out of the six opponent's body

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Left out at the moment he is day three scared, frightened to describe, although his side five plainclothes. Left Star guess these people certainly KANG Qing rival, and the General Staff has influence only a few people. The left thought Chen aquatint Star, but how he will not think aquatint Chen will do so, he could not find the slightest reason! He considered himself offended Chen aquatint already cruel, this time Chen the aquatint If know their own side of things not adding insult to injury is very worthy of him, to save him? Unless God is really opening the eyes, they really burn the incense! They are being hidden in a farmhouse, he experienced several times of danger, but also thanks to his good luck, and I do not know the identity of these people this desperate escort along the way can be said. Several times he would like to ask the origins of these people, but to see their eyes icy Murder, he is every time, then all went to his throat, involuntarily every swallow. At this time, the door sounded a long three short knock on the door, then the house five people under the safety catch bullets loaded pistols, one of them said: "Who are you?" "I walked up deep! Ferret Rat, "a man's voice in. Soon open the door, left Star to see the old man came in about four years old, the people look very inconspicuous, is a humble farmer. Nicknamed "weasel who whispered conversation and the door who, ten seconds later, the door who spoke and said:" we'll get out of here! "Passive left star left here, no way, The gun on top of the loin muscle on its own, had walked! Say now only rely on them, the left star heart also understand that they have no other way, the only way is to go step by step, to leave them now is a dead end. Not only KANG Qing gang to kill him, is that these people are in all likelihood want to shoot him. They sit on a donkey cart, they also change one's clothes looked like farmers. To trail leading to Tianjin, many car over them, they were very calm and continue to go forward. So late, and there are so many cars, so people in the car is very obvious that the people of all countries, are directed at themselves. Left star looked at these thinking. He was very anxious, and no one want to die, the more a little hope when people are more afraid of death! This is the law. But the left star did not expect is why no one stopped them? Perhaps this is his mistakes! If he noticed, perhaps he would not be so anxious. And these cars are and they are in the opposite direction, which in turn is a noteworthy place, but unfortunately, left star did not pay attention to the same. Place 10 km away from behind them,Timberland Mens Fur Lining Cheap, a temporary checkpoints have been set up, fifteen heavily armed soldiers led by an officer in guarding. At this time, the group of soldiers have bullets loaded, most of the fighters are hidden in bunkers behind the so-called bunker is behind a tree, and the car behind. Officers and three soldiers standing in the middle of the road and looked more and more close to the car. To a three car, a four-person sit Jeep, two small military Kaji Pu. Headed by military officers then facing the stopped car, he exclaimed: "Check!" And then the next step is to carry on down the things that the law of development, said the officers checked as well as interoperability identity after screaming: "Parking!" : "you can not pass, we received the order not to let a car through! hope you will cooperate!" "This is who command, but we received the command of the Central Committee General Office, but directly under the central command, Do you want to defy central it? "and I said, we just obey the orders of superiors if you have command of the General Political Department, then we immediately released, if not then go back!" "You!" looked at the man freak that officers are cold looked at him, and then parked the car headlights lit up by lights, Wing's people saw a group of soldiers Ju Zhaoqiang cold in targeting them, all assault rifles, American Tom submachine gun. The situation is obviously, the Ministry of Supervision of only a harsh ride away. They disappeared, the group hung Army General Political Department brand people have on the car, headed by military officers said seriously: "Let's go, now they should be able to be safe, let's go! Let me repeat what discipline, if who violate discipline, no punches severely punished in the end! quite understand yet? "understand!" soldiers looked seriously low shouted. 41 Army, known as the Whirlwind, also has capital Guards nickname. The commander Mock Chinese political commissar Li Chenfang. Chen fly ash as a secretary in the President's side and Mock Hua, Li Chenfang exchanges is very frequent, friendship is the time to establish, not to mention all born fieldwork, which allow them to more exchanges between each other deepened. Group of soldiers are from the 41 army corps, led by Mo commander's secretary. In fact, over the set card is ambiguous both things said Happening is true, as long as it is not the old foundation opened to let people know, so Mock Wah is quite calm, he must give Chen aquatint a face, he Chen aquatint owed to the situation, and now everyone knows Chen aquatint thrive in the future, can KANG Qing family Dugan tied, tied What can press on as the charges turned out to not press on the Now enabled also the sub-smooth solution to the Tibetan issue, this what else to say! Chen aquatint Perhaps in the future is to feed into the Central Military Commission. Days have been put bright, the time came the next day, which is April 10. Left star has now came to Tianjin suburbs are to the port to catch, he also knows the point that these people put their own away from the capital, to be taken away from the northern Tianjin definitely boat go. Things are very smooth, 10:00 left star has boarded a cargo ship to travel to Xiamen,Canada Goose Banff Outlet, Xiamen supplies are shipped on board, materials supply are logistics department to allocate to the Fujian Military Region. When the cargo is necessary to leave the port of Tianjin, four or five drivers to open the emergency over, the emergency brake sound followed sounded, followed by deafening roar: "stop sail, check!" Then the group wearing military uniforms The soldiers pushed the guards attempted to stop, and they rushed the boat,Timberland Boat Shoes UK, the fighting started immediately. Not the slightest surprise, it seems are normal, both on board the battle is unavoidable! Outnumbered, which is fighting off the trend! When left three guards, left Star released, and even have a gun, led by that guy so front left star said: "If you can get out, remember to south go to Fujian, only to see there Tan Zheng, director you safe! "" What?! Fujian?! Tan Zheng political commissar?! "left star two sheets, he really can not believe, even He will be? ! Really is him! Original or him! When their impassable, even he saved himself! Took so well to rescue their own risk? ! He suddenly had an urge to cry, but he did not cry out, because this time, a gust of gunfire pass came. That led calm the man said: "Mark my words, You forget, jumped ship directly into the sea, this is the only way, I wish you good luck!" Then He unequal left Star what reaction he would open the windows of the cabin, he single-handedly put the push left star out of the window, he urged: "hurry, do you want us to have died in vain? makes no sense that we do not want to die! got to run! jump ! "left Star do not know how to jump into the sea, he just knew that he is naturally jump. When the water rushed into his nose and mouth, he found himself to the sea. This time, keep in mind that that is quickly swim! Tianjin Port, fierce gun battle broke out on the vessel sank, fighting more than twenty minutes after the end of the battle, was carried out of the six opponent's body, but the identity of six Everyone knows that, despite not know what? But one thing is certain, they come from the General Staff three action teams! Commander of the implementation of the tasks of the arrest Tianjin garrison commander Gui Tianxiang facing just or opponent six comrades of the General Staff Action Team King saluted his sorrow, said: "The soldiers only obey orders!" Having his big roar: "away!" which are elite, are the military's elite! Even so dead? Death so worth! He hated Chen aquatint, if not him, how would this happen! How would! In the depths of the sea, left star turned in to sit the same thing, Fang Xiangjing a salute toward Tianjin, he is the same for these save his comrades salute and wish them good luck mean, he knew these people odds are against us, he can only go to the Fujian Go there! The aquatint lonely Chen hung up the phone, he will know that this is a big loss, action team lost already more than ten elite soldiers, if the President held up, then himself really no words to tell! If this time is used again really dangerous! But Chen aquatint any regrets? Chen aquatint really do not regret it, because he believes that cleared the voice of discord within, to help the country to promote the necessary sacrifice is inevitable and must! Only the sooner the to clear discordant voices only to the sooner centralized national effort to build national! Like Kang celebrate such a person to deal with inner-party opponents have always been ruthless, always bring disaster molecular! Chen aquatint know the history, this person just as much as the Gang of Four, the losses caused to the state, the party! Even off of, so Chen aquatint must clear him. At this time, there is something to the unexpected happened, this thing for Chen aquatint is perhaps the last straw, of course, this is familiar with this history of the future evaluation of Chen aquatint, just as Chen aquatint no recognized This is a straw. The readers greatly their Mid-Autumn Festival happy ah! The generous support of the book, vote, subscribe, flowers, a reward is the driving force of my code word Oh, Oh, thank you for your support!
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