My b-day 

January 20 [Sat], 2007, 22:51
As you know,today is my b-day!!!
Im waitin' for lovely present from u X)

today was international frendship day in my in internatiol goodwill committee,that why i went to school and
couldnt go to dance club practice....

but i think there r many things more important,or precious than club...
ofcourse i dont h8 my club.(but i donot love it so much...)
i don know why,but i cant b like other dancerz.
but mayb,i like dance,but i don like club actibity,especialy in big club. still thinkin quit or keep being in club.

international frendship day was fabulous and awesome!!!!!
it was super duper fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i made many"kingu"!i wanna meet them again but
it may b little bit difficult.
but ill never forget them and keep in touch wiz them.

it was lovely day.

my nose running as fast as]

About me!!!!!!! 

January 17 [Wed], 2007, 22:52

My name is Moka ,and im 15(alomost 16)
Im not special person.Im just a stuent.
Im in Highschool which is famous for English.

Im returner from England,Germany n' Scotland.
I love there place alot and i miss ppl who i met.
i met many kind ppl.and for me, peace isnt difficult thing
cuz i kno that there is no border in this tiny earth.

Im not so good at English,that's why im writing diary in English to improve
my super duper horrible English.

Someday,I'll write diary in German.....someday.

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