Here nature is the largest port

January 19 [Sat], 2013, 10:16
But the British still failed to draw the lessons of Soviet defeats they imagine China's combat capability to deal with that stage of the small Japanese in World War II, or that China is backward and weak impression that Lao Maozi be defeated completely is the effect due to, but now? Merciless reality of the bitter fruit has begun to bite, it really is extremely bitter, the entire eating or swallowing finished, how bitter? ! The same is the British are not allowed! So the British must as soon as possible the withdrawal of Indian troops and retain their strength, five divisions in India are wiped out, the British Army will be really badly hurt, no longer the opportunity to make a comeback in the next few decades. Finally put on a person's information desk of the Secretary of the British Military Intelligence, is to make every effort to collect information intelligence, this person is Communist China Southwest military commander, and the entry of the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian CCF, director East India out of India joined China The farce or changes behind the scenes planner, aquatint. As Prime Minister David Cameron said: "They have a comprehensive understanding of the habits of the person living hobby! But also comprehensive know this person CCP relationship, I need to know this person, this person is likely that in the future we The biggest opponents of the state! "As there is a saying, most people who know you precisely what your enemy. This makes sense, especially on the battlefield. Chen aquatint the rise time is not long, but very scenery, the thunder of the best, he is the rise of war marching failure of the Soviet Union, India, the United Kingdom and started. If no one has to know the name of Chen aquatint, then you really uninformed. The intelligence services of the Soviet people have Chen aquatint possible data collected intelligence, and the United States, Chen fly ash has been the beginning of these empires have carefully studied the style of his command, his character, his contacts and so on. They do not want to have a strange enemy familiar can be targeted. Near Mumbai, when the North Sea Fleet, the Chinese Communist Party's three-way army has begun actions Mumbai advancing from three sides, they want to open on three sides of the channel,Canada Goose DAlpago Parka, open the forward door to attack Mumbai. First mechanized division and the United Kingdom seventh mechanized division has been small compared with the game, the result is the first mechanized division no disadvantage did not account for a much cheaper, but it is really the case is the first mechanized division lost, tanks, troops, artillery, are dominant, but it can only be a tie. Result Cao Where personally dismissed tank regiment and infantry regimental commander, they are proxy command to watch for. Then the first mechanized division began the whole division to discuss research, and every day they are in progress, are to digest the outcome of this battle. Next battle, Cao Where commanding the first mechanized division attacks very smoothly, and the British are no longer, and the first mechanized division front war, are hit on the retreat, along the way is full of mines to block the first mechanized The division's advance speed. First mechanized division of the east, south 57 Army and the 18th Army, two of them Army in concert with one another one after the advance and 57 military breakthrough, 18th Army is cleared Candi, and there are a large number of self-government Army in receiving; the north 17 Army, 20 Army and 14 Army, face the two most powerful, but also the attack surface is the most widely used. Their three Army To guard against the enemy in the north as well as with the addition two army encirclement Mumbai, so they has taken 分兵 the strategy, this strategy is very bold, aquatint Chen afterwards also pondering a lot, which is often accompanied by this dangerous opportunities, aquatint always been bold,Canada Goose Livigno Parka, so very happy not pursued this unauthorized call the shots, and if this is not decentralization, it will let the Force front-line commanders lost flexibility. This time is May 7. British fleet is getting closer, and the same is true of the Chinese Communist forces, both point to the same place that is Mumbai. The Indian army is now fully use one word to describe the most appropriate, that is rabble. This time, they only know to follow the British go, go with them will have a chance to survive. Message CPC gunned down prisoners is not a secret secret, now are dead bodies and some of the people who fight to the death in the end, the enemy is no hope than despair, insanity is woodenly crazy go toward hope. This trend has more to play intense, now can not suppress torrent shelves machine guns are useless to escape into the sea to escape, escape to Mumbai, where the British fleet, where it can take us out of here, and here Indian soldier's hometown or the motherland, and have been here is geographical quick ending, here is the devil would want to rule the world, flee! Mumbai, mess everywhere defeated troops as well as refugees, of course, the Indian senior officials honored and their families, they are all waiting for the fleet docked. Ear gunshots, however, seems to have heard. Mumbai three sides first line of defense and Communist forces energize, both sides used heavy artillery and heavy machine guns desperate resistance, holding arms to resist the soldiers are the Indian army, these people are family members in Mumbai, has been above agree, as long as they endeavor to the First World War, then their families will be on board to leave here. This situation is very accident of the officers and men of them along the way is so smooth, so suddenly met with strong resistance, little Mongolian, Huang Guanglin not in 57 military temporarily by Zhang temporary command of the 18th Army, Zhang received a 57 to 57 military military attack state, Zhang ordered: "quitting brave victory, we do not at this time but not as good as the enemy, the more enemies than we fear death, they are heart still read like, when they do not read like then can destroy them, to come up with all the courage, to move your mind, move forward! "waves of violent explosions sounded on enemy positions, clouds of smoke distributing air waves rolling in, the scene has not completely solidified when the CPC fighters in the army broke out the thunder of Han Shasheng: "Kill!" the courage to dare to reveal their bayonets, war! War! ! War! ! ! The soldiers mind echoed with cries of Zhang Huajun long. Group of soldiers stormed into the trenches, and quickly hand-to-hand combat with the enemy, a burst of violent gunfire soon erupted, and soon, there would be no movement, the enemy figure began to appear in the line of sight. Followed by a group of People's Liberation Army soldiers launched the assault! "Boom!" Boom! "Several times, explosions sounded on the enemy positions, this is not the shells exploded, grenade explosions,Air Max 87 Discount, this time purely to see who is afraid of death, who is timid that whoever lost! The lost means death. The aim, twelve o'clock direction, a distance of fifty yards! Ready! Put! "Situation mortar shells have emitted and blocking positions towards India sent. Waves after the explosion, the soldiers then stood up and the assault was launched, this time have no need to mobilize, what ordered soldiers have spontaneously in the implementation of the EU task! A soldier holding a submachine gun and enemy firepower on the radio, so on the radio, this is a crazy move, do so completely to life out of the enemy's machine guns dumb, and soldiers being physically beaten into a hornet's nest , but his fingers still tightly hook and moving the trigger, the body is still so strong stand, but his snort long been stopped. And a soldier, rolled into the enemy trenches, sounding body grenade explosion sound immediately sounded, then what are quiet! The next second is the People's Liberation Army soldiers screamed a battle cry, wanders in this position again. Tibet independent division where? Them this time has begun a facelift of course, is a small part of their intention disguised as Indian soldiers into the mix open. The way in the city of Mumbai to create chaos, they seem to be very lucky to open a gap, it is smooth all the way into the mix, sometimes luck can not say really is that simple, so incredible, perhaps let this only a hundred team again, it may not be there so lucky. Murder, arson, looting shops, this is what they had to do something, do not think they really is a good person, they become the People's Liberation Army before, but they Guanfei, but they gallop Tibetan bandits robbers, which hands head no blood for, they are traded holding his head where do these now, no new ideas, too easy! When an explosion sounded in Mumbai, we thought that this is a special case, but all around the explosion rang, followed by gunfire everywhere, when some people came over and said looting of shops, a group of soldiers began smashing kill grab burn when people think? They certainly thought that this group of soldiers is certainly Kuibing frontline defeated! Do not know who first spoke and said: "The Chinese people killed Laila, run ah!" Panic to panic disorder, panic disorder and then the stampede, to become a mob, so the entire Mumbai mess up. Some people are added to the ranks of hit kill grab burn. Cries, screams, that is where the mainstream. Where is here? Here nature is the largest port of Mumbai, where there will be a fleet to pick. British forces one has already begun boarding, they started in Mumbai on the island, there is a majority or to wait in the port city. When a fleet, when you see a boat began to move when they plan to come to the port and military and civilian really starting to mess up, they simply can not wait to see what they are automatically ran toward the boat , and swam. When Tibet independence 'drifted when when the the Tibet independent division Liyingwaige open gap, Mumbai on such open arms exposed in the sight of hundreds of thousands of troops in Communist China. "Kill! Hurry, you go there, you go here, the rest of the people gave me arrested, launched the local people, as long as the report which is an officer or soldier, prizes, and conceal not reported to kill! Which eyes not right to kill! which rumble, kill! "Sang waves so command. The Liu Dakui Yinhen said: "Whatever, as long as the hands of gun give me a shot, and killed again!" When the People's Liberation Army set up the heavy artillery began shelling of the British fleet, the day the air military aircraft when the fleet finally withdrawn, although the sea, there are numerous black spots to swim toward them! Often is not on board is the means to survive, when the air combat when human life is so fragile, so tiny situation cruise missiles explosions can be killed by a group of people on the deck, a frigate sunk means that thousands of people died. Chen aquatint or baby fighter, see already almost, it began to give up, let them go, let them go. To this the British troops North Sea Fleet to pay 7 escort destroyer consideration the successful withdrawal of about a dozen people, including soldiers, there are more than 70,000 people, which of course, half of the Indian army, the people there are more than 50,000 people. Mumbai, there are nearly a million people to stay, and how their fate? Chan aquatint have to say is very predictable, before the attack, he clearly instructed not massacre of civilians, only to kill those resisters, of course, if it is a person who can prove that is to take off the uniforms hands with blood for death it! Mumbai or the fall in the hands of Chen aquatint!
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