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Ride a division commander Hauer 3rd Army commander Chen Mingliang, 45th Junjun longer than Dongshan, the 24th Army commander Lu Jianfei, 50th Army commander Guojing Zhong, 38th Army commander Xiao Hua drinking talking. The bulb * book * () Hauer touched mouth said: "commander went to Beijing, has also been suspended from duty, this really did feel good, but the villain mischief, now looks like we commander? True want to shot the collapse of a group of turtles grandson,Canada Goose D'Alpago Bomber Parka Cheap. "Chen Mingliang deadpan in Dongshan face endorses, Lu Jianfei is thoughtfully Guo Jingzhong frowned, shook his head and Xiao Hua. Hauer looked Guojing Zhong said: "old Guo, did you look? Did you think I said, right? Are you smiling?" Guo Jingzhong listened to immediately discoloration, his Rebuke Road: "I Guojing Zhong guy, always liked clear cut that grab Ming, I also know that whatever the outcome, know Gratitude Hauer you today if it does not get this straight....... "said Hauer sneer : "I do! singled out?" Then, he despises looked at the Guo Jingzhong that body board, he shook his head and said: "You're not my opponent, and you fight beneath my master identity." what?! "Guo Jingzhong spring into life, either in Dongshan, Lu Jianfei tightly pulled Guo Jingzhong about to brandish a fist up. Chen Mingliang this time to speak: "Hauer you less two, old Guo is not such a person, he is anything not on the face, here are the heart toward the commander." Then old Guo said 'sorry' to apologize. "Hao, Chen Mingliang facing Hauer said:" If you just remark pass into the ears of the commander, you think you are and what the consequences? Seoul man well aware of Chen Mingliang, he is also quite admire Chen Mingliang, an overview of the entire sixteen Corps, the only addition to Chen aquatint Chen Mingliang let him unconvinced. Hauer desperation and said: "Sorry, old Guo." Guo Jingzhong has not struggled to stand up and hands, and he listened to the Hauer of the language of the apology, he was Stern said: "I know I've let you all think I was not satisfied with Chen's commander, and I do not want to explain what the days are still long, and I believe we will see later what I! "Then he looked to Hauer said:" Hauer, your temper I understand , I'm waiting for you in the future and sincerely apologize to me. "Guo Jingzhong generosity indeed real win a lot of points, even Hauer bit Guo Jingzhong new light. Lu Jianfei the mood at the moment is very complicated, he did not expect to sixteen Corps also controversial, sixteen Corps had originally thought of one mind, of solidarity, it seems to what can not factions. But he switched to another thought, own it not? I am afraid not recruit the 11th Corps people hate with a passion! In leather commander's eyes is probably traitor and maybe word evaluation. Chen Mingliang see Lu Jianfei the eyes kind of child lonely, Chen Mingliang said: "old Lu, you and I are a comrade-in-arms of the trenches, are brothers, that anything said out, we can help! Do not hide tuck! "!" Hauer and others agreed. Lu Jianfei bit agitated nodded, he stood up, carrying the Punch Bowl, said: "Don said, dry!" Then he looked up the Gudonggudong downed a bowl of wine. The crowd are stood up exactly the same drinking. Everyone have dry wine, Lu Jianfei facing old Guo, I would like to say that we had the opportunity to work together, struggle is fate are inseparable from the battle, where the country's new legislation is Guojing Zhong said: struggle the most powerful when we did not have a choice, we have not yet reached the point where you can choose, now we are a people on board, all Chen aquatint number of people on board, we should work together to struggle, rather than Nao Yixian differences when Commander Chen is now the most difficult times, we should not at this time give Chen commander of trouble! "said that Lu Jianfei looked Hauer asked:" Hauer, What do you think? "Hauer Guo Jingzhong little is said move Hauer is pick up the Punch Bowl, filling the wine front Lu Jianfei said: "old Lu, you say no reason, I respect you!" Then, he was a dry, Lu Jianfei same solve a bowl of wine. Then, Hauer again filling the wine, he to carrying Jiuwan towards Guojing Zhong said: "old Guo, just a slip of the tongue, I apologize to you, I hope you can accept!" All eyes are focused on the Guo Jingzhong the body, calm Guo Jingzhong stand up and reach for the wine and said: "bowl is not enough! least three bowls! because I also have a sorry place, so we respect each other dry three bowls on as nothing happened." "Good!" in the crowd Huan shouts, Hauer and Guo Jingzhong did three bowls of wine, but let everyone think, old Guo Guo Jingzhong suddenly to fall asleep lying on the table. Looking at this scene all looked at each other, followed by that drew laughter. Everyone This awakening the old Guo usual teetotaler, side really old Guo is also speaking! This time everyone this really accepted by the old Guo, Guo Jingzhong. Guo Jingzhong former country mansion of the 50th Army commander, after added in the northeast uprising PLA sequence membership DONGYE, incorporated after sixteen Corps by Chen aquatint commanding, the designation is still the 50th Army, Guo Jingzhong Baoding Military Academy graduation a few old State House eligibility generals, the War of Resistance Against Japan, once shopping Japanese invaders a division for three days and four nights, fight to the death to subside! Is the commander of the Central Army few bloody battle with the Japanese in the front on the battlefield. Tan Zheng in doing it? He was also talking and Guang-Da Liu, Chen Faxian, Tang Jingwu drinking. Four of them, and Chen Mingliang like people are drinking, and four of them were a drink, which distinguish between political cadres in the army with a purely military cadres to the. Tan Zheng the small 喝了一口酒 said: "The most important thing to do a good job, at least people do not pick out anything wrong, those things aside for the moment, we are party members, at least to afford the party the people and country! I do not perfectionist, I'm not a nerd, my old political work, I have some struggle in the party I know, I do not see much I mean is very simple to do their work, going back to the other! which if who is going to interfere in our work, so we can not work properly, then we absolutely do not hesitate! "Liu Guang Da Momo point nod, he is the crowd the most junior, he naturally such a performance. Chen Faxian Tang Jingwu are the old Red Army, they all nodded, Chen Faxian said: "Anyway, when we came, we did not expect to have such a day, the value of the Oh." Tang Jingwu Xiaohe said: "Lao Chen,Canada Goose Solaris Cheap, you can put me say first. "Guang-Da Liu heard are laugh out loud, Tan Zheng smiling facing Guang-Da Liu said:" LIDAR, you talk about. "Guang-Da Liu implicitly said:" I have nothing to say, Chen commander members how to do it how I do, anyway, we are all boat people, and no one could not ship the Tan Zheng Yi Leng then on Oh straight smile, a moment to recover after Tan Zheng, he said: "We are all on a front, comrades, Ha ha ha. "This sentence is really meaningful ah! Comrades, Front, which shows that a lot of things. Tan Zheng Then he said: "the commander of such a move is really bold, there was fierce! People I have ever encountered on his greatest courage, even to do this kind of thing to come, if he Purges in 35 years time, really does not know what he would make things out! However, I admire him even his wife is not hold, then when the Director, what commander, died operator Alex! "listening to the rare one's political commissar foul so surprised Guang-Da Liu et al, Tan Zheng Xiaohe said: "how? servicemen Well, swearing hit tight, all right!" hearts Guang-Da Liu Chen aquatint courage really admire, Chen aquatint then a hands let their side of the large group of people had to make a choice, to choose independence or select Chen aquatint, no doubt, of course, choose the latter can only choose the latter, or Lord of the military generals get your first surgery, a single Li flat enough you by! Chen the aquatint really grasp the opportunity to see through the side of the people! He really is not as good as him. Chen Faxian then said: "You know I do not know?" What? "Tang Jingwu asked. Chen Faxian immediately replied: "Chen Mingliang they get together with Na, estimated to also drink the same and we chatted,Air Max Classic 91 Mens." Tang Jingwu as if I had known it, he said: "Oh, they are so, before nor is this ? whenever you like to get together, they are the hardest feelings comrades! normal. "Chen Faxian smiled and did not speak again, but a Naqijiubei microphone. Tan Zheng spoke and said: "They get together or there are things we can not come, they come forward to solve or they sweep the tail in the back! Put it crudely, they are the clear surface a knife is secretly a knife! "Liu Guang up to be a completely mine to live, and I did not expect the old Political Commissar also say Zhefan the seminal of, it seems there is what kind of soldiers behind what commander also plus one, and that is what the commander there what kind of political commissar. Chen Faxian interjects: "We are not too secretly, Li Ping, that kid be considered, this kid ghost is, means also quite spicy, the Nationalist government side of the original and hardened by the whole of this kid is crying day shouting ground , and now all of them are honest and very useful set of Li Ping this kid! "Tang Jingwu smiled and said:" Otherwise, do you think he snakes nickname is white said! "Tan Zheng suddenly drink it a cup of wine, the his heavy the glass down ditan out, and everyone is watching to Tan Zheng, Tan Zheng commander how to "do not know? what he plans? sometimes really want to drink I know his thoughts, and he drank slowly said: , beating us with the not? "Sunday night, we can vote to spend to me, I upload chapters of the book has over 500 coins currency, I would like to thank you for your support!
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