonna take picture & put it here.

aww! i've got my job tonight lol
i like it, but sometimes its bit annoyng me.

yseterday's my complain is written after this.
so if u wouldn't like to read it, u should go back definitely!!


2006年04月26日(水) 0時32分
today, I've been so angry
what have I done!!? What's the matter with you!!?
...i have no idea how many times i thought like that...
i gonna write about it tomorrow. 'coz i can' t use PC more than 15min.

and my bloody headache!
hmmmmmm... today is just bad day.


2006年04月24日(月) 18時21分
I'm so sorry! I've already made mistake!!
line5, "That's why I'm writing in Japanese" is "That's why I'm writing in English"!!
How could I say it's in Japanese...
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