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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 9:57
The face of the Chinese Communist Party's field of expertise, harassing war, the Taiwan military is no better way, they can only rely on the stronghold city to resist, they can only so their morale with the development of the time as well as the situation of the war continue to reduce. Taipei war situation is still firmly in the hands of our military in the hands of Taipei defenders the three Army elite troops tightly suppressed on the outskirts of the city could not move, and the reinforcements are equally blocked in Yangmingshan, and Nangang first-line, as a blocking force 38 The Army did not feel dissatisfied with herself only as blocking task. Opposite above and below the 38th Army were happy, and why? Overcome blocking task than Taipei task harder task is difficult to make the 38th Army, the 38th Army combat tough, to say the general attack on Taipei do not know to be when it, rather than in that with the enemy poor mushroom , not as in this fiercely against the enemy. This is the fighting style of the 38th Army,Canada Goose Lodge Jacket Sale, still loyalty in any time, the 38th Army is a tough battle, style resolute Chen aquatint, and Xiao Hua high a level, that is Rulangsihu ! They are not ideological baggage, for them is to destroy all enemies in front of the only two people on the battlefield, one is an enemy, one is their own. Taipei in the 24th sun sun just shine down, a group of 24 war authority Gu! Loud roar, Taipei immediately echoed from the shrill sound of air raid sirens in the morning! Flee with the public as well as soldiers in the streets. Arrived in Taipei over the temporary formation I empty a military bombing fleet of 24 fighter soon to determine the bombing target, bomb doors open, go down rows of cruise missiles toward the goal. The cries by cruise missiles pierced the air whistling voices, followed by the sound of explosions, and soon Taipei caught in a fire, the entire Taipei trembling. Bombing formations is so glamorous without fighter escort to dare to fly to Taipei over the bombing, thanks to the fighter formation, they already have the passage of war flew to Hualien, Kaohsiung airport, fiercely pin down the other fighters of the Taiwan military force. The shock effect during the day due to the excellent work of the intelligence agencies the ability to pay a heavy price, this has been today, only the bombing. The group has not yet once the pilots of the aircraft, after emergency guidance, several times a total of only eight hours of flight time, they set off in flight, their task is to solve Taiwan's air force, as well as maritime enemy repression. Driving bombers and fighter pilots to the victory target, as the goal is to liberate Taiwan, they may not know, they have created a history, and create a pilot airplane fastest time fighting record . Important city of Hualien, Taiwan, the Air Force has a Taiwan military airport, the fourth bombing of the Taiwan military formations stationed in this. Bombing formations, in fact, are fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft. Capacity due to the excellent work of my underground comrades, comrades lurking in the enemy good publicity for my party's policies and advocated a great feeling to give these pilots. Resulting in the the Zhezhi Air Force basically fall into the state of armistice. The Taiwan military upper heard about this, they also understand that ordered the pilots to launch operations are more likely to let them go defectors, so it also indirectly let this bombing formations lost due Hualien. Fighter fleet to Taiwan's military carried out a review of action stalls, they are excellent in a rollover sky diving toward the airport. After ten seconds, the fighters opened fire towers bear the brunt of bullets have shattered the windows of the towers, the bullet is in the most high-rise towers command room on the desktop as well as lighting random string. And other warplanes flew over the tower, the tower is in ruins, inside fled staff. Tower defense forces opened their antiaircraft machine guns toward warplanes strafed two Mustang fighters a beautiful cross-tie, before and after the attack under machine gun set point, the enemy gunmen were labeled as a hornet's nest. The fighter comes cannon artillery fire towards the enemy fighter planes parked on the tarmac, blossoming bright spark suddenly. The entire airport in just minutes begins to boil, everywhere to escape the chaos of the soldiers, the burning wreckage of the aircraft hangar, there has been bombed flying fuel repository,Canada Goose Youth Kensington Parka. Airport originally anti-aircraft regiment, the enemy how could not imagine that there will be today, in fact, the upper long been ordered to close attention to the Chinese Communist air force, except that the following person has been lazy, Yinfeng Yang violated, are busy personal GIRO , so that Taiwan's military has been able to today's situation, and have to say that they themselves do not live up to expectations! The 24th day is relatively more normal day, the purpose of this reach are reached, Chen aquatint very satisfied with troops advancing speed and casualties, security forces have begun to newly liberated towns the maintenance of law and order. Arrest spies, the Nationalist government officials have already begun. Chen Li Ping fly ash has command is responsible for arresting work, the head of the intelligence department, is relatively simple and counterparts task. Li Ping little hesitation quickly agreed down. Ride a division advancing fast, two independent division with his offensive is super level of play, Chen aquatint understand why it is so, on the one hand is weakened enemy combat effectiveness, on the other hand Both of these teachers want to prove themselves in front of Chen aquatint their local forces are also outstanding combat effectiveness of the troops. Chen aquatint glad to see the matter, forces if there is no healthy competition, if not motivated, then the troops what the future what can be proud place. Forces must obviously about progress for Chen aquatint, there is no progress then regressed. Chen aquatint 11 Corps, three Army has always impartial combat missions are not the slightest things difficult for the place, this case is very well aware of the three Army soldiers, if Chen aquatint deliberately give them shoes to wear, they I am afraid there is no way. Chen aquatint Front commander, but its privileges greatly exceed their duties, said Chen aquatint is the real commander-in-chief and perhaps no one will oppose. The Chen aquatint sitting in a chair, and he has moved to a chair before sitting in the sandbox, silently watching the General Staff to indicate new trends on the sandbox, watching the latest position plug in our military General Staff after the day seriously approval intelligence the aquatint Chen little ditan If you own luck putting, afraid that they might as well these staff officer. Soon Chen aquatint no such idea, his own little self-deprecating, when still Xiaxiang. At this time Li Ping walked in, he looked a little ugly, a little anxious footsteps. The aquatint Chen met frowned approached Li Ping the tone shortness said: "Commander...." Chen aquatint immediately interrupted and said: "What is urgent that you have a high-ranking cadres, how could such a panic, if it does not know that the major event! "Li Ping a simmer, aquatint did not make him too embarrassed, he asked:" What happened? "Li Ping, one is immediately stooping aquatint leaned Chen spoke and said: "Commander, the occurrence of a major event, his wife was arrested, and is now the Central Organization Department interrogation room for questioning." "What?" Chen aquatint brush stood up, the Chen aquatint sound very loud, which makes the war room sound look the sub disappeared, the staff their actions are stopped, looked at his commander. The aquatint Chen inhibition live in the hearts of anger, his cold voice said: "go on." "According to the survey, your father-in-law have been implicated shortly before the Mongolian riots, it was discovered that the elderly related to this matter, after the Northeast Bureau Northwest Bureau survey of proof prove that your father-in-law did participate, but also one of the masterminds. "fart! his old mastermind, what am I?! I is the mastermind of the masterminds! the TMD! who in the end?!" Chen the aquatint freak roared. Li Ping is also deeply the same subject, he then went down and said: "According to the survey, the Central Organization Department and Northeast Bureau jointly participate! Chen aquatint loud sneer, laughter sounds so Yinhen, the General Staff were shocked. looked at his commander. Cao where this time facing the staff had said: "stunned with what? Have temporarily out anyone not tell anyone, otherwise punished according to the law!" Yes! "Cao Where went out with a staff officer who, Cao where the door gently belt, he ordered the directors into the hold door, no person shall be close to the same time, he is also going to stare at the General Staff have to take and they said said. Chen aquatint to see the house on the left when the two of them, he spoke and said: "Very good, very good, the Central Organization Department KANG Qing! Northeast Bureau alpine,Canada Goose Lodge Jacket! Good! Good!" Li Ping listening was a little tremble but on the surface he was very calm. This effort is still there, after all, engaged in such a long time intelligence. Chen said: "Mongolia is now what the situation, there Northeast Military Region What is the situation?" Li replied: "Mongolia is now stable, the garrison did not get involved, Northeast Military Region is also not involved in local government too much involvement aquatint, Since your father-in-law was arrested after the local government immediately admitted to the feet are not involved in actual implementation, all party committee! "Chen aquatint nodded, and he was relieved he is worried that the Northeast if the government, and military together, then simply passive. Chen the aquatint asked: "amount Lina comrades, is my wife, now how?" Li Ping Stern replied: "It is unclear, is not in custody in the General Staff, which does not allow troops to get heavily involved in, I am currently send people actively looking for the whereabouts of his wife should not have something! "Chen aquatint black face, he was silent, his head bowed in silence thinking up.
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