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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 10:09
Zhongnanhai. Huairen moment lights the President seated look dignified smoking, he has not so anxious for a long time, he is not worried, he did not whether successful counterinsurgency anxious, he was in a hurry can promptly dangerous nipped in the invisible, as much as possible to reduce the social unrest, and to minimize the loss of the country, at this time if the country is in turmoil and even civil war, it would really come to naught! Resentment he whispered: "Rao stone, I live cut you!" President is too hate this person! Disastrous nothing special. Rao stone this time there? He was in Beijing Dongjiaominxiang's own residence or live in this street is not only home to ambassadors, is also home to many senior cadres within the party, including Rao stone, also including alpine. Rao stone at the moment has no previous calm, his face no longer confident look, now he is like a cat on hot bricks, he walked back and forth in the living room, he kind of bad feeling doom feeling. 41 Army has been his earlier use of means secretly control the 32 Army Taipingwushi, everything is very smooth, the East China Bureau, Jinan Branch of party committees are to contain the local troops, Tianjin also own hands, Hebei own subordinates secretly differentiation, Hebei has now plunged into an internal struggle for power struggle, has no time to outside consultants. Everything is normal, but why still so bad premonition it? Rao stone in accordance with past experience, he believes there must be something big happens, he has ordered a probe 32 military and 41 military movements, there is the central few Gangster movement. Away from their scheduled time of the time of day, this time tomorrow, 32 Army and 41 Army jointly launched an attack, then he is among ten thousand, the real people the Lord, ha ha, what the President and I'm the President! Rao stone into their own dreams. Report! Resident of 41 army gunfire came out, but time is very short, but where the comrades is to make sure that you really hear a gunshot, Directorate, is not there the situation? "The Rao stone hardcore subordinates, East China Bureau member of the Party committee of the Board male look a little panic came in reporting channel. Rao stone hesitated and he begins to think about, but soon he would face a change in his voice is shortness said: "is definitely an accident, 41 army immediately tell one of us, let them advance hands immediately control forces, discord sound wiped them out, and then immediately the whole team, the first major sector of the capital Xishan, met me immediately to control them. ""! I will take the message to the internal comrades, so they immediately comply with 41 military action Directors male immediately fast pace left. Rao stone look unpredictable, his heart suddenly jump, he had a doubt this action for the first time, the suspect this time whether successful, really successful.? Just dreaming, this time to worry about! Really turned upside down, completely different mood. More before dawn, more black pre-dawn darkness. Dongjiaominxiang both sides of the intersection when the sudden appearance of the two teams figure of the People's Liberation Army soldiers, and they move around as much as possible to reduce the sound, they are all the spirit of a high concentration of them in each row, the company commander, led by acting in concert to Dongjiaominxiang line go. They left not a residential handle a class warrior, and soon, they came to a target location, a Western-style villa. See now there is very lively, the so-called lively now or bright lights, inside figure flashed from time to time, gate overtime plus Gang. Handle door, soldiers found the movement of distant footsteps, although slight, but I think they heard one of the guards immediately pulled out a gun skilled movements bullets loaded, he exclaimed: "What? Stopped?! Otherwise, I would like to shoot! "41 Army." timely voice heard. Ah? 41 Army? Propaganda guards relaxed guards around a bit lax, but then the guards alert he thought when this is not during the day, 41 military this time doing here,Mens Canada Goose Tremblant? This time, but the most suitable for the time of the attack. He then shouted: "Oh, ready to fight!" Carter, his chest hit by three bullets at the same time! The door at the gun God ignited the calm of the capital, and all of a sudden as if is as generally agreed upon, and soon the outbreak of the capital throughout the fierce gunfight. Some people see out the window account, they are very surprised to see the warring parties are soldiers dressed in the People's Liberation Army clothing, how is this going? Four or five grenades exploded simultaneously in the Rao stone residence entrance, screams immediately sounded. The smoke has not cleared, three battalions of a division responsible for the attack of 41 Army soldiers launched the assault, they are subconsciously sent a roar like that on the battlefield! "Kill!" The third battalion soldiers swarmed in from the door, burst into the courtyard door. The nearby embassies floor lights began to light up one by one, the the many envoys men stuck his head back movement, they are not stupid, they are aware of the Chinese civil war, to see not or the President in control of the situation? The delegation of government officials in the United States live in the embassy, ​​corporate representatives of the business community who are living in the Beijing Hotel. The Embassy of the United States Secretary of State in his dressing gown in his bedroom, he walked back and forth, at the moment he has no previous excitement after he arrived, and the Vice-President had a good talk, he may even have considered this to China will be very successful, and will return home with a series of agreements, but now? I hope the Chairman, their success! Then a National Security Agency agents who guard all of them, they all took out weapons began furnished alert, they are in a last-ditch effort! Although they know this force is useless. Envoys had, of course, also saw the door standing figure of the People's Liberation Army soldiers, they also considered the heart calm, at least the Chinese Communist Party also sent troops to protect them, which shows that the situation is still in control, or CCP who take the initiative to start cleaning opposition. Gunshots rang from 5:00 am until to 8:00 in the morning after the otherwise bustling Beijing now very quiet, originally laughing and joking to say hello on the street to chat now disappeared, is the work are also stricken by scared a step back. Military vehicles traveling from time to time on the street can see, some people even see the situation as centralized stumps bullets from a tree, the capital's main government sector institutions resident can be seen busy figure, can be seen from time to time be lifted the body of the car, a white lab coat health care workers are also soldiers the middle of the shuttle. Chen aquatint solemn look straight chest walk in the quiet corridors every three meters there is a guard standing, each after a security guard guards are very regular line with a military salute. What is this place? Military Command? This time the Beijing Military Region, Beijing garrison garrison headquarters. He soon went into a guard step ahead to open the door of the conference room. Behind him followed murderous Guard platoon, the full name of Southwest Military guards regiment brigade in a row,Canada Goose Constable Parka. He went into this large conference room can accommodate up to 100 people here can also be called a small auditorium. Here are filled with people, all dressed in uniforms and plainclothes cadres comrades. The Chen aquatint cold sweep them one after his move to sit down and went to his seat, a seat on the central podium, is that Chen aquatint moment sitting position. Guards behind him stood a class, while the rest of the Guard platoon soldiers standing on the front under the podium in a row, they all looked to participate in the meeting of the group of people are eyeing. Military Region, guard soldiers are standing in their seats on both sides of the channel, they are all Senleng eyes, uniforms outside wearing a pistol holsters, rifle butts and exposed. Chen the aquatint push speaker, he did not want to use this stuff, so quiet, but also need this? Chen aquatint Chen Sheng said: "You are what idea? Is afraid but relief? Ye are all sensible, I do not and you say virtual nonsense! Glad you can now point because the people here today are there is no life in fear! any vile, have been the killing on the spot! "Most of the men in the audience are hand heart sweating, some timid and timid person has lower leg trembled. Aquatint Chen continued: "Why want you to participate in this meeting? Reason is very simple, and that is to make you an opportunity,Canada Goose Womens Camp Down, a chance of redemption will be successful! Are distributed to everyone on a list, the people listed above are the the ringleaders of seditious conspiracy, and I do not say above and you does not matter where and you gave me a list of their counts and usually mistakes, of course, I'm here to remind everyone one, write The content must be true, otherwise you is a crime, by then blame I did not warn you! Okay, now we all go! "Then, aquatint front of Prince Edward Chen said:" The list of hair down, one a! " Prince nodded and said: "Yes!" Then Prince opened the briefcase zipper, good files have been printed paper from the inside out a thick stack, the other side of Zhao Wei also took out a stack of white rope strapping paper. Soon, Prince Edward and Zhao began to distribute, of course, the pen is also Zhao good. When these are issued after the crowd began to read the list, Chen aquatint and speak, he said: "Yes, I have forgotten one thing here is that people can report those who slip through the net, if true , then this is meritorious services, Chen aquatint is not to tell a lie, Well, we go! "the capital finally began to calm at least on the surface, so the people will not forget the early hours of intense gunfire, foreign envoys. will not forget! Believe or how long the world will know that this morning unrest in China.
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