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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 10:13
Attack fruitful,polo outlet, Chen aquatint expected should be chasing British ass burst severely beaten, but still allow the British forces useful speed in retreat Chen aquatint have to admire the British fled speed If this rate they used in the original attack, then perhaps they really cow! Advance the first mechanized division's share of the West northeast Austrian Lai, they stop the chase, because the oil can not keep up! This Cao Where had very dissatisfied with the state of the logistical, but not satisfied, how, the status quo is not do not know! So very good! So far, the country's oil or imported, the state now have not found an oil well, it had to allow Chen the aquatint think a past life know those wells. His own negligence annoyed Who own just noticed the military aspects and not noticed, the oil reserves, but the strategic resources, such a major event how will forget it? ! Chen aquatint report to the Central Today on the desk of the President, but also a Politburo meeting table, took the report, the President convened a special meeting, Chen the aquatint inside said several sites have vowed that the oil, and even Chen aquatint still under a military order, the report had still a little skeptical President can only believe that because Chen the aquatint not get their own future and principles kidding. Chinese oil? This news members here are all overjoyed, but the next will make them a little disappointed, because this is not a geological survey team reported, but Chen aquatint this layman scrutiny, this is how people have doubts, but better than nothing, the Geological Survey team can go to several locations opinions, so it really is very good news, if not then nothing, of course, several strong views Chen aquatint members at the meeting and did not forget to say in case no oil such discourse, obviously ready to attack in case there is no oil, Chen aquatint. In reply to Chen aquatint, the President said: "do your own work, the rest of its own other comrades." Appears to be filled with a little taste of rap, but this is also a reminder of President Chen aquatint,Canada Goose Palliser Coat Cheap, kind of protection. Chen the aquatint quickly put aside the idea of ​​annoying, he renewed attention from the frontline of the war situation. The situation now is to own troops advancing speed unpleasant, but the increase in the number of destroying the enemy, this is a good thing! But the disadvantage or let the enemy Get Organization defenses time, after all the world the best of both worlds. Chen aquatint in pondering leaving the enemy time to organize the defense is not able to turn wipe out, make a decisive battle. But thought to want to Chen aquatint or veto the hearts immature idea, this is not make the lives of the soldiers adventure onrush speed can now get the initiative on the battlefield, the enemy even have time to organize, it also takes time to mobilize forces, but also to re-raise our spirits, which are not able to do in the short term. Indian army morale has been impossible to what extent high, while British troops to the limit, if they need additional troops to quell domestic opposition voices Moreover, even if more troops, it also needs to maritime shipping now able to achieve this ? The distance is one aspect, but also need to re-organize a fleet to escort otherwise face of CCP warships dish that is delivered to your home, free to eat. 57 military after a short break, turned the night the enemy launched an attack on the enemy in front of 5 km initiate flood attack, 57 Army soldiers like the glow of the spirit, just a firm foothold in the coalition forces crash again! The enemy's last nerve Bengduan continuous high-intensity combat, the enemy lost due combat, this will to test the fighting, 57 military victory. If the massacre that may be too bloody point, but it is also very metaphor powerful of the 57 Army, 57 Army report of Chen aquatint have to whisper, when 57 army such a play? To know that 57 army just as the military did not take long before experienced after a combat tune to participate in the liberation of Tibet, and later India Strikes Back before 57 Army, at best, is dressed in a the field armies coat place troops. The Chen aquatint this is naturally expressed satisfaction with both hands, and 57 military play an extraordinary level of combat effectiveness or for vengeful or order Guofeng Hao revenge! 2, 2009, the sun just rising, in addition to 57 army overnight onslaught, the rest of the support fighting forces have chosen to rest, let the enemy temporary respite, they still could not remain in the original positions, they take advantage of the that darkness withdrawal. 18 Army commander Zhang see the empty positions, he burst speechless. Front of his men, shaking his head, he said: "such a scenario, how do I feel as if back to the liberation period was I face when Guojun? Group of people really fast feet, MD!" 18 Army soldiers naturally will not miss the opportunity, they then tightly chase this enemy, this enemy is not the other units, but also had besieged the British Aligarh mechanized division. 18th Army followed by 57 army of right-wing onslaught, the 18th Army is meant to protect the 57 Army, but the fast speed of 57 Army,Ralph Lauren Sweaters Outlet, a full 18 Army opened a distance of 50 km, which makes the 57 Army a little alone The depth of the situation. The first mechanized division received Cao Where, Chen aquatint command, then starting their task is to attack and occupy Austrian Lai, is followed by the right to attack, to protect the 57 Army's left wing, and as much as possible to help defend the 57 Army to prevent the enemy encirclement 57 Army. Chen aquatint concerns are not without reason, Indian Army retreated so fast it was expected to do, after all, India's combat is put in there. Seven brigades of the Indian elite troops had been eliminated, the Indian National experience and the responsibility to the combat effectiveness of the troops have been few, plus a lot of shopping Chinese Communist forces casualties now are involved in the indiscriminate bombing of the Chinese Communist Party, so India The Army has not the slightest emboldened. And British, they are casualties very good, but far from being so low, just beginning stages of resistance for a moment, then that is the way to retreat, in which case there are only two. Chen aquatint war room facing the Lord of the General Staff said so, he went down and said: "a situation is the British troops to withdraw from the Indian mainland they want safe withdrawal of another situation is their commander savings and strength, want may arise in the process of our pursuit of vulnerability when a vicious blow to us. "Prince said:" If this is the case, then we divisions of 57 military slowing down? would allow the 57 Army in the next thoughtfully suffered a great loss, we should let the slowing down of the 57 Army, at the same time electricity emergency follow-up, they again made contact with each other so that the 18th Army and the first mechanized division, then, we will be the two right fist, no trace of flaws. "Chen aquatint shook his head and said:" This of course is good, but too sedate, of course, such a proposal can steadily push forward even get the overall victory in the battle, but this is not what I need! "ah? What does this mean? They were all floating puzzled mind. Subconsciously, Prince said: "But the commander, you just order issued is not, and I say it?" Chen aquatint Oh laugh the next, said: "I have it? I just let the 18th Army to accelerate the speed, the first mechanized division The same is true, I let them pull together a? "then did the crowd react questions or fly ash added:" If I do not, how do I know what the intention of the enemy in the end? If the enemy really 57 military body moving mind, then I'm going to take them to count an account, decision time India war! "Zhao bit worried and said:" But that is the 57 army as bait, which But an army, if the case.... "Chen aquatint not the slightest angry, questioned Zhao Wei, Chen the aquatint somewhat proudly said:" 57 army could not withstand the attack of the enemy, so 57 Army no this qualify to stay here with me, say Huang Guanglin bring out troops I believe he has the ability, if the enemy is really hard to eat him Huangguang Lin, I am afraid that is a steel teeth, should be Huang Guanglin to hard to knock down a few crowd of This did not speak the one hand, they surprised the one hand, Chen aquatint so the counsel and marveled. In fact, the British commander really found 57 military action, they are also in the planning, but they also noted that the location of the 18th Army and the first mechanized division, they take calculated, they found that if you want to eat 57 Army must come up with enough troops to block the 18th Army and the first mechanized division, but also to prevent the rest of the Chinese Communist forces rushed over to rescue so doing, then British troops must come up with at least three army troops, This is still necessary to establish the standard combat effectiveness in the British army, otherwise the numbers on unlimited expansion. Such a measure of the British really not interested in, this is beyond the current strength of their hands several times. This had to let the British commander to take more practical action, that is, as much as possible to save itself, as far as possible confrontation with the Communist forces, but to achieve this goal is the need to have sufficient reinforcements, while reinforcements in Which? UK. In London. Prime Minister Cameron outcome of the negotiations with the Admiralty war must stop, If we do not make the necessary concessions, then the army would have annihilated the danger in India. In order to prevent the Chinese Communist Party is not the reply of the negotiations, the British Royal Navy finally set sail the North Sea Fleet, this elite Royal Fleet stationed in the local finally starting. The news soon informed that let the Chinese Communists would also like to thank some enthusiastic friends in the United States, not they are relatives of businessmen dollars on the world is still very tempting.
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